Monday, November 25 of 2013

Daily messages

My Universal Consciousness rejoices itself when the souls open in trust the doors of their houses to Me so that My Mercy may be able to reign.

For this today I invite you to answer to My call for the universal liberation and redemption of all of the races through the Trustworthy Source of My Divine Mercy.

I want you to know that My Presence is in all of the paths of the souls.  As I have been once in Middle East I have also been in Orient to remind you of the commitments and the Graces that the Universe had once deposited in My Heart.

With this revelation I ask you to remember the loving commitment that each soul has made with Me since always, thus you will allow Me to realize the works that I have planned in the hearts.

I need the wide openness of your heart in order to open again the doors for those who have them closed.  I only ask you to live Me as Your Inseparable Companion of the Path.  In this way you will help, from the consciousness, to rebuild what has been destroyed in the consciousness of humanity.

I come today to let you know My true Love for you, that love that the Father gestated within My Heart from the first Moment.  Today I Am with you but tomorrow I wish to be with the world to tell it:  “Come and follow Me, it is time to find the true Peace.”

Under the Infinite Love that comes from God, be blessed.

Thank you for living within My Heart!

Christ Jesus