I am the Lady of the Tears of Syracuse. I come on this day to tell you, My children, that no one has calmed My cry for these people of Sicily, and that I still wait for the great moment of conversion of the sinners who are on this island.

Thus, I present Myself to you today as the Lady of Tears because, through My Tears, I leave the message for this place that these people of South Italy do not yet accept redemption and that, by means of appearances, they believe everything is well and that it will continue to be so.

I call My children of Sicily to repent from the heart so that you may ask for forgiveness to the Celestial Father because thus, He will grant you His Mercy and not His divine and powerful Justice.

Thus, My children, with the prayer of everyone, the people of Sicily will attain a special grace, and this grace will also have reprecussions within the members of the Church of My Son.

I come to Sicily for the people of the South of Italy not to forget that the Lady of Tears cried and that She is still crying because Her children most in need of love do not want to hear Her.

I come to remove you from the power that you believe you have in your hands.

I come to offer you My maternal Heart as a path for your final conversion.

But I also come to the South of Italy, as the Lady of Tears, for one of the most serious crises of this twenty-first century, which is the migration of My children of Africa and of the Middle-East to Europe, through the Mediterranean Sea.

It is thus, My children, that the Lady of Tears also cries for the great indifference of all Europeans before the lack of welcome and of love for the refugees.

This is the time and the opportunity that not only Italy but also all of Europe has the grace of being able to reverse its debts through service to the refugees.

I, as the Mother of all, call you to fraternity and to step away from yourselves so that the one who suffers the most and escapes the conflicts and wars may occupy the first place within your lives. Thus, you will learn to know Divine Mercy.


I descend from Heaven on this day to bring peace to the world, especially to place it into the heart of those who need it most.

After the important mission, which My Beloved Son has accomplished, your Celestial Mother comes to conclude the final stage of the spiritual work that was realized in these last days here, in Austria.

This is the main reason why the Celestial Father granted Me the permission to descend into Austria, along with some of the celestial chorus, in order to seed in the inner worlds of the souls certain attributes that will help them in the next stage of humanity, on the spirit level.

This way the Mother of God, and the ever Virgin Mary, today will not only be working on you, as souls and essences, but also will be working in the context of all of Eastern Europe.

In this sense, the Pilgrimage for Peace, the places and cities which are visited, demonstrate the need of inner and spiritual help which thousands of souls have,  beyond them belonging to the European continent or to other regions, as for example Africa and Middle East.

The spiritual operation, carried forward by the hosts of Light of the Mother of God, manage to work and act in levels of the human consciousness, deeper each time, and this reverberates not only in the planetary life, but also in the scope of the surface of the planet, where events increasingly committed are unleashed, which could harm the next stage of current humanity.

When the Divine Messengers visit different nations and cities, in this case of Europe, it is to prevent events, and to divert the race from unexpected dangers.

Thus, each city visited by the Pilgrimage for Peace not only receives the divine impulse of prayer and music, but also very deep aspects of the past are worked by the very Spiritual Hierarchy. And in many of the current cases, these aspects are worked altogether, at the same time and under the same Law: the applied Law of Redemption, Liberation and Mercy.

Each aspect which is directly treated is united, from the consciousness, to an aspect of that nation or of the culture of the people.

As you could witness in this last month and a half of pilgrimage, the Celestial Hierarchy has intervened in places, cities and cultures that were not foreseen inside the purpose of Divinity.


My crying demonstrates to the world the pain that wars cause My Heart; especially those that are generated in the Middle East.

In this way, love among brothers and sisters is lost, as well as brotherhood among beings because of the prevalence of certain ideals of conquest and ostentation.

Today My crying is for everything that I see happening there, in the Middle East, and what that harsh confrontation among the nations and its peoples is causing.

Peace has already dissipated and that is My principal agony as a Mother.

Weapons have gained more power and reign more than hearts themselves, and something worse could be unleashed in weeks.

For this reason, I come to ask My children who pray to intercede before the Father, together with Me, and that each prayer may be a spark of light that ignites within a dark planetary reality. That this light, which comes from prayer, may illuminate the inner spaces of the consciousness so that the dignity of being children of God, and brothers and sisters among the nations, may be recovered.

I wish for My crying to be felt and heard.

In truth, children, something worse has been unleashed in the Middle East and we must beg God that He, with His Infinite Power of Love, stops it.

I will be grateful to you for your inner union.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My child,

Imagine for a moment three quarters of the world in the days of darkness; because, in truth, what the world is provoking is to attract more darkness to the Earth.

Many think that the sun will be hidden for three days, but, in truth, if nations do not stop provoking wars and, above all, do not stop promoting them as if it were the latest fad of these times, worse situations will happen, things that nobody would ever expect; I would say, violent results.

Today, an angel of God removes a painful thorn from My Immaculate Heart and even though the prayers for the nations are permanent and that protects South America, on the other hand, My adversary is conquering the power and ostentation of his allies on earth more and more.

If the weapons do not stop being activated, as I once said it in Fatima, a third war, even worse, would be unleashed overnight.

That possible darkness that could reign on the planet and hide its three quarters, would be the effect of chemical, gaseous and warlike weapons; something unprecedented.

The effect of the self-destruction of a part of humanity would be so violent that after the ones who provoke the wars activate their weapons, late would they realize that the power got out of their hands, unable to stop the effects and consequences.

Today, through the pain of My Heart, I bring this reality so that by all means, offers and sacrifices, it may be avoided.

Imagine it again, the planet submerged in a darkness caused by the harmful effect of nuclear weapons.

Men, because of their interests, are playing with humanity. And, although the promise of the return of Christ will be fulfilled, the most definitive moment of the race is still waiting to be gone through; and that moment is about to happen.

In the meantime, do not stop praying because, in this way, your Heavenly Mother will continue to work on the spiritual plane against Her adversary in order to remove from the weak minds the idea of the activation of weapons.

Now the time has come, more than ever, to join your guardian angels so that your spiritual life is protected from the invasive repercussion that the war in the Middle East is generating.


Dear children,

I come to especially ask you to form a prayer group and pray for Syria, so that the Mercy of God may intervene as soon as possible.

For that, I ask you to join the regular prayer for Venezuela together with Syria, since both nations live similar things between themselves.

But this time Syria and its innocent people are object of more war and chaos expanding throughout all the places in that region.

I ask you, children, that this prayer be prayed in the native language of that country, so that the angels of Heaven may have a greater intervention in the innocent souls, who, at this time, are trying to survive this confusing reality.

As you have done it with other nations of the world, children, now you will offer half of a mystery of the rosary in Syrian and the other half in Spanish, so that, in this way, both nations, in spite of their reigning chaos, may be considered as a priority for the divine intervention.

I thank you for responding to this request because other nations of the world are taking advantage of the war in order to continue instilling fear and horror; but, in truth, those nations that incite and provoke wars, do not know that the return of the Law will be very hard on them.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear missionary children,

In these last days in Turkey may the fire of your prayers intensify in the simple offering of your hearts for the conversion of sleeping hearts.

My children, Your Heavenly Mother will receive the plea and the love of each one of you in Heaven so that I may, in Glory and Mercy, intercede for the greatest number of souls possible.

My Heart rejoices because it has seen the effort of all those who pray and of the missionaries to establish a greater time of peace in this world.

Truly unite heart to heart with each one of your praying brothers and sisters, so that will be established on the inner planes the great network of light and love that will equally unite all of you through the holy impulse of My Immaculate Spirit.

Just as Saint Joseph, the Worker of God, has asked each one of you, pray for all that is happening today in the Middle East; in this way you will allow the Sacred Hearts to spiritually assist the souls that have no escape and that are imprisoned in the hands of enemies.

Dear children, each one of these souls, completely forgotten and incarcerated in the distant deserts of Syria, hope that at least somebody will remember them and will pray so that, in spite of martyrdom or decapitation, they may soon come to meet God.

Those souls are truly brave on facing their enemies, because at the most culminating time of their lives or their deaths, they give testimony to the sovereign presence of Christ in their hearts, and nobody can take this away or erase it from their souls, because in those moments Christ is also dying again with each one of them so that the enemies can be saved someday or at least at the expected day of the Final Judgment.

This is an everyday reality and it does not stop. Now, dear children, do you understand the importance of truly praying?

Know then that the most forgotten souls wait for the prayers of all praying beings. Let us be one in these times, one in Christ, and one in God, for the victory of the Kingdom of Adonai in the world.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who awakens you to the Higher Truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of refugees


When we reached the fifth sorrowful mystery we saw Our Lady appear, we made the sign of the cross and She showed Herself as Our Lady of Fatima.

Seconds later we began to feel a strong pain in the heart, a deep pain that was invading our whole consciousness, something unexplainable.  Surrounded by angels of light, Our Lady came very close to us and we saw Her face wounded with a cut in each cheek.  Her face expressed a lot of pain and She was crying as if nothing could stop Her constant tears.

After that we saw that the Immaculate Heart of Mary was pierced by a dark thorn that was about three or four inches long.  Her Heart was surrounded by a crown of thorns and it appeared to be very inflamed, bleeding all over.

The Divine Mother was pointing to the wounded Heart with Her right hand and raising Her left hand, blessing us.  In this state of deep sorrow, the Virgin Mary showed us the whole world and She especially took us towards the Middle East.  She showed us the spiritual reality of the refugee camps and She took us to the seas of that region in order to reveal the spiritual and grave situation of the submerged boats of the immigrants.  Her crying did not cease as She was transmitting to us each one of Her words.

Then Our Lady showed us the Celestial Universe and we saw a choir of angels.  Among them stood out, the main one whom Mary called the Angel of the Justice of God.  He was carrying between his hands a spear of burning fire, which he was about to throw towards the Earth.   After that, as She cried, Our Lady made the following revelation and request for all of us:


From a great thorn that pierces My Immaculate Heart, today I feel the sorrow of the world, of the souls that are condemned by the unpunished own hands of the adversary.

I will not be able to explain to you, My children, what is the meaning of the sorrow of humanity, that which is ungrateful to God and especially to all of Creation.  In reality, children, the world is spiritually ill and humanity has lost its innocence and the true love among brothers and sisters.

The innocent are condemned.  Those who claim to be powerful work against the Plan of the Redeemer.  Humanity has condemned itself and condemns My children day by day.

Daily Message received the Commune of Castel Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

May peace be present in the heart of all the servers of Christ.

Today, children, My Heart is especially following the start of the humanitarian mission in the Middle East and in Africa.

My paternal love gives shelter to and supports the hearts and the consciousness of each missionary so that on this trajectory of the arrival in Lebanon, they may lose all fear of serving and of loving and allow their souls to receive the Grace of the presence of the Spirit of God, which will have them come to know the power of love and of wisdom, so that they may know how to act with humility and with gratitude, no matter what they are called to serve in.

May the heart of each missionary be filled by the pure aspiration of accomplishing the Divine Will and that, in service, they may consciously rescue the values of love and of hope that many times were lost within beings.

Go with an open heart to those very ancient lands, where the history of human evolution began and, through your actions and prayers, seek to rescue the codes of purity, of peace, and of Mercy that are kept there so that one day they may blossom and bring forth the new human being, the new humanity, which will be reborn from the suffering transformed into hope, and from hope transformed into love.

Everything happens on the levels of spirit when hearts simply become willing to receive, multiply and distribute Divine Grace.

Pray, children, and live the experience of being instruments of God in this world.

You have My blessing for that.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


While the enemy tries to strengthen the lust for material power and discord between nations and the different religions of the world, may those who are still lucid and firm in the aspiration of following the divine purpose strengthen their conviction that the only Power is the one that comes from God and that all religions that lead to the Father must be respected.

Children, understand that the spirit of this next mission to the Middle East, as also to Chaco, is the unity, the possibility of being united in love and respect to the different cultures and ways of revering God, who is the Only One.

If the souls walk to God under the spirit of love, fraternity and of unity with the neighbor, it does not matter how you go through this path, because – when the time comes – God Himself will unite all paths opened by Him throughout the human existence to merge them into a single destiny, which is love and unity with Him.

The most important thing is giving an example, to the world, of the possibility of love existing between different religions, cultures and nations. It does not matter if Christians are persecuted in the Middle East: the fact that the Christians of the West continue helping this people, with the intention of dissolving the hatred that expands in the hearts, it is a great act for God, which will balance many evils of the planet.

As the missionaries are going to the Middle East, may all the prayerful beings of the world accompany them with their hearts and unite themselves to this purpose to truly pray for the different religions, to strengthen themselves in their essences of union with the Only God, who is the God of Love and of Truth.

Children, do not allow that the enemy reach his goal of destructing, from the human heart, the Faith in your religions and the essence of all of them. May all the true religions, which are those that lead to God, keep their purity and their essence alive, so that they keep reconnecting souls to the Creator, as it is the purpose of the existence of each one of them. Also in Chaco, in Argentina, you must learn the religion of the heart, that which transcends institutions and is based only on the true meaning of the word, which is to reconnect yourself.


Before all that happens in the world, the Messengers of God are trying to teach humanity how to intervene in aid of the souls.

Dear companions, throughout the centuries of your existence, humankind has almost always answered to the wars generating bigger wars and has tried to confront the false power with the same false power, without realizing that only the Power that comes from God can balance all things.

It is a divine aspiration that the planet do not be indifferent to what is happening in the Middle East, but not so that humankind may react with wars and respond to the hatred that permeates the hearts of the people present there sending an even heavier burden of hatred.

Do you realize that this has always been the strategy of the enemy? To generate such atrocity in the cities and such lack of love among humans, so that this hatred would expand itself to all beings and all would respond with the same level of terrorism.

In the beginning of all this chaos, many were impressed with the degree of wickedness of the human heart, when they saw the ways some people tortured and murdered the neighbor; but now, such is the hatred that is expanding itself through the hearts, that those who were impressed before with these actions would be capable of doing the same with the said murderers. That is why, children, God calls you to the awakening. Do not let yourselves be influenced by the evil of the world. Keep your consciousnesses fixed on the goodness and your hearts united to the One who was crowned with thorns in silence.

We call you to react to what happens in the whole world – and, mostly, in the Middle East – not with hatred and with resentment, but with absolute love. Dissolve resentment from your hearts, learn to forgive, in the small things, those who are closer to you. Learn to be brothers and sisters of each other, under the spirit of unity and of fraternity, and watch yourselves more precisely each time, so that neither in the small nor in the great things you are unfaithful to the principles of love that you have elected to live.

United to the Divine Messengers in a great chain of love for humanity. Serve, forgive, reconcile, love, send to the world messages of peace, and live this peace. Be examples of a true effort for living the goodness, and no longer allow yourselves to surrender to hatred and to lack of love only for your inability of being humble.


While we were praying I saw Saint Joseph, first in the Middle East, dressed as a Muslim and with a cloth around his head. He was walking in the desert, accompanying different families who were emigrating, putting in His arms the children who were most tired of walking, and helping them. Afterwards, I saw Him in other cities, in big cities, helping people on the streets and only accompanying them, as someone who was simply passing by there. I also saw Him in different indigenous villages and when He appeared, He was surrounded by indigenous children who looked to be between three and eight years old. While Saint Joseph was transmitting the daily message, the children who were accompanying Him, spiritually radiated Light to the different indigenous tribes of the world.

       Dear companions in Christ, Missionaries of love on this Earth in so much need of aid and of peace,

Today I come to you with joy, but also with much regret in the depth of My Chaste Heart. I come with joy because I knew that, when arriving to the world, I would find beings that are willing to be with Me wherever it is necessary. I come with regret because I cannot be indifferent to all that happens in the world and also in the universe as a repercussion of the events of the Earth.

Today I do not come only from the Middle East, I come from many places of this vast planet, where I can walk beyond the borders, since for Me they do not exist. I come mostly from the region of Chaco, in Argentina, and also from other villages and tribes of original peoples that humanity still does not know. And I am not alone, because I have brought to you the little ones who – from the plans of the spirit – radiate their purity to those human beings who have the mission to keep guarding the presence of the indigenous consciousness on the planet, so that purity and simplicity do not disappear from the human heart.

Many think that it would not be necessary to carry out two missions at the same time, and lucubrate thoughts, imagining the reason why we have asked a mission to the Chaco, since the missionaries are already going so far, to the Middle East.


If I ask you for a Campaign to sow love in humanity, do not worry about the tree that will grow or about the fruit that it may give or not.

My beloved ones, do not think of the results of your actions, because you must learn to sow as God sows in the vast Universe of His Creation. The Lord sends impulses by means of the different Divine Messengers and Instruments that take you to all that has been created. He only gives from Himself for the growth of His creatures.

You must act like God, never losing the hope that love grows and gives its fruit in the human consciousness, but not seeking the results according to what you understand must happen in response to your actions.

Instead of asking for forgiveness, you must give forgiveness and give it to all of humanity; you will give acts of forgiveness and love.

As much you feel you will not obtain any result, only understand that, if you are true and simple and do not seek anything for yourselves, the seed will remain in the human consciousness.

Many times, you are afraid of acting, because you want to act for yourselves. You cannot ask forgiveness for someone seeking a miracle or for a great action to publish on the internet. Remember that you must be pure of heart and that the only reason for the existence of this Campaign is to sow love in humanity and, thus, to dissipate hatred from the human heart. You must have this purpose clear. And never forget of the children of Middle East who await your actions and your prayers in order that they may generate merits for the salvation of these little souls.

Therefore, go without fear; forgive, reconcile yourself with your neighbor, serve and love, for the salvation of your brothers and sisters in the whole world.

I love you and lead you to the essence of a true service.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Servant of all souls


In order for hatred to not be established in the souls, it is necessary to live love.

Today My Chaste Heart shows you the sorrow that it feels for what is being sown in the interior of all of the children that, without comprehending, suffer the terror of the wars in the world.

Only the experience of a profound and true love is capable of balancing these actions of humanity.  For this, today I ask you that, as an act of peace for humanity and, above all, for the children of the world, you dissolve the hatred in your hearts and love those who you know that keep some kind of rancor in their hearts.

Either as a service, going to a place that needs much love, or inside your families, defeat pride and fear, and perform an act of love as your hearts may indicate.

I ask you to be truthful and to not act based on emotions, but based on the profound feeling of the heart.

However much you feel that what you live is not connected to what happens in other regions of the world, you will see that, by performing a true act of love, you will erase from a part of the human consciousness, the hatred that exists and also this one that is being sown by the current wars in the world.

I invite you to a campaign that is going to be called “Sowing Love in Humanity”.  The experiences of everyone may be registered as each one feels and they will be put together and taken to the children who emigrate from their countries in the Middle East and that today need to see that a part of humanity is doing something to balance the sorrow of their hearts.

It will be a simple act, but it will take the beginning of a cure to many hearts.

Spread this call as a great network of love and service in order to erase hatred from human beings.

I love you and I will accompany you in this mission.

Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear companions of My Chaste Heart,

Today I ask you to not judge the attitudes of the human beings of the world, but to transform inside of you the roots of all evil actions of humanity.

When you judge something, even though it may be an atrocity, your consciousnesses only feel that you are separated from that evil; they feel that it does not belong to you and, thus, you lose the opportunity of changing the human consciousness through you own transformation.

Countless times we have told you that the human heart is unique and that what happens today in the word is the result of an evil planetary construction, that has counted not only with the cooperation of the Middle East, but of all the human beings, that – in their small or big evil actions – collaborated for the human heart to distance itself from God.

My Chaste Heart now comes to help you to heal humanity and this healing starts in each one of you.

Very simple and comfortable is to point out the mistakes of the nations and judge those who fight and those who do not accept the emigrants, without realizing that neither do you accept a brother or a sister that comes close to your lives with an inner, physical and spiritual condition that is different from yours and that will make you change completely to be able to shelter them with love.

You must seek within yourselves what separates you from those who are different; you must seek to heal the fear to transform yourselves in order to shelter, even if it is internally, those who do not fit to the standards that your minds accept.

Because, in the same way that it is happening to the emigrants, many souls have been through your lives and did not find in your hearts the love they needed in order to be sheltered and transformed by the Presence of God.

Understand that, if you learn to truly love, you will deposit in the human consciousness a code of love that will be able to change many events of the world.

No longer judge, do not separate yourselves from the human mistakes, as if they belonged to others.  Recognize within yourselves what must be transformed and allow that compassion gives you the wisdom that you need in order to not judge, but rather to make judgment become transformation and love.

I love you and I lead you, as your Father and Instructor.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Eternal glory to the God of the Heights and peace for the hearts that persevere in the quest for the Merciful Heart of Christ.

Dear companions, I thank you in the name of God, the Supreme Father of all Creation, for answering to the prayer request of His Holy Servant, the Virgin Mary.  Your prayers are being heard in the Kingdom of the Heavens and many souls are being removed from the abysses and hells of this world.

I ask you, with My Chaste Heart of Love, to keep praying for the world and to not detain the power of salvation that is being generated from your hearts.

I ask you to give priority to this urgent need of the planet and to remember, in every instant of your lives, the souls that are dying forgotten by the world, as something normal.  Today My Chaste Heart comes to tell you to not allow that the world atrocities become natural to the human heart.

Do not relate the Middle East with wars and with permanent conflicts or with death, with suicide and with massacres, because that land must be recognized as the sacred ground where the Family of Christ lived and where His Merciful Heart of Love learned to serve God and the others.

The adversary of the Project of God is trying to erase from the memory of humanity, and above all, of the Middle East, the codes left by Christ, by His Family and by His apostles and disciples.  But the enemy does not know, My dears, that these codes of love are imperishable and that they will always light up before a pure heart that invocates them for the redemption of the world.

The Blood of Christ was not poured over that ground by chance and all the blood that is poured today must be converted by the prayers of all the peacemakers from the whole world.

Never forget the souls that lose themselves every day in the whole world and, above all, in Africa and in the Middle East.  Pray without ceasing and offer all your difficulties for those who do not have an opportunity of traversing a spiritual path.

Live in the spirit of gratitude every day, for all that the Creator God delivers to you, in order to be able to fulfill His Plan and to be a bridge of salvation for the lost hearts.

Awake and walk fast to the union with Christ.  The salvation of this world starts in the little transformations of your lives.

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Association Mary
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