Sunday, September 27 of 2015

Daily messages

If I ask you for a Campaign to sow love in humanity, do not worry about the tree that will grow or about the fruit that it may give or not.

My beloved ones, do not think of the results of your actions, because you must learn to sow as God sows in the vast Universe of His Creation. The Lord sends impulses by means of the different Divine Messengers and Instruments that take you to all that has been created. He only gives from Himself for the growth of His creatures.

You must act like God, never losing the hope that love grows and gives its fruit in the human consciousness, but not seeking the results according to what you understand must happen in response to your actions.

Instead of asking for forgiveness, you must give forgiveness and give it to all of humanity; you will give acts of forgiveness and love.

As much you feel you will not obtain any result, only understand that, if you are true and simple and do not seek anything for yourselves, the seed will remain in the human consciousness.

Many times, you are afraid of acting, because you want to act for yourselves. You cannot ask forgiveness for someone seeking a miracle or for a great action to publish on the internet. Remember that you must be pure of heart and that the only reason for the existence of this Campaign is to sow love in humanity and, thus, to dissipate hatred from the human heart. You must have this purpose clear. And never forget of the children of Middle East who await your actions and your prayers in order that they may generate merits for the salvation of these little souls.

Therefore, go without fear; forgive, reconcile yourself with your neighbor, serve and love, for the salvation of your brothers and sisters in the whole world.

I love you and lead you to the essence of a true service.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Servant of all souls