Pray and, when your prayer is true, it will reach the Heavens and will not only unite your heart to God, but the hearts of all those who need His Presence.

Serve and, when your service is true, it does not matter what you do, it will have spiritual repercussions that will be unknown to you, but that in the invisible of your actions, will become the engine of the world transformation.

Love and, when your love is true, it will heal the wounds of the past, the present and will prepare, for the future, a life of learning experiences in love and not in suffering.

Sing, and may your singing be true, a prayer with melodies that uplift your heart to the Father, just as the birds do, giving the day to God at the beginning of each morning.

Silence yourself, and may your silence be true, may it not be filled with anguish, rancors, resentments or feelings that close your mouth to hurt your heart.

May your silence be healing and bring peace, first within yourself, then to the world.

Listen to the words of God, those written in the Sacred Books of this world and transmitted by His Messengers.

If your reading is true, it will open your heart so that you can recognize the Voice of the Father within you when the Voice of His Messengers no longer echo over this world.

And thus, child, whatever you do, do it with truth and full of spiritual transparency.

Transform your life into a sacred act and thus you will see being fulfilled in you as it was said in the beginning; you will see emerge in you that which makes you like God; you will see illusion being dissolved so that you may live what you truly are.
Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


For the divine Life to find in your heart a door to enter into humanity, you must have the manifestation of this life as priority.

When you are conscious that the most important is the union with God, you do it at each moment and you do not need to be closed in a chapel for this, because there are many forms to be united with the Father and one of them is to be His worker and building in the world His Work, so that not only you, child, but many others, unite themselves with Him.

You would not have to lose the opportunity to contemplate the Heart of God and to be perfectly united with Him, but as long as your tasks are still for yourself, they will separate you from God and, even if you believe that you do it for Him, you will not be able to find this union in your work.

The depth of the consciousness of each one is only known by themselves, and if you search it within you, you will know if your intention is to build something for God or if you are searching to big up yourself and receive the merits for fulfilling these tasks that you help to manifest.

Why did Santa Teresa of Jesus attain contemplation, if she spent so many days and so many hours occupying herself with foundations, constructions, with forming consecrated beings, with contacts in society?

Because she knew that what she was doing did not have any other end but to manifest a work that allowed the union of the human heart with God.

How could Father Pio contemplate if he was so busy with confessions, with administrating the construction of a hospital, with the pain that the wounds on his body caused him and also the wounds of his heart, caused by the incomprehension of beings?

Because he knew that everything he did had no other end but to expand a divine reign whose king he was not, it was Christ.

Child, if you want to grow as a soul, as a consciousness and as a servant of God and if you want to be a real instrument of God and builder of His Work in the world, forget from now onwards the merits that you may want for yourself.

If you are doing something and deep inside you gratify yourself for manifesting it, meditate and ask for mercy for your ignorance and for wanting to be recognized for a work that is not yours. In each moment, meditate on your intentions, and everything that you do, do it for God and not for yourself.


To heal the present and to prepare a new life for the future, you must forgive the past.

It is only love, children, that enters the depths of the human consciousness and erases the record of the mistakes committed. Words, actions and even acts of charity and of service are only vehicles to experience this love that must emerge from the depths of the heart.

Prayer is the language of love, it is the door that opens in the interior of each being so that this love flows from God to each consciousness and from your consciousnesses to the planetary needs.

To search for an external result for your own actions is to close the doors to love, because the return is not something sought by the one who really loves. Whoever loves only gives and does not seek, in anything, to receive.

For you to be vehicles of a divine and higher love for the planetary consciousness, you should be a little more humble and simple, but not want to be one of those who transform and redeem all things, because what transforms and what redeems is love, such love that does not come from you, but from God.

Children, when you serve, know that the most important is not the service in itself, it is the love with which you serve. When you are in contact with somebody and when you offer a word of relief and of hope, know that what is important is not what you say or how well you express yourselves, but rather the degree of love and of union with God with which you do so.


If I ask you for a Campaign to sow love in humanity, do not worry about the tree that will grow or about the fruit that it may give or not.

My beloved ones, do not think of the results of your actions, because you must learn to sow as God sows in the vast Universe of His Creation. The Lord sends impulses by means of the different Divine Messengers and Instruments that take you to all that has been created. He only gives from Himself for the growth of His creatures.

You must act like God, never losing the hope that love grows and gives its fruit in the human consciousness, but not seeking the results according to what you understand must happen in response to your actions.

Instead of asking for forgiveness, you must give forgiveness and give it to all of humanity; you will give acts of forgiveness and love.

As much you feel you will not obtain any result, only understand that, if you are true and simple and do not seek anything for yourselves, the seed will remain in the human consciousness.

Many times, you are afraid of acting, because you want to act for yourselves. You cannot ask forgiveness for someone seeking a miracle or for a great action to publish on the internet. Remember that you must be pure of heart and that the only reason for the existence of this Campaign is to sow love in humanity and, thus, to dissipate hatred from the human heart. You must have this purpose clear. And never forget of the children of Middle East who await your actions and your prayers in order that they may generate merits for the salvation of these little souls.

Therefore, go without fear; forgive, reconcile yourself with your neighbor, serve and love, for the salvation of your brothers and sisters in the whole world.

I love you and lead you to the essence of a true service.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Servant of all souls


Walk with bare feet, symbolizing the detachment of results and the surrender of all the goals in your paths.

Unite to the Purpose of God and to His Rescue Plan and let the Creator be in charge of everything else.

Be the proclaimer of the Mercy of Christ in all of your acts, thoughts, words, feelings and aspirations.  Never lose sight the fount of Mercy and be merciful, as a good and true disciple of Your Lord.

Do not let the daily demands prevent you to serve the others.  Do not let your rush close your eyes to what you have beside you and not allow you to see the Kingdoms of Nature asking for your assistance.

Live with attention and watch your steps, seeking, in each second, where God expects you and what is His need that you will supply.

Allow yourself to be a servant of the God that inhabits in all beings and in all Kingdoms of Nature and do not proclaim His Presence only with words, but, above all, with the pure example of your actions.

Seek to understand the others and live under the Law of Love or, at least, try to live it every day.

The world is collapsing, with a humanity that does not know how to love, even though it has a unique opportunity, in the whole universe, of learning about love.  Be, yourself, the one that impels the step of this race.  Do not wait for the transformation of others, but only remember yourself, every day, that the transformation of those who are around you comes from you.

Be what you seek in the others and, before demanding something from the other, demand it first from yourself and deliver to the other a loving and silent example of life.

Unite every day to those who are true from the heart.  Pray for this world and transform yourself also for it, because the Project of God needs to fulfill itself in you and in the whole planet. Today I ask that you unite to all Christians that, sincere in their hearts, aspire to find peace.

Pray and fast as you can on the day of tomorrow, answering to the Call of God.

Be true in your prayers and seek to pray not with emotions, but with the spirit and with the heart.  Feel, in the depth of your being, the Sorrow of God for all that happens in the world and let yourselves be impelled to a true transformation.

Peace expands itself in the planet by means of the peaceful hearts that can live it.

May all hearts of the world be united to proclaim peace.


I come in this afternoon to reveal you the supreme truth of My Heart: one of pillars to the consecration of spirit is the love to solitude; solitude that finds the Heart of the Eternal Father, and inside Him, all the Creation.

The consecration of life requires from beings to abandon all the expectations towards the others and towards themselves.   May you not want to achieve anything,  not even an spiritual attribute, to demonstrate your progress to anyone.

As long as you are tied to the need of showing results in your transformations, you will always stagnate in the same point and, now and again, you will find the same miseries as always.  Because the definitive transformation comes from the true consecration to God and to be consecrated to God is to surrender to Him everything that you are.  Even if you may not obtain any results or achieve any goal, it will not matter what you have accomplished, because what you are belongs to God and to no one else.

When I talk about solitude, I talk about detachment from companions in your paths.  I do not mean by it that, from now on, you must be physically alone; I only mean that you must take your own steps, even if you are the only ones in the whole world assuming a path of transformation.  And even if everyone around you do not recognize this path and do not make any effort to traverse it, you must do it anyway.

The consecration must be between the soul itself, the spirit itself, and God.  No interference from life on Earth must move you away from the possibility of launching yourselves into the abyss of surrender to the Creator.

One of the reasons, My dears, why humanity does not reach the Celestials Principles, is the impossibility of most beings to detach themselves from everything that the others expect from them, and also to walk without depending on steps of others, on external encouraging from those who accompany them.

As you see, this path is hard and arid, but the source found once you cross this desert is eternal, and if a being is able to arrive at it, they can quench the thirst of all of humanity.

Know that, even though this path is filled by the spirit of solitude and of surrender, you will do it for all those that have not encouraged themselves to walk.  The merits generated by one of you will result into the salvation of many souls.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.