Tuesday, June 28 of 2016

Daily messages

To heal the present and to prepare a new life for the future, you must forgive the past.

It is only love, children, that enters the depths of the human consciousness and erases the record of the mistakes committed. Words, actions and even acts of charity and of service are only vehicles to experience this love that must emerge from the depths of the heart.

Prayer is the language of love, it is the door that opens in the interior of each being so that this love flows from God to each consciousness and from your consciousnesses to the planetary needs.

To search for an external result for your own actions is to close the doors to love, because the return is not something sought by the one who really loves. Whoever loves only gives and does not seek, in anything, to receive.

For you to be vehicles of a divine and higher love for the planetary consciousness, you should be a little more humble and simple, but not want to be one of those who transform and redeem all things, because what transforms and what redeems is love, such love that does not come from you, but from God.

Children, when you serve, know that the most important is not the service in itself, it is the love with which you serve. When you are in contact with somebody and when you offer a word of relief and of hope, know that what is important is not what you say or how well you express yourselves, but rather the degree of love and of union with God with which you do so.

Before serving and even in your day-to-day, as a first exercise of your day, unite yourself with God and say, “Lord, make me a vehicle of Your Love.” If you are sincere and true when pronouncing these words and letting the verb be the vehicle of a pure intention for it to reach the Father, this will be sufficient for the Creator to bring meaning to your lives and to make each moment of it worthwhile for the triumph of His Plan.

That your actions, thoughts, feelings and words be impregnated with something more than yourselves. That everything be for the manifestation of love and that love, by itself, be the result of your service and of your life.

For the healing of the human and planetary consciousness, launch yourselves into the discovery of the divine love and allow the Creator to make you bearers of this love.

I bless you and lead you to the true service that you already know that does not start and does not end in your actions, but that has its true acting in the life of the spirit and there should have its essence and its principle.

Your Father and Companion, in service and in prayer,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph