Friday, May 31 of 2024

Weekly Messages

Receive My blessing and My Peace, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May the gift of life, precious and sacred, always find worth in your little hearts.

May the gift of life, precious and sacred, always be praised in your inner world.

May the gift of life, precious and sacred, always find meaning and purpose in your consciousnesses.

Never feel that it is too late to experience something, to expand your consciousness, to experience greater degrees of Higher Love. Never think that it is too late to take another step toward the Heart of God and serve through your own surrender.

Let each new day bring the aspiration to live in gratitude: gratitude for all the limitations of the body, the mind, the emotions, and gratitude for the expansion of spirit; gratitude for all the difficulties, for all the times you feel incapable, but where the Creator can reveal that within you, He is capable of doing all things; gratitude for each new deprivation of autonomy and false freedom, for it is in this way, children, that you discover that freedom is found within yourselves, in your inner world, in your consciousness.

This is why I come to this sacred place, before this sacred valley, so that in contemplating its sunrise and its sunset, your consciousnesses may perceive that expansion happens from the inside out, that it does not depend on your feet, nor your hands, only on your heart. I come to this sacred place, in this Sacred Kingdom, not only so that you may learn to be grateful, but also to express My Divine Gratitude.

I have accompanied serving souls from the beginning of their lives, and like a father who watches each step of their children, I watch your small steps. I know you are not perfect and that many times, it is difficult to deal with you, but today I want to bring you, children, an awareness of the reality of your small essences, an awareness of the gratitude for your small lives.

Each one of you, through your sincere steps, has generated and is generating merits for the salvation of souls. The personal persistence of remembering and praying each new day, in spite of pain and illnesses, in spite of the limitations and the loneliness, all that generates the salvation of souls.

And I know you are not conscious of what you experience, I know that pain sometimes takes over your whole consciousness, and the need to be in God causes your souls to be even more alone. But today I come to tell you to receive My paternal embrace, that you recognize My Presence and that you be with Me, because I will lead you by the hand to the Heart of the Redeemer, I will teach you where to go and where not to go, and I will help you at each fall, at each step, so that you may learn to return to the Heart of God whenever you deviate from the path.

I have come here as your father and teacher, as your friend and companion of all times, so you may walk with Me to the Sacred Kingdom which dwells in the inner worlds of this place.

Today I give you the key of gratitude, so you may have it always in your heart as a master key which will always show you the correct path. At each difficulty, be grateful; on each new day, be grateful; on each new night, be grateful, and the gratitude itself will open the doors of Heaven to you, it will expand your consciousness, it will show you a greater path to follow within yourselves.

Today I come with simple words, with a simple Heart, simply to consecrate your souls and welcome them into My Heart, thus releasing the ties to the past, thus opening the way to a new future. I give you the gift of being grateful and thus open the doors to Heaven through prayer and surrender.

Bring water, incense and oil here for the blessing.

I consecrate this water to cleanse you of the past, of your limiting errors, of your deepest resistances, and reveal to you the purity that dwells within you.

I consecrate this incense to purify your souls, your minds, your bodies and your hearts, and purified, that you may live the consecration of your spirit and consciousness for a new step.

And with this oil, I anoint you, so that through My blessing, your souls may enter into this Temple of Love of which I spoke today. May you receive healing, peace and the gift of gratitude from these Greater Temples of wisdom and love.

May My Peace dwell within you and lead you to a greater peace.

My Heart of a father and intercessor only waits to lead you to God and to the Heart of Christ. As a knower of the profound mysteries of the human consciousness, I come to guide you on the path of the impossible, so you may discover that it is possible to live the potential which dwells hidden with you, that it is never too late to learn more and more about that Greater Love, and to always experience a new expansion of consciousness each new day.

Thus I bless you, I consecrate you and I thank you for being here with Me.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.