Wednesday, May 20 of 2020

Daily messages

A soul that claimed not to believe in God nor in a spiritual life, was in a state of great inner emptiness and, in light of its deepest anguish, it looked up and said:  "What is there after death? A new life? From where and why did life emerge? You, Who people call God, do You really exist? Where are You? Why do You not make Yourself visible to those who call themselves Your children?"

And the Lord, contemplating this soul with great compassion, responded: "From Me emerged life, a broad, deep, complex and very ancient life, before the existence of this world, before the existence of the human mind and the time of humankind, in a space that science does not reach, the mind does not explain and not even the patriarchs and the prophets could understand, for a reason that is held within My Heart yet not understood, but only loved and experienced.

I did not create life for a reason, but because of Love. And so I am not reached through an answer, but rather through a deep living of the same principle and gift that allowed Me to manifest all things. This mystery is within your little heart.

Beloved soul, when with humility you embrace the healing of your deepest wounds, you will know that I Am God.

When you allow yourself to be loved by a Love that is not of this world, but which comes from Infinity, you will know that I Am God.

When the knowledge of your smallness and fragility is greater than the illusion of your pride, maturity and vanity, you will know that I Am God.

When you place your forehead upon the ground and yield your mortal mind for an eternal Love, you will know that I Am God.

When in the emptiness of your consciousness and the solitude of your heart, you dare to look inward and discover that I am within you, you will know that I Am God and I am in everything.

Within you, I wait in silence, and within your silence, I will be able to speak to your heart. You will know My infinite Love and, through it, you will know what you call the reasons for which everything was created. What for you is a reason, for Me is a Purpose. There is no reason for life, but there is a Higher Purpose: that of renewing My Love and returning to Me."

May this dialogue with God inspire you, children, to turn inward and experience the Divine Presence.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph