Thursday, March 12 of 2020

Daily Messages

With love, I contemplate the Heart of God and, standing before Him, I plead for the world.

I plead for each one of His creatures so that they not only find peace but, above all,  they may awaken from the illusion and the immaturity of these times.

I plead for them to know who they are, where they are and what they are called to experience in this and in all cycles.

I plead that the suffering of so many souls may move the spirit of others so that, in love and in prayer, those who know God may cry out for peace and live it, in this way, balancing the evils of this world.

I plead for the prompt manifestation of the Kingdom of God upon Earth, for the fulfilling of the scriptures and, above all, for the fulfilling of the new and eternal universal Gospel, which you do not know, in spite of the story of your souls being written within it.

I plead for the triumph of the Heart of God in each being. I ask My Lord for His Light to illuminate the eyes of humankind and show them the truth, the way and eternal life, the path of return to His Heart.

I plead with My Lord and God, Creator of life, to have compassion for lost souls, and that they may find themselves.

My Heart, small and simple, opens to share the pain that God feels because of the indifference and ignorance of humankind in the face of so many gifts given to humanity throughout the centuries and since its origin.

In the very depths of My being, I feel the Love of God for life and, moved by that Love, I plead to the Father for all beings of all the Kingdoms and I constantly cry out for His Mercy and pity, for His compassion and love, for His peace and for His living Presence in each being.

Today, children, I plead that this same feeling of love may live within you and that you thus can unite with Me, in this perpetual crying out for Creation, because the world, the Universe and all beings need it.

May the Love of God flood you and may His Word manifest in your hearts, in your thoughts and, finally, in your mouths, as a perpetual crying out of return to the Heart of the Father.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph