Friday, February 1 of 2019

Daily messages

The Mystery of Faith

The mystery of faith is that which is kept, as a potential, deep within every heart, and that, in these times, God calls you to experience.

Faith rises and expresses itself in the hearts that, day by day, try to love and know God better, that deepen into the greatness of His Love and into the infinity of His Mercy.

These hearts find the Love of God within themselves, through the persistence in prayer, through studying and deepening into His Words, they start to awaken faith within themselves. Despite being invisible, the Love of God is tangible to them, and His Mercy is expressed in their lives, at each moment. 

Feeling the Love of God and experiencing His Mercy awakens in the beings an absolute trust that, when matured, becomes faith.

Faith is the certainty of the Love of God and His Presence. It is the unexplainable gift of knowing the Creator and of knowing that you are a living part of His Heart. It is the unexplainable gift of loving and trusting in His Plan, even if it is still a mystery.

To live the mystery of faith, you must seek the love of God and deepen into this love first. When you study and deepen into the Words of the Divine Messengers, you will know the Love of the Creator, more and more, and it is the same Love that transforms and removes covers of disbelief, doubts, fear, insecurity and uncertainty from your hearts, and shows, in the depths and innermost parts of your beings, how faith emerges. 

The love, the knowledge of God and faith all walk together, because they each awaken and gives life to one another. The more you love God, the more you know Him, the bigger becomes the awakening of faith. The more you know God, the bigger becomes the love, because the awakening of this love is inevitable and, in consequence, faith emerges.

When faith awakens, it must be maintained, and it must grow through the prayer that unites you to God, because the time will come when it will not matter what happens around you; faith will always be present in your hearts and it will support you. It will not matter the tests and the challenges that you experience; faith will always give you strength so that you may make out of all of this a triumph in the Heart of God.

For this, my children, in this time of great tests and challenges that is approaching, search for God, love and get to know the Creator, and let your faith consolidate and grow roots within your consciousness, that nothing will be able to pull out.

Today your effort and deepening builds the consequence of tomorrow. It is now that the triumph of God starts to etch itself within your lives. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph