Thursday, February 6 of 2020

Daily messages

Quiet your heart so as to unite it with the Universe as well as the Infinity. Higher life begins to be revealed within you.

Send to the very depths of your consciousness the Gift of Forgiveness, which comes from the Divine Consciousness.

Meditate upon your Lord on the Cross and upon all the merits that He achieved so that you may experience redemption, not only from what was done and experienced upon this planet but also and, above all, far beyond it, in the history of your evolution, which you do not know.

Contemplate the Blood of Christ and feel how that very Blood, a redeeming code, permeates your cells and atoms. Commune of forgiveness and of redemption.

Beginning with your cells, let this forgiveness enter into your inner universe, into the deepest registers of your consciousness. And there, where universal life unites with your human condition, let the purpose of your incarnation take place and experience the peace of feeling forgiven.

Every day, the sacrifice of Christ is renewed in each Eucharist so that His codes of forgiveness and redemption, achieved for you upon the Cross may reach ever deeper into your being.

With your heart, accompany the establishment and the fulfillment of forgiveness in all of your being. The time has come to be healed rather than just to purify endlessly that which was rotten within you.

Your forgiveness and redemption must be conscious. It is necessary to know and to see what it is that you must forgive, but for this, child, your consciousness must be matured in the Love of Christ and in the certainty of all that He has already achieved for you.

Now that you have the mud before you, contemplate the Love and the Forgiveness of Christ and experience the occult chemistry of the redemption and the transfiguration of the consciousness.

Your miseries, touched by the Mercy of God, are transformed in the renewal of His eternal Love.

You have My blessing to experience what I tell you and to achieve peace.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph