Wednesday, September 23 of 2015

Daily messages

In order for hatred to not be established in the souls, it is necessary to live love.

Today My Chaste Heart shows you the sorrow that it feels for what is being sown in the interior of all of the children that, without comprehending, suffer the terror of the wars in the world.

Only the experience of a profound and true love is capable of balancing these actions of humanity.  For this, today I ask you that, as an act of peace for humanity and, above all, for the children of the world, you dissolve the hatred in your hearts and love those who you know that keep some kind of rancor in their hearts.

Either as a service, going to a place that needs much love, or inside your families, defeat pride and fear, and perform an act of love as your hearts may indicate.

I ask you to be truthful and to not act based on emotions, but based on the profound feeling of the heart.

However much you feel that what you live is not connected to what happens in other regions of the world, you will see that, by performing a true act of love, you will erase from a part of the human consciousness, the hatred that exists and also this one that is being sown by the current wars in the world.

I invite you to a campaign that is going to be called “Sowing Love in Humanity”.  The experiences of everyone may be registered as each one feels and they will be put together and taken to the children who emigrate from their countries in the Middle East and that today need to see that a part of humanity is doing something to balance the sorrow of their hearts.

It will be a simple act, but it will take the beginning of a cure to many hearts.

Spread this call as a great network of love and service in order to erase hatred from human beings.

I love you and I will accompany you in this mission.

Most Chaste Saint Joseph