Friday, February 9 of 2024

Weekly Messages

The last year of impulses of My Chaste Heart


You are going through the last year of the great impulses of the Divine Hierarchy, a time when your hearts must incessantly drink from the Source of the wonders and gifts that we give you at each Apparition.

The last year of the impulses of the Hierarchy speaks about undeserved Graces which souls are receiving so that they may live their definition and strengthen their consciousnesses in order that, in the next cycle that will come, they may be responsible not only for their own inner sustenance, but also for the support of all those who did not drink of this Source and will have need of help, healing and mercy to be able to walk through the narrow doorway of the last opportunity.

The last great impulses of the Hierarchy speak to you about a great test of love, surrender and yielding which we will lead you to experience so you may learn what Christic Love truly is and transcend human love and the common good in the Grace that  we will grant you to understand that, beyond the chaos, the evil and your own and others' miseries, there is an unfathomable Fount of Christic Love from which you must learn to drink, and this will be the same for everybody.

In this cycle there will be no preferences, no titles, no human merits capable of excluding somebody from the greater test of surrender, definition and the unveiling of a Higher Love.

All will be before two doors: the large and ample door of worldly comfort, a false and poor comfort which will confuse souls, offering its consolation and an illusory peace; and the narrow door of surrender and Higher Christic Love, which will forge in you the possibility of seeing each other as you truly are, transcending the human condition, judgments and opinions, in order to unite under the single purpose of supporting the planet until the old human gives way to the one who is capable of living the Divine Purpose in fullness.

For this reason, know that each time you are faced with a situation which seems greater than what you can bear, in reality you will be facing an opportunity of transcendence and surrender which God calls you to live so that you awaken the love latent in your hearts.

If you are in this world, at this time, it is because you are called to experience the great human definition, and this will not make you greater or lesser than the others; it will only make each of you an instrument in the Hands of God for the transformation of life, life beyond life, which must be renewed.

Thus, do not waste the impulses, but rather, drink from each of them, meditate and do not allow them to go by without first permeating all of your consciousness.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph