Friday, February 2 of 2024

Weekly Messages

May the Peace of the Heart of Christ permeate the hearts of all those who cry out for relief and hope.

Children, fix your eyes on the horizon, and in prayer, wait for the dark night of the world to give way to the dawn of a new life.

Fix your eyes on the horizon and concentrate your beings on serving and bringing peace to your own heart, as well as the hearts of your brothers and sisters, through understanding, silence, listening, wisdom, and above all, intercessory prayer for souls.

Fix your eyes on the horizon, where the Divine Purpose rises, and walk, building that goal of reaching the Light of Christ. The Divine Purpose is built from the inside out and only manifests in your lives when it has already been consolidated in your inner world.

Thus, fix your eyes on the horizon, and the murky waters of the world today will give way to a crystalline sea, which will reveal to all beings the purity hidden in their hearts. Until that happens, simply pray, be supported in God and do not lose your union with the Creator through your bond with Him, which you must nurture in prayer and a daily conversation with God.

If you do not nurture the bond with God through contact with Him, this bond becomes ever more hidden and unknown for your souls. Thus, for you, let God be like that Friend and Companion who knows everything about your lives, who knows the deepest core of your hearts, who is the Receptacle of your sincerest and most transparent confessions, who is the Arm where you seek an embrace and consolation, rest and hope.

Let God be the Heart upon which you rest and in which you find wisdom and response, fortitude and joy to continue forward in spite of what is happening around you.

Remember always, children, to keep the bond with God, with your guardian angels, with your spirits, and with the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph, alive, accessible and constant. In this way, you will never lack the strength to continue forward and the determination to begin again each day; you will never lack hope to look to the horizon and know that, far beyond the darkness being experienced today in the world, the sun will rise.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph