Friday, February 16 of 2024

Weekly Messages

During this Lent, child, learn to go deeper into the desert of your heart so your offering may be more sincere and real, so your experience of Christic Love may be broader.

In the same way Christ contemplated His Cross and each of the martyrdoms He would experience throughout the Calvary, you too should contemplate the trials of these times with bravery.

In the same way Christ contemplated and understood the definition and the fragility of His companions, you too contemplate not only your own human and inner fragility, but also that of your brothers and sisters, and with eyes of compassion, follow the definition of all those who walk with you.

Not all will find the fortitude within themselves to continue onward regardless of the circumstances. Not all will know that the Creator does not count on human strength, but rather on the surrender of hearts, so that He may be the strength in souls. Not all will understand that they do not need to conquer or triumph on their own, but rather just allow God to triumph through their lives in the most unthinkable situations, in the most unfamiliar conditions.

Observe the events of this time with the Eyes of the Lenten Christ, He Who faced each temptation through silence. And when facing the cunning visions of the adversary, His Eyes were fixed on God; when facing the confusing and conflicting words of the adversary, His Mouth only spoke prayers and decrees; when facing the miseries of His friends, which the adversary made Him observe, His Heart emanated understanding and certainty that salvation would come from His own yes, and that His brothers and sisters, even though they did not persevere on the path, would have a new opportunity because of the perseverance of His Heart in the Divine Purpose.

For this reason, Christ fixed His Eyes on the Purpose, and when facing all denials and miseries, He only affirmed the Light of the triumph of the Most High within Himself, and through Him, in all souls.

Child, place your heart in the Heart of the Lenten Christ to cross the desert in ascension, developing within yourself the fortitude capable of moving past the obstacles of the end of times.

Place your spirit in the Spirit of the Lenten Christ so that your being may be strengthened and grow in the virtue of faithfulness in the face of all trails, and that the confusions of the enemy not be more than your school of inner maturing.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph