Thursday, January 24 of 2019

Daily messages

Glory to the Kingdoms of Nature for being the dwelling places of God and of life, for being instruments of the greatness of the Father and of His Presence.

Glory to the Kingdoms of Nature because, in spite of everything that is happening in the world, in spite of all the outrages to their bodies, to their spirits and to  their consciousnesses, the Kingdoms continue to be expressions of the giving of self and of love, and never tire of waiting for compassion, peace and, above all, the awakening of Christic Love in humankind, which will open the doors so that all beings may take a step in their evolution.

Today I say: glory to the Kingdoms of Nature, for in them the Creator dwells and expresses Himself, alive, whole, building His Body through the elements that are born of the Earth.

When I give Glory to the Kingdoms of Nature, I give glory to the Living God and to the Celestial Mother that dwell within them.

In these times of tribulation, in which nations become imbalanced and chaos gains space within and outside of humankind, children, you must learn to contemplate the Kingdoms in order not to lose your peace and union with God.

The greater the imbalance in human life, the more you must be united and in communion with the Kingdoms of Nature, for within them dwells the unstoppable Peace of God, and the gift of knowing how  to give of oneself in love.

Contemplating the Kingdoms, you may recover the peace that as humanity you have lost. By loving and serving the Kingdoms of Nature, you can awaken within yourselves love for life which, when mature, transforms into Christic love.

It is not enough to contemplate and to love; you must learn to mature the love, aware of the times you experience and what you are called to experience and become. You are called to be Christs of the New Time, imitators of the One Who gave all of Himself out of love for His Father and His Divine Plan.

In this way, children, assist the Kingdoms of Nature and, in communion, receive help from them so that you may become another, so that you may be renewed, grow and mature the expression of love in your hearts.

To live Christic Love there is no formula. You should only love and be love, loving all that is life, everything that holds in itself the expression of God, because the Lord has His dwelling place within His children.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph