Saturday, January 25 of 2020

Daily messages

Walking in the desert and being defeated by the Power of God is not being indifferent to life or to one's fellow being. The desert leads you to know God so that you may find all creatures and all life within the Creator.

The desert is a Meeting.

After crossing the void, the aridity and the solitude, having transcended the first stages of the desert, the heart purified and yielded to God, which is their only and last Fountain of pure water, the hearts experience a Meeting. In God they discover the truth, the purity and Life itself containing all creatures.

The desert is a path to truly find your fellow being. Upon coming to know yourselves, divesting yourselves of appearances, of crutches, of chains, you will also begin to see with a transparent gaze. By crossing the desert and finding God, you will be able to see Him in everything and in everybody, to discover His Love revealed in the essences of humankind.

When a heart experiences dryness, it is not because this heart is simply crossing the desert; it is because it has stepped into the desert. But it needs to walk in it, allow itself to be transformed in it, experience the void and also the Meeting.

The desert is made up of stages, discoveries, profound and inner experiences that must be understood today. If your hearts feel aridity, emptiness, temptation, loneliness, go deeper into what you experience and come to surrender, to the revelation of faith.

Let your crutches, your chains be broken. Leave, by the side of the road, the human support and even the spiritual ones, which manifest as virtues and skills, and allow yourselves to be nothing.

Continue into the desert upon the long road to empty yourselves.

Feel suspended into the void and, at the same time, very close to touching God.

It is the Meeting in the desert that gives you the strength to renew the Love of God. If there is no desert, there is no Christic Love. But I do not only speak to you about placing your feet upon the hot sand and feeling its dryness; I speak about knowing you are in the desert, accepting it, entering into it, fully living it.

This is why I speak to you about the desert, not to bring you some comfort, but to give you courage. The courage to be nothing.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph