A soul that believed in God, in His infinite Existence, could not understand the mysteries of a prayer, and it questioned the Lord, saying:  "Lord, I know that You exist and that You are the God of life and of eternity; but I know there are laws that move this life and that free will exists, which gives us the freedom to be in it. As it is this way, Lord, I do not understand the mystery of prayer and I cannot manage to believe that a Rosary or a simple dialogue with You could transform the laws of the Earth."

As the Lord felt the sincerity of its questions, He responded, saying:  "Little soul, in truth, what you really ignore is not the power of prayer, you ignore My Power and My Love for you. You ignore your ability to unite with Me and the authority that I give you when you pray in My Name, because you are a dear and beloved child. And just like a child who asks for things from their father and receive what they need from him, in this same way, I, Who can do all things, also give My children what they need.

However, the mystery of prayer is still very profound, because I do not expect you to ask Me for just what you need to remain in the world as souls of the world. What I expect is that you ask for that which makes of this world a part of My Kingdom. And when you yield to Me and open your hearts, I grant you forgiveness, I reveal the Love hidden within your essences, and I give you the authority to transform laws and life, as do the angels and the archangels by recreating My Creation.

It is not only the mystery of prayer that is unknown to you, little soul, but the mystery of your own life and the mystery of My Love are still unknown to you. For this reason, even though you do not understand, pray and surrender your lack of understanding at My Feet, at the foot of My Altar, for when I find an open heart in you, I will allow you to not only understand, but to know and experience all these things."

Through this dialogue with God, children, may your souls be inspired to pray and to cry out each day for the transformation of the world.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Series: The Sequoia Trees - Part I

Trees are the life of the planet and they regenerate every living being, simply with their plant presence.

The Sequoia trees are the greatest manifestation of the Power and the Will of God. They attract the materialization of Divine Will to the Earth. They express Will in their growth, expansion and beauty, this is the reason why they are so large and tall, so that the human consciousness may remember this is the way that God must be reached, so it may live His Will rather than its own, and so that the spirit may not lose its ardent aspiration to rise and transform, according to the need of the Plan, so that everything in this Universe may be recreated again.

The great trees are the guardians of the cosmic portals that enter the Earth through the inner planes in order to have it become ever more elevated and closer to higher reality.

The Sequoia tree represents the Sacred Spirit of the immortality of the soul and of the evolution of consciousness, under the principle of the righteousness of the good and of service.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Walking in the desert and being defeated by the Power of God is not being indifferent to life or to one's fellow being. The desert leads you to know God so that you may find all creatures and all life within the Creator.

The desert is a Meeting.

After crossing the void, the aridity and the solitude, having transcended the first stages of the desert, the heart purified and yielded to God, which is their only and last Fountain of pure water, the hearts experience a Meeting. In God they discover the truth, the purity and Life itself containing all creatures.

The desert is a path to truly find your fellow being. Upon coming to know yourselves, divesting yourselves of appearances, of crutches, of chains, you will also begin to see with a transparent gaze. By crossing the desert and finding God, you will be able to see Him in everything and in everybody, to discover His Love revealed in the essences of humankind.

When a heart experiences dryness, it is not because this heart is simply crossing the desert; it is because it has stepped into the desert. But it needs to walk in it, allow itself to be transformed in it, experience the void and also the Meeting.

The desert is made up of stages, discoveries, profound and inner experiences that must be understood today. If your hearts feel aridity, emptiness, temptation, loneliness, go deeper into what you experience and come to surrender, to the revelation of faith.

Let your crutches, your chains be broken. Leave, by the side of the road, the human support and even the spiritual ones, which manifest as virtues and skills, and allow yourselves to be nothing.

Continue into the desert upon the long road to empty yourselves.

Feel suspended into the void and, at the same time, very close to touching God.

It is the Meeting in the desert that gives you the strength to renew the Love of God. If there is no desert, there is no Christic Love. But I do not only speak to you about placing your feet upon the hot sand and feeling its dryness; I speak about knowing you are in the desert, accepting it, entering into it, fully living it.

This is why I speak to you about the desert, not to bring you some comfort, but to give you courage. The courage to be nothing.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Argentina is a land full of spiritual treasures to be discovered. Therefore, Argentina has been a land ill-exploited and made use of only by a minority.

But when the spiritual mysteries of Argentina come to light, no consciousness, person or terrestrial power will be able to take control of the unexpected situation that will show up.

Therefore, its spiritual treasures are in fairly inaccessible places, for them to be protected from any intention of ostentation on the part of the human being.

In Argentina, there are spiritual treasures that are not terrestrial, but cosmic, which arrived to Earth in a time past to be able to help humanity, at this time and in this cycle.

The humanity of Argentina and of the southern cone was completely asleep to the knowledge of spiritual treasures, but now, at the moment when the destiny of Argentina as a society and as a nation is at stake, these treasures will be shown so that the most simple may know that there are unknown and major powers than those human beings believe to have and that God has the real and only power, and from God comes all that exists.

The spiritual treasures of Argentina were prepared more than thirty years ago, so that in this cycle they may be revealed to the human consciousness and, through a great impulse, many uncertain situations can be transmuted and the majority of consciousnesses may have the joy of awakening and of once more putting their faith in  what is invisible.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


If your prayers were always real and deep, like those of today, all the infinite merits of My Mercy would reach the souls that are in desolation and perdition because My Power, which is the Power of My Father, has no limits nor boundaries.

All who invoke My Divine Mercy, not for themselves, but rather for the whole world, cause it to descend like a rain of graces so that one day those most indifferent and hypnotized may awaken to real and divine life.

Through the merits of My Mercy, I grant the world the opportunity of reconsidering and of repenting all the dark connections souls once made.

The Power of My Mercy is given impulse by the infinite Source of My Love, a Love that withdraws souls from the world illusion and wakes them up to the life of the spirit.

Through My Mercy, I fulfill the promises in humanity. And when that Divine Power of Christ is invoked, profound repercussions are dissolved and hearts reignite in the Love of God, in a saving love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

Today we reach the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new stage.

After these last months of retreat, My Maternal Heart has been able to contemplate, with joy, the maturity, seriousness and responsibility with which each praying heart undertook the mission of praying for peace in the nations; and I have also been able to contemplate, My children, the positive and global effect that this daily work lovingly built, in recent times.

For this reason, dear children, it is today that I can say that I love you and that I have always loved you, because I know that within you there are great possibilities of loving God and of helping to express, on the Earth, His Plan of Love and Redemption.

I want to tell the world that I have a strong praying army today, consecrated as Children of Mary, who already understand and live the importance of manifesting the Will of God.

For this reason, My children, never tire of praying and supplicating because prayer opens the doors of the Kingdom of God and the Grace, which is infinite, can be poured upon all of My children.

I invite you to continue spreading this important request.

I invite you, each day more, to open the doors of your groups of prayer so that more souls may be consecrated by the Mercy of God.

My children, keep this loyalty with Me. Let nothing make you doubt or oscillate because within this cycle we are building the triumph of My Immaculate Heart within each being.

Dear children, I encourage you to keep collaborating so that My Plans of peace may be concretized in humanity and all the conflicts may end.

My children, today I pour the power of the Light of God upon your souls so that, strengthened by faith and filled by wisdom, the Celestial Father may grant the world a longer period of peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While in the world the nations seek blind ways to establish human power and design wars and chaos to submit the souls to suffering and dispair, you, child, must put your heart more and more inside the Heart of God.

In prayer, recognize the Power of God, which is beyond any human power.

Remember that your life must be the bridge to a new life on Earth and that your heart must be the beginning of the new humanity within this life.

May the vices and temptations of this time not stimulate you to forget The principal motive of your existence. Everything on this Earth will pass; only the learning of love that you have lived in your heart will remain. 

Your effort and your endeavor are what will count in the book of Divine Justice as merit to balance the life on Earth so that those who do not deserve will receive an opportunity.

Assume the place that corresponds to you within this end of the cycle. God is calling you to be the precursor of the new and not to be feeding the old man, his vices and vanities. 

Find the Power of God in the renunciation, in silence and in prayer. Find your freedom in what unites you with the Father so that, no matter what happens in this world, your spirit, soul, mind and heart are always a stronghold that helps others not to lose hope and to know that in the most difficult moment of life on Earth is when Heaven will open and, walking through the clouds, will descend the Son of God, bringing with Him His Kingdom to establish it within this world.

Trust that, although it is all so unknown, parts of the age-old prophecies that are still waiting to be fulfilled, will be fulfilled. 

Pray and grow in love so will your heart be ready.

Your Father and Friend, 

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Today I send My Message of peace to all of My brothers and sisters of South America, and I especially address My Words to My brothers and sisters from Venezuela and the whole adjacent region, spaces in which souls seek to survive this final battle that has just begun.

But do not fear, the triumph of love is near.

The one who lives in love will not perish.

The one who lives in love will always find the way out.

The one who acts through love will not fail.

Because the Love that I have taught you is invincible, it is capable of defeating any situation and of overcoming any obstacle.

Therefore, do not favor the oppositions; may nations not rise against one another, because humanity has suffered enough to learn that it has left the path many times and that it was always difficult for it to return to the Heart of God. 

While I am here, I am with all of the people of Venezuela, accompanying each being, each consciousness, each soul; living with each brother and sister of Mine, their suffering and their pain, their agony or their despair. However, the moment has not come yet for me to return to the Earth.

By means of My Love, may you find peace, the peace that is missing in the world and in the heart of many beings.

It is not a time to battle; it is rather a time to work with love, although evil exists and oppresses. Because the liberation of captivity is near, and the chains of evil will break to make room for the entrance of light, of victory, of the triumph of the Kingdom of God, which must express itself within each one of you, in every step, as well as in every action.

Today I am with My Shield to defend you from the forces of chaos.

Today I am with My Sword to dissipate the darkness, bringing the Power of God to Earth and the manifestation of His Will for this end of times.

May the spaces be stabilized, may the energies be balanced, may harmony express itself so that creatures may find within themselves the equilibrium that will make them perceive the need of these times and the call that the Universe proclaims loudly.

May your hearts take refuge in My Heart, may your lamentations and your pains dissolve in My Mercy, because I will be with you until the end of times to accompany you to carry this cross that will liberate you in the calvary that is the scenario of this humanity.

There will be no triumphant ones nor winners, conquerors or powerful ones.

Seek in the silence of self this key that opens all doors and transcends all times.

Bring souls toward My Heart, because it is the only place where all will be safe in these times.

The last battle will come and everything will be defined. All must be at the heights of these events; this will also be the most acute moment of humanity; a moment in which souls will define their paths and will know their next destiny, depending on what they have chosen.

But the Promised Land will arise, however small it may be, and the promise of the Kingdom of God will be fulfilled in those who have believed in the advent of the new, in all that will descend from the Universe as a spiritual treasure to enrich souls in knowledge and Truth.

I am here as the Governor of your people, as the Director of your souls, as the Shepherd of all flocks.

I grant you the gift of the inner force that you need to keep moving forward, crossing the events of these times, however difficult it may seem.

Remember that Heaven and Earth will pass, but My Word will remain in the hearts that know how to recognize it because thus they will live My Message.

Do not desist, but rather persist. Faith will double the spiritual strength that you need to walk toward a new time.

Everything will reach its end because the end also has its time and its hour.

Reinforce your commitment with the Heavenly Father and allow that He can work in the events, although His Presence is silent.

Do not fear to face the end of times; there is still a lot to go through and to live.

Although I am in retreat, I am with you and I will return to give you My last impulse; that impulse that will finally place you in the fulfillment of your task and of your mission on this planet; a mission that will make you represent Me on Earth as My apostles and as My companions, those who will be with Me under any circumstance and in an unconditional way.

I avail Myself of your sufferings to relieve the suffering of humanity. Everything I touch I transform into good and I transfigure it into light for all souls, bringing them the Love of My Heart.

From Aurora, I will give My great impulse of love for the planet in March, a moment in which My task with you will be finalizing. But this will be a very important moment because you will be able to put into practice everything that I had once told you and you will be able to do it better than what I did in past times; you just must be obedient to Me and trust.

In March, the last Fount of My Divine Mercy will open so that your spirits may finish forming in this Command that I address to you from the Universe.

Pray every day with more fervor and may the prayer spring from the heart, just as your love for Me does.

I bless you, and I give you My Peace.

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


May your woes be forgiven and may the ties be freed so that Jesus may finally reign within you with all of His Power and Majesty.

May your anguish be dissolved and your agony disappear so that Jesus may finally reign in you, with all of His Power and Majesty.

The consecration of a soul is eternal, as the consecration of the one who lives it in emptiness and humility is eternal.

For this reason, child, in this time of great tempests, confirmations, and tests, may Jesus finally reign so that He, with all of His Power and Majesty, may make of your soul an instrument of His Plan and a light in the greatest darkness.

Have courage and continue trying to live daily renunciation to all that most satisfies you and brings you gratification.

Continue the struggle, in the name of the Power of Jesus, so that from this human race New Christs may emerge, free of the prisons of life and full of the Holy Spirit.

Absolutely believe that you are in a transition that has not yet ended.

Believe that with each test and challenge you transcend, you will achieve the Plan of the Redeemer and thus participate in His Work of Mercy.

I am here to give you the impulse. I am here because I Am your Gentle Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages
Message for the Vigil of Prayer of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to Friar Elías

Dear children,

Once again I will be among you in the primordial Center of prayer of Brazil. I will be among you in the Center of prayer of Figueira.

Dear children, today, with the special devotion that My Heart radiates, I will transmit to you an instruction from Mother to child, from the universe to the disciple.

My children, God prodigiously manifests Himself in three ways for souls, for His creatures. God can manifest Himself through the spirit of His creatures and transmit His Wisdom; God can manifest Himself through the minds of His creatures to transmit His Ideas on the Plan of Love for the universe; and God can manifest Himself through the soul of His creatures to transmit His Love to all the spaces of Creation.

God is an Essence of pure, wise, and divine Love; from Him comes all the powers of Creation and manifested life. God is owed honor, glory, and praise because He achieves His greatest expression through the love and unity among creatures.

Today, dear children, I want to teach you in this time to experience a lesson of humility, because God expects your consciousnesses to mature. This lesson of humility consists in your recognizing that God has the majesty and the power to manifest Himself to His creatures in different ways, in order that souls may know Him and feel Him as the Source of Love for life on Earth.

When God recognized the offering of His faithful Servant, the Virgin Mary, there was never any intention of appropriating it, in this mystery of surrender and sacrifice. The Love of God rested in My maternal consciousness, a pure and true Love that entered My Heart to have it become immaculate.

See, My dear ones, how God acts and reveals Himself to His children with Love and Faith, because God expects humanity to attain peace through the knowledge of Divine Truth.

When a heart gives itself to the universe, God is able to manifest Himself in that creature, and then His Will is etched in that consciousness that, through faith and devotion, must accomplish it.

My little ones, I want you to see and recognize that God is Humility and Wisdom. God will never magnify His power because, if He did, it would not be God. God awakens peace for life, as a source for the spirit; faith as an essence for inner growth; unity as a principle of fraternity; and love as spiritual support for souls.

Everything is simple, dear children, who are in God will not fear to be divested of themselves to be able to be healed from the spirit. God is the Source of Love that presents itself so that all may experience this through It.

When the soul does not listen, God is unable to approach. Universal Love needs to be impregnated as light in the cells of all souls so that, in the end, you may imitate My path of surrender and trust. Because in this way, as souls, you will help in the love for God, so He may continue to manifest Himself among creatures, the Kingdoms and the world.

God is renewal, is the Spirit of life and hope. God is the concretization of inner missions for creatures. God is the Love present in the essence of all His children. God must be sought from the heart, because God is constant prayer and a refuge for the hearts that are experiencing the desert and inner thirst. God resurrects the life of the spirit in those who have lost it. God heals through His kindness and humility, because God is the Sanctified Spirit in the Celestial Universe.

God is the only Greater Good for all, because the Father of Heaven is your beginning and your end in this life. He is eternity, eternal Love.

Dear children, hold in your hearts the aspiration of the Father for being more present in them.

Thank you for responding to the Call of God!

Who thanks and blesses you, in the Light of God,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace and the Love of God


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Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more