Friday, February 23 of 2024

Weekly Messages

Welcome the peace of the Kingdom of Aurora into your heart, so that you may be a receptacle of its love and its liberation for the world.

Live within you the redemption which emanates from the Kingdom of Aurora, letting your most concrete structures be broken by the power of its light, allowing your thickest veils to be torn so your eyes may see that which must be transformed, healed and finally redeemed.

Be a witness, child, of the Grace of Aurora, which in the same way it mobilizes hearts and their most archaic structures, also shows you the love necessary to build something new.

For souls, Aurora represents the possibility of transforming the old into the new human, the one who will be the precursor of a new life and a new humanity. Aurora shows you the process, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes painful, sometimes peaceful, which must be experienced without hurrying and with patience.

Patience is a great key for this time, even though it is endangered in hearts. Patience is the science of peace, through understanding that everything in life on Earth has a process, and that process must be lived through, no matter how challenging it may be.

Aurora works on the temperance of souls so that, as they pass through the fire and the cold, just as a blacksmith does with their sword, souls come to understand that processes of pain and of peace are part of the path, and they do not get stuck either in the pain or the peace, but rather on the eternal walking of the ascension of the consciousness.

This walking will carry you to ever more inner and hidden spaces of your own consciousness, where you will finally be able to get off the eternal round of human conflicts in order to discover potentials which are hidden within you. When those potentials awaken, they move beings beyond the human condition, so they may see feelings and states of pain or peace with the same eyes, the eyes of truth, the eyes of those who know what is hidden behind the process of living.

Walk towards this goal, the goal of going beyond what you are, the goal of crossing over the obstacles and going beyond the desert, of going beyond pain or peace, comfort or suffering, just simply continue forward and persist, walking towards God and your own inner self.

With your gaze fixed on the stars, you will find that which I am telling you.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph