In the beginning, the Creator created essences, manifested souls, grouped them according to their missions and sent them off to fulfill them, beyond the dimensions, in manifested life. And the souls of God went off into this vast Cosmos, experienced and learned, often distancing from the Divine Purpose, and other times managing to fulfill the Will of their Creator.

Time passed and evolution took place. The souls of God still tread this path, as sheep that graze in the Gardens of Creation. Now, children, your Celestial Father calls all souls created by Him. His voice echoes within the valleys and upon the hills of the spirit, where souls can hear Him and with love recognize His call.

One by one, the sheep of the Great Shepherd begin to congregate; with their steps, they return to the House of the Father and inspire others to also return to His Heart.

This is the time to return to God, to again spiritually find the mission that He entrusted to you; to give Him all the fruits picked along the path so that the Father may make of them a new Nourishment.

The cycle has arrived for a new life and for a new time in which the sheep are congregated to strengthen one another for the great transition; because I tell you, My children, that it is with the love of each one of you that you will keep your balance and you will strengthen, in order to pass the trials that the planet must experience at this time.

Your souls will congregate at the Feet of God, without distinction, discovering the likeness that was hiding within you. You will discover that you are kindred in spirit and in heart. You will discover, feel and live the only divine filiation that make you fruits of the same Sacred Tree of the Creation.

It is by means of the love that will build up within you that you will receive the impulse to live the Love of God and surpass it, thus renewing the Divine Creation and giving birth to a new life, a new time and a new Plan.

I tell you this so that you may recognize that Christic Love will be born and awaken by means of the union of your hearts, souls and spirits in God. The cycle has come for you to live unity more deeply, because the Creation needs it so.


The second part of the New Prophecy

And you will see that those who say they have the power of religion in their hands will lose control of everything overnight.

Their spiritual blindness and ambition will be as great as also well known.

You will then see the sign of the end time reveal itself, a sign that will indicate the last culminating phase of the fall of the false temple.

Wailing will be heard, so similar to the wailing wall.

The ambitious will no longer have their own refuge, because the Great Spirit will have moved and will only be with the simplest. 

This will be the hour of the great test of the patriarchy because neither leaders nor nations will be able to stop it, for the Divine Will that will move with the strength of the Holy Justice will show everything.

There, not one stone will be left upon another, the false power will fight with its own ambition and the great crisis of religions will take place.

Because, as it was said, the keys will be taken away and, those,  will not be able to open the doors to enter the House of the Father.

Those who have hidden the truth and were not transparent or crystal clear as water, will soon get dirty. Their social life clothing will be torn because the wolves’skin, that was hidden under good sheep’s clothing before, will come out. 

At this hour, everyone, as a believing humanity, will have the opportunity to unite with or to separate further from the Hand of God.

Like in the blowing of a very strong wind, the structures of the temple will fall, just as the temple of the pharisees fell at the moment of the death of the Only-begotten Son at the Cross.

And more revelations will come.

The boat of the old temple will be shaken by the rage of the great seas.

A storm will fall upon the boat at the time when it will be expurgating all its evils.

There, faith will be in proof and the poor hearts of thousands of sinners will have to confirm themselves before the Law.

They will have the Grace of remaining above all, or they will have the disgrace of remaining submerged in the terrible purifying turmoil.

But in this hour of great uprisings, the Lord will send His angels to succor the one who, with a poor name, will have the foundations of the old temple shaken.

When you feel alone, I will be with you.

When you see you that life is a shipwreck, I will be with you.

When you doubt your faith, I will strengthen you.

When you feel that you are carrying such a heavy load, I will alleviate it.

When you will search for My Son, I will show Him to you and I will help you to drink from the Fountain of Mercy and of Redemption.

When you see that everything is empty, I will you with the Spirit of My Love.

When no one can help you, I will place you under My mantle and, so that with the Angels of the Heaven, you will praise God, the Fountain of Love and of Forgiveness.

When you feel happiness, My Heart will be with you.

When you feel sadness or desperation, call me because there I will be and I will place you in My arms as Jesus, to irradiate the Light of God and thus you will no longer feel alone, you will feel the maternal comfort of My Heart.

When you cultivate prayer in your heart, there will be God because the souls still are in need of Forgiveness.

When you do not find the path, clamor for My Heart and I will irradiate the Light of My eyes, so that you will walk to My Son, the Redeemer. Then you will be as the new sheep, who aspire for the guidance of the Great Shepherd and together with the hearts of all of the world, you will supplicate for redemption.

This will be the moment in which your heart will be guarded inside of the Sacred Heart because in this way you will be protected from all pain.

Now, on this day aspire to be in God and in vigil, in eternal prayer for the souls.

Believe in the power of Mercy and elevate your supplications as flowers to the Heavens, because in this way I will collect them to give with love to the Creator as an offer of a soul in redemption. And when you see again the dawn remember that is born the Light of God for each being.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My children, remember that for this important time the only one Guiding Star that illumines you, that governs you, that loves you, that conducts you to the infinite universe of God. Remember the Master of the masters. Remember in your lives the Instructor, the Pastor, the Essence of the Love of God.

My Children, love Jesus Christ, live in Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ

Dear Children, today I call you to pray for peace, the peace that is urgent in the essences and in the souls of all of My Children. Dear Children, today I invite you to serve the Creator with the heart, to donate to God with the heart and to remain in the arms of God, your Omnipresent and Eternal Father.

Dear children, little children do not fear, do not fear nothing. Embrace Jesus with your arms, feel His unfathomable and magnificent Heart of Mercy, keep your life beneath His rays and vigil in prayer for each brother and sister.

My children, if you accept to give the life, the soul and the existence to Christ:

What could you loose? What could you find in your hearts? Today I will tell you.

Dear children, your lives in Christ, in My Son, will find comfort, relief, love, and trust in God, in eternity

Dear children, as the Mother of the Divine Eternity I ask you, trust, trust in My universal and maternal call, because God only asks me that your hearts be resplendant and consecrated to the feet of the creator.

My maternal soul searchs for souls that aspire to encountner peace, forgiveness and redemption. My children, My Voice reverberates silently in your hearts for only one reason, so that you may live in Christ, waiting His celestial arrival.

In unión with all of My children, I thank you for your response during this last year.

Thank you for responding to my call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

When you open your heart to God, you will open it in love to your brothers and sisters. There you will begin to understand the science of compassion and your heart will be touched by the supreme radiance of the humility of God.

When you open your heart by means of the exercise of prayer, the darkness of confusion will fade, and in the path you will manage to see the merciful horizon of God.

When you open your heart, it will be humanity that is opened to the Will of God, the souls will see themselves as sincere and pure before the Creator, and with an immense love His Grace will be poured for all.

When you live in My Immaculate Heart, I promise you peace as a great garden of roses that will surround the beauty of your soul, because there will shine the Unific God.

When you are in the Heart of My Son, your soul will be pacified and it will live in the law of the Holy Spirit; the essence of Love and Truth will be revealed to you in life.

If humanity would open the heart to My call much pain would already have ended, peace would reign in the homes, and no child of God would have their life in danger. But still very few are those who, spontaneously, open the heart to the call of My Voice.

Many are the soldiers who must be in vigil. The Shepherd must look after His flock. Remember that all are called to constant prayer.

Today I invite you to open your hearts and let yourselves be conducted to the new maternal guidance. Whoever accepts to be My Child, will be well received in the Kingdom of Peace and, in a true act will be opened the hearts of those who still have it closed to God.

This is the essential for today: to open the heart so that the Love of My Son may reign among you.

I thank you for answering My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.

As Lady of Light, today I bring you from Heaven the redeeming love of My Son.

Dear children, may you be in Jesus, the Savior, today, may your prayer be the aid for many hearts that need My maternal help.

Dear children, today I invite you to be consciously instructed in My school of prayer and devotion so that in faith the absolute trust in the Will of God is revealed in your lives.

Dear children, yesterday I called you to pray for all the little children in the world; today I call you to pray for all humanity. My children, know that your prayer can lovingly intervene in Heaven and My Maternal Heart gathers each of the prayers to offer them to the Creator, as the love of the heart of each of His children.

Dear children, in a time of emergency I call you to be formed daily in the prayer of the heart so that through it you can be under the merciful guidance of My Son.

Today the world still needs a lot of prayer, active participation of each praying group, so that in this way My Celestial Light can fill each of My children.

As the Immaculate and Divine Mother I tell you again: through the prayer of the heart you have the ultimate decision in your hands. Run without delay to the arms of My Son; as the Good Shepherd of all flocks, He wants to lead you to conversion and forgiveness. He awaits your permission.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this mission of Peace for Rio de Janeiro.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

A soul dedicated to the life of prayer, is a heart with arms open for the new cycle. For this today I ask you to be an instrument of living prayer so that My Son manifests in the essence of your hearts.

Remember dear children that your lives should be the fountain of prayer, of a prayer that should emerge from the heart.

For this My children, live inside the Great Fountain of prayer that is My Son, so that your lives can recognize the love of the Redeemer. As sheep of the Shepherd unite your hearts to each brother and sister’s heart and maintain your hands united with each heart, because if so it was, you will be renovating the existence of love in all the world, a mercy love that is irradiated by Jesus for each heart in this Earth.

Dear children be as a fountain and that your lives do not tired of donating love, unity and hope for the times that will come.

My children turning your lives into endless fountains of prayer, you will allow that the Holy Spirit approaches to the reality of each life, lives that need the light and the love of God.

For this my Immaculate Heart tells you again, pray!, pray!, and pray! My little children!, so that all humanity receives the essence of Good and Peace.

As Queen of Peace I call you to prayer together with Me, so that your hearts may turn through prayer into roses of light for the Creator.

Today may you reflect about the importance of donating yourselves for the love of others.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Maria, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

Do not fear, do not fear for anything because My Heart knows your trials and challenges well. In spite of everything, never stop looking at Jesus because His Sacred Heart will always support you completely.

My children, believe in the power of His Merciful Rays, be participants in the absolute gift of His Redeeming Love.

Dear children, you have the great Shepherd on your side. He is the one who can hear you and accompany you from heart to Heart. My little ones, leaving behind the pain of the past, I invite you to renew yourselves through the loving fire of Jesus.

Walk towards Him because He will show you the new path to the Kingdom of the Father. Today I talk to you about the importance of living in Jesus and being in Him all the time, as much as possible.

Dear children, as a Mother allow Me to bring you close to the Great Priest of Love and Redemption so that your lives at the feet of My Son can be as the roses at the feet of the Creator. Praise the face of light of My Son and trust that everything is in its place because in this way you will recognize the Will of the Father, a will that many souls do not live.

The world lacks the true love of the heart. Dear children, I call you to imitate the love of My Son so that each heart can find relief for its own pain and the joy to keep going in the path of its own school.

Irradiate the love of Jesus at each moment and be the carriers of hope.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My children, live in perpetual alliance with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, He loves you above all things and receives you in His arms of Mercy.

Today I contemplate you from My Maternal Heart and with eyes of mercy. I tell you: do not fear, I am with you! Stay in the arms of the Redeemer because He will announce himself, alive and resplendent, in each of your hearts.

Do not fear, do not fear My little ones! God wants the best for your lives. In this moment God the Father calls you to redemption, the awakening of faith and love in the essence of all My children. For this, today I invite you to surrender each of your fears and to trust the plans of God fully.

There must be peace in the hearts of My children. For this, do not forget that My Maternal Kingdom welcomes you so that each of the souls can arrive at the Redeeming Kingdom of Love that Jesus, as a Priest and as a Shepherd, has prepared for you.

When I come to you in silence, as a Mother and as a Servant of God, it is so that your hearts recognize that I am always among you. It is important that for this time you live in a state of constant prayer because prayer will make you recognize with absolute clarity and wisdom the next true inner path to go through.

Dear children, come to Me with your arms open and staying in faith and love in My Maternal arms, I can fill you with the essence of the Love of God, a divine love that I lovingly bring from Heaven.

For this, walk with joy to the purpose because in this way you will be in God. I want to lead you each day to the peace of the heart. Rest your souls on My Maternal lap.

Courage and Hope to everyone!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Today I want to see the maternal joy of My Heart spring up in My children, because of everything God has asked Me to give you with love and devotion throughout this time.

For this, dear children, it is important that your hearts revere the Creator, My Son who will return, and the Holy Spirit, because if it were like this all of you would be inside the Great Spirit of the Holy Trinity.

My children this simple act of love and reverence will keep you stable during the new time that will come. For this, dear children, I invite you to pray with the heart because with each day of prayer your lives must deepen more into the Kingdom of the Lord.

So that each of your souls finds rest in God you only need to say “yes” to Him every day, so that His Merciful Love guides you and accompanies you, especially in this hour.

I want your lives to be participants of the Kingdom where My Immaculate Heart is. For this I talk to you today about the importance of living a life of prayer, as a service to all this humanity.

As souls it is time for you to be in the arms of My Son who, as a Good Shepherd, wants you to know the essence of Celestial Peace. Live and be participants of each one of Christ’s promises through the act of the prayer of the heart and also remembering the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount.

When My Son talked about the blissful, He was inviting you to sanctify your lives in the Lord. For this, dear children, through the example of humility and charity all of you will move towards the state of true consecration.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

As Mother of all My children in the world, today I contemplate the new time in My hands. For this, dear children, I only ask you to raise your arms to My Peace, since many suffering souls need to relieve their pain. You, dear children, the ones who have heard My call, must spread the power of the Grace which I am pouring over this city of Buenos Aires.

This is how it happens dear children, so that you know that Jesus, the Redeeming King of the Universe, loves you and contemplates you through My Maternal Love. It is time for all the groups of prayer that are consecrated to My Immaculate Heart to pray more for Peace, for true Peace which comes from My Son to all of you in this new time I am announcing,

Dear children, leave the past behind, be born again today in My arms because My Immaculate Heart loves you and knows you, It knows how much you need inner peace.

Today I invite you, My children, to be active founders of My Peace in the world and this task may be real when the groups of prayer have this celestial goal in each of their hearts.

My Son awaits you day by day so that in this new time that is coming, all your hearts adore and contemplate God through the merciful rays of Jesus, My Glorified Son. With all this, My little ones, I want to tell you that the world needs God’s forgiveness for all causes that it generates, causes that hurt Our Hearts, the Heart of Jesus and My Immaculate Heart.

To you who are more conscious of everything, I ask you to exercise as a priority the task of the prayer of the heart so that more Celestial Graces may descend from My Heart of Peace over many of My children in the world.

After all, it corresponds to that part of humanity which is more dedicated to prayer, to lovingly intervene before God so that in this way My Heart and the Merciful Heart of My Son may guide and help for the time that is about to come to this world.

Open to My call in spirit, you should only place your lives in the hands of the Only God of the Universe so that My Son starts to guide you again as He did once in this world, as a humble Shepard of Nazareth.

Dear children, may today the Light of the Face of the Father reflect in each of your lives so that in devotion you are always in His Restoring Love.

My Maternal Light to all Buenos Aires!

I thank you for everything!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

The one path of salvation: Jesus. The true and strong hope in everything: Christ. The firmness before the trials and the challenges that My children may live: Jesus Christ.

He is the Primordial Sheppard for your hearts. Christ is the lodestar that is announcing itself to the world for the second time.

For this, dear children, today I invite you to pray so that the lodestar of Christ, which is His Sacred Heart, may be among you as it was once among the apostles. Now not only your lives may be consecrated to the purpose of Christ for this time on Earth, but also each of you may in trust, be a faithful friend of Jesus.

I want, My children, that you may learn to love through the example of humility that Christ expressed when He lived in the world and shared His prodigies and teachings of love with Me, His Mother. As on the Cross, until the last moment, He contemplated the misery of humanity through His Infinite and Divine Mercy.

Dear children, I want to make you learn that through the daily act of prayer and aspiration to stay always in Jesus, this will help you transcend the human limits that in many children prevent taking the steps to the Eternal God.

You are still in the last time of Grace, for this I call you so that through sincere prayer you intercede for all the children who are far from God and even more, for all those who do not want to listen to this Servant of God who comes again to the world to give you forgiveness, salvation and aid at the end of this time.

For this, dear children through daily prayer your little consciousnesses prepare themselves for the new times, where faith and love in My Son will be the keys for the great salvation.

It is time, little children, for all to run to the Fountain of the Mercy of Jesus and that your hearts place themselves under the eternal rays of reparation and of forgiveness. For this, as Mother of Graces, I illuminate your path so that you walk through the right path towards the Savior.

I count on all your prayers. I bring you all in My Maternal Heart.

Thank you for answering My call.

Peace for all My little ones.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

The triumph of My Immaculate Heart may happen through the immediate answer of all My blessed children in the world.

The triumph of My Heart is the presence of God the Father in the life of each soul. It is the reunion promised by My Son, it is the coming Kingdom on the face of the Earth.

My Immaculate Heart, dear children, is the Fountain of Graces that, through time, I have poured for love of My children.

Now, My children, I invite you to make My Immaculate Heart triumph through the constant exercise of the prayer from the heart, as in all works of charity and service to your neighbor.

Dear children, the purpose of God for each one of His little creatures is immense; for this, I call you all to witness the presence and the coming of Christ upon the hearts. And this will happen when each soul of this humanity accepts to enter the true and only Kingdom of God.

Because of this, dear children, the task in the groups of prayer will be more constant, because each one of you must be, in prayer, as a sentinel, who guards and protects God’s calling.

For all this and for the aid of humanity, the presence of My Immaculate Heart is here, because through the triumph of God’s Divine Heart in Mary, I may bring you to My Son’s arms, the beloved Sheppard of Forgiveness who awaits you in prayer and in communion from the Heavens.

Dear children, to be a Marian soldier of prayer, it is enough to say yes and keep accompanying in the purpose of answering the Divine call. In this path of service and donation to God’s Will, your hearts will consecrate themselves to My Heart and the triumph of the Plan of Peace will be unique for the world.

Thank you for answering My call.

Peace, only Peace for this time.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children,

May your hearts sing and praise the Redeemer today because He is revived in each of your lives. Live the joy of the Glory of God and quench the thirst of all souls with the prayer of the heart.

Dear children open your arms to hold My Immaculate Peace and spread the spirit of collaboration between hearts, in this way My children your hearts will live the charity of My Son. May today be a meeting of prayer, of love and of joy, because My Son comes to each one of you so that you may live Him and love Him in fraternity.

For this My dears may a fountain of gratitude spring from you today because God sent Our Hearts so that the world may be registered for salvation.

Dear children free your hearts from all sadness and live in peace this new meeting with the Infinite Heart of Jesus.  Open the doors of your homes and welcome the Shepherd, so that your little hearts may be redeemed. Then, you will truly be in My Son and you will not forget that He awaits you daily, so that you may adore Him and contemplate Him with the heart.

My children your lives are today communing with a Great Heart of Love that must rest on each one of you. This Great Heart of Love is called Jesus, My Almighty Son who brings you peace and love.

For this the fountain of prayer that your hearts generate day by day will relieve the pain of the world because Our Hearts may intercede for all of humanity before the Most Beloved Father.

Live the joy of the Resurrection and celebrate, because My Son wants to be in your lives!

Thank you for answering My call.

Eternal Light for the world,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My children:

Bless Christ in your prayers, because next month you will be, as a humanity, preparing the coming of Easter.  Celebrate with joy the mystery of the Passion that My Son offered for love to the world.

For this dear children, may this coming Easter be a prayer meeting between your hearts and your lives so that you can accompany the sheep’s Sheppard to the Merciful Face of the Father.

May this Easter prepare your hearts in prayer so that the world, once more, receives the Grace of forgiveness.  Dear children, the Easter during the coming month must lead you to reflection and meditation upon the mysteries of surrender that Christ has made to humanity.  Each episode of Jesus prepares you for the times that is coming and this will strengthen, in your hearts, the union with My Son.

For this My children, you must prepare your dwellings so that Christ can share His Good News in the Last Supper, which all are invited to witness.  Dear children, this path to Easter will allow you to remember how important is the confession of each of you with My Son, so that you may come to the table of My son with purity and love.

Beloved children, the path of Easter prepares you as souls to live in Christ day by day.  This is why My little ones, Easter allows you to grow as hearts and souls before the Mercy of the Redeemer.

Allow, little children, to be led to the experience of Easter during this year of the end of times, so that your hearts may renew the vows that many souls have made to Christ.  But all My children must know that the mystery of the Easter of Christ is the real reason to reconcile with the Celestial Father.  For this, dear children, as humanity needs a great source of Mercy, I ask you to pray with the heart and that you live each one of the mysteries that My Son witnessed out of love for you.

Be real sources of gratitude, because My Heart, for this Easter, wants to take you to the Divine Heart of My Son.

Thank you for answering My call.

Peace in your lives.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


My children:

Today I invite you again to the adoration of My Son, in each one of your prayers as well as in the exercise of contemplation of the Merciful Christ. Raise your eyes towards the Heart of My Son so that your hearts may live the announcement of the new redemption.  In this way, My dear children, through this exercise you will be preparing your hearts for when He returns in silence.  Your souls as lambs in the flock of the Shepherd should walk in confidence, through the state of prayer as well as in the state of adoration.

Dear children: you will not only be raising your hearts a little more through adoration, but you will also be raising the feeling and the thought of humanity that lives without My Son.

For this Easter that is approaching, I invite you to embrace My Son and just as at the doors of Jerusalem, I invite you to receive the Redeemer Messiah.  With this Easter mystery in your lives, you will be able to live the sublime presence of His Most Blessed Heart, because without My Son you will not be able to truly see what God has for each one of you.

Beloved children: it is only through My Son that you will be able to direct your feet towards the Heavens, so that the soul may find a safe place to go back to.

Dear children: in this preparation for the adoration your hearts will be free from the burden of life that they carry and thus, My children, will shine from the presence of the Redeemer.  For this, dear children, it is important to open yourselves up in order to live the true mysteries of contemplation that Christ left as a learning.

Now the time has come for all hearts to be prepared and so that they do not waste time without being in My Son.  Keep in your lives the mystery of the Love that Christ now brings you, through His Mercy, for the whole world.  Live in Him and live for Him, because soon you will understand everything.

Thank you for answering My call.

Love and Light for the hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

If you have eyes to see Me in your brothers and sisters, if you have ears to hear Me in your brothers and sisters, if you feel My Love radiate through your brothers and sisters, why do you doubt I am here?

My Omnipresence is unknown to the world. My Omnipotence has not yet been fully revealed to humanity. 

I am present and silent in all places where two or more gather in My Name, to recognize Me and call Me as Shepherd of souls.

I contemplate, I accompany and I pray for each one of the inner situations of My apostles, in the same way that I prayed for the apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane.

I see and I observe all the needs. I take into My Heart all the situations of life.

Receive, then, My absolution on this blessed day so that, from My Love and My Compassion, you may learn to live. In this way, you will have the courage to face your own miseries without defiance, and without rejecting them or denying them. You must transform them with the patience that faith gives you and the wisdom that love gives you.

Continue, every day, to live the path of redemption for Me, your faithful Friend.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


In the silence of the heart, your Master and Shephard is finalizing His daily journey of being with you but, in the Omnipresence of My Father, I will continue being with you until the end of times.

The moment has come for My last apostles to give testimony of My Word; that they let the power of My Love be known, that they give sacraments, confess and forgive in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The moment has come that My Church on the entire Earth will become purified and restored. For this moment and event, I have prepared you, up until now.

So go, and do all that I have taught you. Be the living Love of My Heart wherever you go. Be compassion, truth and purity. Fulfill the designs of the Lord. Build again the bases of My Heavenly Church within the hearts for the souls that were profaned and abused by My Church, not to feel pain, fear nor resistance; that all of them may recover their faith and their inner contact with Me.

Lucky will be those who at this last time will have followed and listened to My Messages daily.

Unhappy will be those who did not give importance to My Messages because they will not have the tools to cross the end of times.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is wasted. The Word of the Lord is blessed and merciful.

Now is the time to live the apostleship of the Lord.

I thank you for keeping My Words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master Jesus Christ


Although My adversary, like a wolf, may agitate My sheep, remain united with the great Heart of your Shepherd. 

Although great storms may come toward you, remain united with the great Heart of your Shepherd.

Do not seek to run away from difficulties or struggles, because they will find you.

Assume that, in this cycle, the time has come, just as it came to the apostles, of testifying that My Presence is real.

Thus, be attentive and vigilant so that nothing else beyond your possibilities may surprise you.

Allow My light to shine within you during this time of darkness.

Let me transform and break within you what I need to break, so that your spirits may learn to be as brave as I was up to the height of the Cross.

I do not want nor need you to look like Me. I aspire that you be the same as what I Am, in truth, in love and in compassion.

I leave all this in writing so that you not think differently, so that you not believe that I am expecting something different from you.

As sheep among wolves, the time will come to defend the Work of your Shepherd, from all who will want to destroy it.   

Are you willing to follow me?

Everything will be only but a few seconds, and then you will know the Glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Do not be afraid of dying for Me, because I will always be with you until the end of times.

I thank you for responding to My call and for keeping My Words in the heart of each disciple!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Run and quickly enter into the Sacred Temple of My Heart.

My church on Earth is going through its first and great tempest. The sepulchers hidden for decades are being opened to reveal the Truth.

I have told you, once, that stone will not remain upon stone and many of Mine think that it is only an allegory.

My priests in the world are being judged and some are taken to prison. The consecrated life is the preamble of the prelude of the great attacks of My adversary.

Therefore, you must run and quickly enter into the Sacred Temple of My Heart.

My Eyes can no longer see so much discord in the world.

My Heart can no longer bear so much shame in others.

And even though from the Garden of Gethsemane I already knew this would happen, My flocks are dispersed and still do not know how to strengthen unity so that the Shepherd may guide them.

I still count with the fingers of My Hands those who truly want to be in Me.

This is the time, My child,, to see incredible situations and realities; but it is also the time of Grace for those who know how to knock and call on the correct door.

I must still look with neutrality at the events that happen, day to day, in humanity and especially in the consecrated life.

My Mother asked Me that, for Her Love, I not apply the Law of Justice.

The cup was full before, but now it is overflowing,  and the time of peace is coming to an end.

Therefore, run and quickly enter into the Sacred Temple of My Heart, because while, deceits and manipulations will continue coming to the light, and once again, there will not remain stone upon stone.

I am ashamed to see the religious life so disorderly in the entire world. In some cases, I ceased to be the spiritual model so that the modernities would be so.

The adversary, with all its fury, is taking revenge on My servants and I am still waiting for the exact moment of lifting My Sword  to unleash the great and last final time.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.