Friday, September 13 of 2019

Monthly messages

In the beginning, the Creator created essences, manifested souls, grouped them according to their missions and sent them off to fulfill them, beyond the dimensions, in manifested life. And the souls of God went off into this vast Cosmos, experienced and learned, often distancing from the Divine Purpose, and other times managing to fulfill the Will of their Creator.

Time passed and evolution took place. The souls of God still tread this path, as sheep that graze in the Gardens of Creation. Now, children, your Celestial Father calls all souls created by Him. His voice echoes within the valleys and upon the hills of the spirit, where souls can hear Him and with love recognize His call.

One by one, the sheep of the Great Shepherd begin to congregate; with their steps, they return to the House of the Father and inspire others to also return to His Heart.

This is the time to return to God, to again spiritually find the mission that He entrusted to you; to give Him all the fruits picked along the path so that the Father may make of them a new Nourishment.

The cycle has arrived for a new life and for a new time in which the sheep are congregated to strengthen one another for the great transition; because I tell you, My children, that it is with the love of each one of you that you will keep your balance and you will strengthen, in order to pass the trials that the planet must experience at this time.

Your souls will congregate at the Feet of God, without distinction, discovering the likeness that was hiding within you. You will discover that you are kindred in spirit and in heart. You will discover, feel and live the only divine filiation that make you fruits of the same Sacred Tree of the Creation.

It is by means of the love that will build up within you that you will receive the impulse to live the Love of God and surpass it, thus renewing the Divine Creation and giving birth to a new life, a new time and a new Plan.

I tell you this so that you may recognize that Christic Love will be born and awaken by means of the union of your hearts, souls and spirits in God. The cycle has come for you to live unity more deeply, because the Creation needs it so.

May the veils that separated the children of God from one another begin to fall, and may human beings perceive that differences are just expressions of the path that each soul has trodden, the way it is understood to fulfill their mission and live the Will of the Father, although so many times they became lost and were confounded by the stimuli of the world.

Now that everyone has learned enough to know that only love will allow you to return to the Father, it is time to live this love.

The planet agonizes, My children, due to the lack of love and Peace in the human hearts, and it is simply by recognizing yourselves as brothers and sisters, and by loving one another with the truth of your hearts, that you will be able to transform this, heal this agony and repair the wounded heart of this Earth.

Unity will make you free and will liberate this world; it will lead you to expand love by means of the prayer and service that will be born from your spirits.

Allow yourselves to be inspired by My words and by My Presence. Little by little, silently, I help you along this path of return to the Heart of God.

I love you, bless you and thank you for responding to My call!


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace