Each day, hold within your heart each small or large understanding, each key that the Creator gives you so that you may open doors and deeper chambers within yourself.

Be like a heart that cultivates all the impulses that it receives and thus builds the gardens of your own redemption.

Into these gardens, child, many souls will come, poor and empty, to be inspired by the perfume of your flowers, to remember their own inner beauty by means of the beauty and the expression of the flowers of redemption, cultivated by you with love.

Know, in this way, how great the service is of the one who, in spite of difficulties within themselves, continues to go deeper, continues offering to God their own surrender.

Great is the service of those who walk, even in the void, of those who seek God in solitude and who remain standing, simply through the certainty of His silent and hidden Presence.

In your heart, take each small and great sign and open a deeper door within yourself. If you understand something, meditate upon that and enter there with all that you are. Love unravelling your own mysteries, because it will be in this search for the unknown and deep universe that is within you that one day you will know the true dweller of your heart.

And as it is said in the sacred books, the Truth shall set you free, child, because the Truth is the unity with God, beyond errors, beyond paths, beyond illusions. But it is not enough that I tell you all these things. The Truth will make you free when you experience meeting with it in your own heart.

For this reason, go on more profoundly.

Do not get tired of searching, even if it is in darkness. Do not get tired of continuing onward and of cultivating the seeds of the divine impulses within your heart. Be a gardener of the new time.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In the beginning, the Creator created essences, manifested souls, grouped them according to their missions and sent them off to fulfill them, beyond the dimensions, in manifested life. And the souls of God went off into this vast Cosmos, experienced and learned, often distancing from the Divine Purpose, and other times managing to fulfill the Will of their Creator.

Time passed and evolution took place. The souls of God still tread this path, as sheep that graze in the Gardens of Creation. Now, children, your Celestial Father calls all souls created by Him. His voice echoes within the valleys and upon the hills of the spirit, where souls can hear Him and with love recognize His call.

One by one, the sheep of the Great Shepherd begin to congregate; with their steps, they return to the House of the Father and inspire others to also return to His Heart.

This is the time to return to God, to again spiritually find the mission that He entrusted to you; to give Him all the fruits picked along the path so that the Father may make of them a new Nourishment.

The cycle has arrived for a new life and for a new time in which the sheep are congregated to strengthen one another for the great transition; because I tell you, My children, that it is with the love of each one of you that you will keep your balance and you will strengthen, in order to pass the trials that the planet must experience at this time.

Your souls will congregate at the Feet of God, without distinction, discovering the likeness that was hiding within you. You will discover that you are kindred in spirit and in heart. You will discover, feel and live the only divine filiation that make you fruits of the same Sacred Tree of the Creation.

It is by means of the love that will build up within you that you will receive the impulse to live the Love of God and surpass it, thus renewing the Divine Creation and giving birth to a new life, a new time and a new Plan.

I tell you this so that you may recognize that Christic Love will be born and awaken by means of the union of your hearts, souls and spirits in God. The cycle has come for you to live unity more deeply, because the Creation needs it so.

May the veils that separated the children of God from one another begin to fall, and may human beings perceive that differences are just expressions of the path that each soul has trodden, the way it is understood to fulfill their mission and live the Will of the Father, although so many times they became lost and were confounded by the stimuli of the world.

Now that everyone has learned enough to know that only love will allow you to return to the Father, it is time to live this love.

The planet agonizes, My children, due to the lack of love and Peace in the human hearts, and it is simply by recognizing yourselves as brothers and sisters, and by loving one another with the truth of your hearts, that you will be able to transform this, heal this agony and repair the wounded heart of this Earth.

Unity will make you free and will liberate this world; it will lead you to expand love by means of the prayer and service that will be born from your spirits.

Allow yourselves to be inspired by My words and by My Presence. Little by little, silently, I help you along this path of return to the Heart of God.

I love you, bless you and thank you for responding to My call!


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace




Dear children,

When the inner gardens that were on the verge of drying up are watered by the water of the Love of My Heart, everything blossoms again.

Now that you have learned, through example, to look after and protect the Work of God, I need, dear children, for you to take your positions so that the currents of the Universe that will arrive may be correctly guided through the impulses that I bring to you.

Because of this, dear children, in this time, each step that is taken in the maturing and in the consciousness of everyone, helps the Plan of the Creator to manifest in a greater number of hearts that heretofore were not aware of their true mission.

The moment has come, in this time, for your hearts to be the ones to re-open the doors to all the universal impulses that will come.

Because of this, the Work of God is designed in the most simple, in those hearts that open their inner beings to recognize the instruction in the word of life.

Thus, dear children, it is by means of the sacred word that My Heart comes to guide you so that each step you take may be permeated by the purest love of the heart.

On this day, I come to awaken your inner interest for the Plan of the Father, and for you to decisively form part of the army which you are invited to join.

In your hearts is the consciousness and the path, in your souls exists the union with God, I simply invite you to seek it.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Children, may this new cycle be the birth of new fruits in the consciousnesses of all, to see these fruits grow and mature over time, and from them, may new seeds emerge.

The fruits that were born in the consciousnesses represent the result of the action of grace in your lives. Until today, you have received much, as impulses, instructions, graces and blessings, so that with perseverance and inner peace, you may be prepared to go through the times that have come. 

This new cycle will be marked by the birth and maturing of these fruits, for which each one must be responsible. This means, children, that you must care for the garden of consciousness with your own hands and prepare, for the new time, the seeds that you will plant in the soil of the Earth.

This cycle will demand more effort and dedication from each one of you for your own maturation. It will be the moment in which the consciousness must be confirmed on this path and make its own personal effort to remain on it.

Up until now, we have been supporting and giving impulses to many of those who committed themselves to Christ, but who had still not matured, within themselves, their own potential to take steps in their evolution and stand on their own feet, in their own inner fortitude.

Therefore, the time has come for disciples to recognize the truth about themselves in every sense: may you face that which must be transformed and sustain yourselves through your own potential for inner maturation. It will be a transition between spiritual adolescence and adult life when the consciousness becomes responsible for itself.

Those that will wake up at the last minute will also be led - by grace - to take their own steps and enter the same cycles of those who, for some time, have walked on the evolutionary path. I speak to you of an inner maturity, in the consciousness, and not in the material bodies, because matter will always need to be trained to express its inner world.

Children, care for this cycle as if it were the last, taking advantage of each day and each instant to find the Truth and express it. May the conscious effort of all to be more and more in the Divine Purpose be permanent. 

After this cycle, in the cycles to come, it will be time to put into practice what you have learned, for the currents that will descend on the planet will no longer wait for you to be ready for them to act upon the planetary consciousness. These currents will sweep away those who are tepid of heart, undecided and outside the Greater Purpose.

May this cycle be marked by the effort of each being. May all assume their posts, and just like a young person leaves their home to take up their own life, may each one take up their own transformation, their own surrender, the building of that which you truly hope to be able to offer to Christ one day.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

I am Holy Mary of the Rosebush, for in My garden I cause all life to bloom and essences are reborn to their sacred task.

I am Holy Mary of the Rosebush, because, in My garden, I renew all things, and souls receive the Grace of being with Me.

I cause your hearts to sprout again, just as I cause the roses of My garden to sprout again so that all devotion is directed to the Creator.

I am Holy Mary of the Rosebush, and I take care of each detail, of each flower that is born in praise to God.

I am Holy Mary of the Rosebush, and I guide all consciousnesses that always pray with Me so that, in this way, they may express their inner beauty.

I am Holy Mary of the Rosebush, and I follow each step taken by My children, which is a beautiful rose that is offered at the altars of God to confirm the triumph of His Will.

I am Holy Mary of the Rosebush, and I protect My children from all adversity. I do not let anything bad approach while within them only the path and the school of prayer exist.

I am Holy Mary of the Rosebush and I present all your intentions before God so that in this way the Father pours out His Graces upon all His children.

I am Holy Mary of the Rosebush, and from all the disciples of Christ I expect a profound living of the redeeming Love of Jesus.

I am Holy Mary of the Rosebush, and in My care lies all the souls that wait for Me.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Rosebush


Blossom in the gardens of the Creation, as well as God makes a wide garden of small and great flowers blossom before your eyes.

Bring to the world the time of the eternal spring in which each being can express the best that there is within themselves and, in this way, offer to God what belongs to Him and that has been given to humanity, in order that you could give life and shape to the Divine Thought with perfection.

Let the Gardeners of the Universe, who are coming to you with divine clothing, cultivate in your inner world that which is perfect and that you do not know, because it is still a small seed that your eyes cannot see.

May the principles of God, in the interior of humanity, grow and bear flowers and fruit, in order to sow in other hearts the universal life, the perfection of God and the eternal obedience to His Laws.

Those who, in the simplicity of My words, find the grandest mysteries, will be joyful and will be called blessed in the Kingdom of God, because they will have fulfilled His Plan of Love.

I bless you today and forever.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


 Where to seek the essence of humility? In the midst of human degeneration, where to find the purity and the simplicity that God expects from His creatures?

When we say: “Be humble”, the hearts ask themselves: How?

Humility is born from the love for others and for God; from the reverence that emerges from this love, because the heart that loves recognizes the sacred and the divine essence present in each thing.

The human beings have lost the reference of the sacred and trivialize the greatness of the Creation for the arrogance and the ignorance that have impregnated the heart of humans.

To return to the sacred is like entering into a universe almost completely unknown to you and, by trying to seek it and live it, many feel that they are fantasizing or living something that does not correspond to their reality in this world.

But today I tell you, dear companions, that you feel all that because your cells are so impregnated with the obscurity of the world and humanity is so separated from God that, as I already told you, this path of transformation is for the brave of spirit.

It will be necessary to overcome the world and, above all, to overcome yourselves.  Ask to your souls and your spirits to teach you to live in the sacred and to help you to find the path to live the attribute of reverence.

Humility can only be found when the consciousness is capable of recognizing the presence of God in every being, and feeling like this, you will act offering to others always the best.  What will not God deserve inside the other?

As an exercise of humility, seek to find the Creator in all things and in everything seek the best: the best attribute that expresses a brother or a sister, a kingdom of nature or any expression of the Creation.

Do not seek in the fellow human, the miseries, in order to rejoice to be better than the others.  Seek in the others that attribute that you still have not achieved.  Find the Creator in His Creatures and love them just as if you had God Himself before your eyes.  Serve this God, deliver the best to Him and, by doing like this, in the essence of simplicity, you will find open doors to humility, to reverence and to love, and little by little, you will banish from the interior, the old human, that only seeks to establish their own kingdom, the achievement of vantages and the security of being better than the others.

With simple keys for the human consciousness, those who may overcome their pride and may try to follow what I tell you will flourish in the gardens of the Creation as a flower that expresses the principles of God.

May peace and humility be living essences in the human heart.

Saint Joseph, the Tireless Servant of God

Monthly Messages

The flowers of light that are born in My Sacred Garden are diverse, but all together emanate the same aroma of prayer.  My celestial rays water the flowers of the garden every day so that they, on their own, may reach the expression of their inner beauty.

In My Garden the roses are a beautiful present for the Altars of God, each one of them has its time to be harvested and after be taken in My basket of gold to the Thrones of God.

These precious and diverse flowers from Heaven are the sublime expression of the souls that pray every day with Me and that, as in the earthly life are transformed step by step.

Today I wish that you be new flowers in My Sacred Garden, that you may beautify life upon the Earth through your love and your prayer; it will help that most of the flowers that die on Earth may blossom again as seeds in the stable of Your Lord, Jesus.

Dear children, in this way is expressed My Mystical Rose.  My Light profoundly springs from the Immaculate Heart in order to transform and convert in love the souls that have fallen.

Think, dear children, about the possibility that you may spiritually materialize this aspiration of Mine, that you may be beautiful flowers at the feet of the Creator; in this way your lives may be guided by new laws and that which to you seems not transformable, the Holy Spirit of God will transform.

Beloved children, encourage yourselves to live in the new; seek in your sincere prayer the Divine Life, that is the Life of Heaven, the path of holiness and of service.  Be holy in life, proclaim the greatness of God in all things; in this way you will help that all be renewed and many of your brothers and sisters may find hope again.

Beloved children, the Lord of the Universe observes you and accompanies you every day of your lives; only seek the one and true union with the Eternal Father. He waits for His servants to give Him the fruits collected from the great harvest of the end of the times.

I am still here among your hearts, because there is still much that heals and that scars; it is time to place your beings under the healing rays of Christ, so that My Son may exorcise and transform you in precious seeds of light, ready to be sown as groups of prayer upon the surface of the Earth.

After so many precious instructions that the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph have poured, today I announce to you that this will be the last message that I will give to you for the Prayer Vigils.  Now I need for you to meditate, in the beginning of each new vigil, about the Daily Messages that I have given to the world; in them are deposited important keys for the conversion of the world and to be able to establish peace.

The Daily Messages, beginning in the next Prayer Vigil, will be those that will open your hearts month after month and will be the ones that will prepare your inner beings for the exercise of prayer for peace in the nations.

This does not mean, dear children, that I Am withdrawing Myself; God needs that you wake up to the reality that all have lived with Me since the last trip to Medjugorje in the year of 2011.

Dear children, I leave you My Eternal Peace, I love you and I bless you always!

Mary, Lady of the Sacred Figueira


The Parable of the Roses 

You are the roses and I Am the gardener.  I wait for your flowers of life to be between My Hands so that as unique and precious bouquets you may be able to be placed at the feet of the Altar of God.

All of the roses are watered with the same Water, Water that flows from the source that comes from My Heart.  For this, if the most closed roses open themselves to Me as they do to the rays of Sun, from them will be born good and harmonious aromas of the Creation.

There are gardens all over the Earth, gardens of souls and of hearts that form part of the project of God, but all of the gardens must be trimmed by the hands of the wise Gardener.  If the necessary care in the gardens of the Lord does not occur, the roses and the flowers may get dry and disappear.

For this, all of the flowers of the gardens of the Earth must nourish themselves with the Water of Life and must not seek inner nourishment in other sources that are dry.   Since the beginning, there exists one only Source that will always provide you with wisdom and peace.

Be precious roses between My Hands.  If you love with the heart your beings will be more beautiful than the rainbows that cross all the Earth.  Allow yourselves to be cultivated in the celestial gardens.  There, no other hidden gardener will cut off the root that originally unites you with My Heart.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in the garden of My Heart!

Christ Jesus


When you open your hearts to God, you will open them in love to your brothers and sisters. There you will begin to understand the science of compassion and your hearts will be touched by the supreme radiance of the Humility of God.

When you open your hearts by means of the exercise of prayer, the darkness of confusion will fade, and on the path you will manage to see the Merciful Horizon of God.

When you open your hearts, it will be humanity that will open itself to the Will of God. Souls will find themselves sincere and pure before the Creator, and with an Immense Love, His Grace will be poured over all.

When you live in My Immaculate Heart, I promise you that peace will surround the beauty of your souls as an extensive garden of roses because there will shine the One and Only God.

When you are in the Heart of My Son, your souls will be pacified and will live in the Law of the Holy Spirit; the essence of love and truth will be revealed to you in life.

If humanity opened the heart to My call, much pain would already have ended, peace would reign in the homes and no child of God would have their life in danger. But still very few are those who, spontaneously, open the heart to the call of My voice.

Many are the soldiers who must be in vigil. The Shepherd must look after His flock. Remember that everyone is called to constant prayer.

Today I invite you to open your hearts and let yourselves be conducted by the new maternal guidance. Whoever accepts to be My child will be well received in the Kingdom of Peace and, in a true act, the hearts of those who still have it closed to God will be opened.

This is what is essential for today: to open the heart so that the Love of My Son may reign among you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

Today, once more, in My spiritual visit to Medjugorje I ask that you recognize the presence of My Peace in your hearts. My Love wants to convert your souls into a garden of roses and into an inexhaustible fountain of peace.

My children, by accepting this call from My Maternal Heart, pain will no longer exist in you so that in this way the Love of the Redeemer may be born again.

Dear children, I want your consciousnesses to not complain anymore about the difficulties and the tests of life. I invite you to remain in My Maternal arms so that you may walk in sacrifice.

My little ones, the world is carrying so much pain. For this reason you must be true emanations of My Peace upon the face of the Earth.

Dear children, in order to correct the past, the tests and the pains, you must surrender your lives into the Hands of the Creator. In this way, in the name of all those who do not pray, do not adore and do not love God, you will be making an important surrender of your hearts to the Most High.

Walk in this time under the Bravery and Love of Christ be- cause your missionary hearts must now give everything for humanity.

Smile to the life that God has given you with so much love; be thankful from the heart and serve, in peace, those in most need through prayer and the service of the heart. In this way the towers of peace will rise from the Light of your hearts.

I thank you for living My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


As the Lady of the Roses I want to bring you to My celestial garden so that all souls, gathered as roses, may be able to stay in the promised paradise of the Lord.

Dear children, these promises are beautiful but today I invite you to the conversion of your lives, to forgiveness of the past and to the reconciliation of your hearts with each one of your fellow humans. Remember, My children, that in each brother and sister, Christ, My Resurrected Son, is to be found. Therefore, I invite you to be responsive to the Kingdom of Peace so that it may be present in each one of My children.

Do not fear for that which still does not change in the world. The prayer of the heart is necessary to find the Light of the Father.

Little children, run as pure essences to the feet of the Creator, because if this gesture is sincere through the offering of prayer, the Omnipotent Lord will fill you with His Infinite Repairing Graces.

Today I observe you and place you inside the Celestial Kingdom. I place the entire great humanity that does not want to change by accepting the Plans of God because it lives its own decision of life, inside the Celestial Kingdom of prayer so that with My custodian angels We may pray for the salvation and redemption of all My children.

My children, it is up to all of you to respond to the requests pronounced by Our God in each one of your hearts. I want to make you grow from the heart so that many of My children may be able to imitate this simple path of consecration to the Most Holy Heart of Jesus.

It is time to repair the great causes that have distanced the souls from God. I come here to each one of you as a Mediator and Mother of Jesus, the Redeemer, your Savior.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


My Celestial Immaculate Heart guides you and illuminates your long and extensive path in this world.

Dear children,

With supreme reverence, remain during this whole blessed day of the Lord in the infinite essence of gratitude. If today your hearts feel a sincere gratitude, My Maternal Heart will be able to help you, as humanity, a while longer.

Your world is in need of immense and inexhaustible Mercy. For this reason, My children, open your eyes and see My Son Jesus before you. Christ expects that, without waiting and without delay, your little hearts approach Him so that your lives may be able to recognize the greatness of His Redeeming Love.

My little children, this is a reason for you to enter in trust into the true universe of prayer, which you must build day by day in your hearts and in the hearts of all My children.

As the world waits for Mercy, the Mercy of God, through Christ My Son, I invite you to become conscious of your life here on Earth and how much it is collaborating with the Plans of God, in surrender and in love.

My children, My Marian mission is to warn you that these are not normal times; it is time to pray with all the fervor of the heart in order to thus be able to be worthy of the coming of the High Priest of Love, of Jesus your Savior.

Little children, if your hearts pray and your thoughts are calmed in My Maternal Presence, as Mother of all I will be able to graciously bring you close to the presence of the Divine Heart of Jesus. Your lives must be as the expression of the roses in a celestial garden, because thus you will become worthy of receiving the beauty of the Love of God in each one of your lives.

As a mediator before God, today I bring you, dear children, the urgent call to prayer and to reflection, so that in a conscious way you may be able to serve all in the name of My Eternal Peace.

My voice announces itself to each one of your hearts; I am here because I love you and I guide you.

Be like Jesus, imitate the path of meekness and humility.

Let us pray, only pray.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


In truth I tell you, dearest children, that whoever remains under the Light of My Immaculate Heart will always be able

to be guided, as long as you remember that you must be loving, helpful and compassionate with your fellow humans so that My Plans of Peace may be fulfilled in all nations of the Earth.

This is why, My children, today I invite you to be an active part of the power of prayer so that your lives may be a principle of Creation in the Hands of God and the sound of love that is born from His Voice.

It is important, dear children, to be what God wants you to be in this time. As instruments of the Father, carry My Peace today because there are many who still do not have it and need it. You will be potential roses in My garden only when you unite to Me in the prayer of the heart. Thus you will radiate to the world the Light that it needs in these times of changes.

Dear children, correspond to what God asks of you today: to be true children of God in the prayer of the heart and in peace because in this way you will be helping the inner harmony that many of My children need.

The Kingdom of My Peace wants to dwell in the lives of all, but I still find places that are not filled with My Maternal Love. Therefore today I invite you to be empty, empty as was My Son Jesus at the moment of carrying the cross and reaching the Calvary.

Imitate Jesus in the simple examples so that your lives may find the path of humility that all humanity should travel before the throne of God.

The Source of Love is springing up in the name of the Father through My Maternal Immaculate Heart so that you may rec- ognize that I love you and that I accompany you as the Lady of Eternal Graces.

I thank you for corresponding to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


I will be in your heart when you allow Me to live in it. I will be your Blessed Mother when in trust you walk through My garden of roses.

I promise many Graces to the hearts when they are in absolute faith.

The conversion of life begins with the giving of the heart and the spirit. This allows you to discover silence to then find the new and the good that comes from the Lord.

Whoever waits in faith, resumes the path towards the Heavens because the spirit that prays to the Creator Father finds the favorite refuge within the Heart of My Son.

It is time to open the ears to hear the call that God sends you through the presence of My Maternal Heart.

Dear children, today I ask you to make your hearts become like pure water and to convert them so that they may be as beautiful as the nature created by God, the Source of Love and Compassion.

Be responsive to the requests of praying for the conversion of this humanity so that the Kingdom of Grace may permeate all hearts. It is time to repair the heart and the life of many of My children who, remaining distant from God, are deviated from the path of the aspiration to find the Redeeming Kingdom of Christ, the path of salvation.

Dear children, My voice will not tire of saying that you must change before the time that will come for the world; that you must confess daily with My Son and that you must fulfill the act of reconciliation through the Sacred Communion with His Heart of Peace. If you could have these exercises as fundamen- tal, the world would be able to reach some more time of peace.

You must have each one of these acts as something precious and practice them in the name of all those children who do not do so.

I thank you for your response!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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