Tuesday, September 18 of 2012

Daily messages

When you open your heart to God, you will open it in love to your brothers and sisters. There you will begin to understand the science of compassion and your heart will be touched by the supreme radiance of the humility of God.

When you open your heart by means of the exercise of prayer, the darkness of confusion will fade, and in the path you will manage to see the merciful horizon of God.

When you open your heart, it will be humanity that is opened to the Will of God, the souls will see themselves as sincere and pure before the Creator, and with an immense love His Grace will be poured for all.

When you live in My Immaculate Heart, I promise you peace as a great garden of roses that will surround the beauty of your soul, because there will shine the Unific God.

When you are in the Heart of My Son, your soul will be pacified and it will live in the law of the Holy Spirit; the essence of Love and Truth will be revealed to you in life.

If humanity would open the heart to My call much pain would already have ended, peace would reign in the homes, and no child of God would have their life in danger. But still very few are those who, spontaneously, open the heart to the call of My Voice.

Many are the soldiers who must be in vigil. The Shepherd must look after His flock. Remember that all are called to constant prayer.

Today I invite you to open your hearts and let yourselves be conducted to the new maternal guidance. Whoever accepts to be My Child, will be well received in the Kingdom of Peace and, in a true act will be opened the hearts of those who still have it closed to God.

This is the essential for today: to open the heart so that the Love of My Son may reign among you.

I thank you for answering My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.