The art of singing...

Dear children,

We have reached the closing of a cycle, a cycle that from the beginning helped the consciousness of humanity by means of music, of the voices and of the instruments.

In this cycle that closes today, you had to learn to tune your patience, to uplift raise more and each time more the love of your hearts in each new music encounter, and to work the surrender of your lives for the unity and the fraternity among all the participants.

From now I tell you, that all My singing children were placed, throughout the last times, in the test of the constant self-improvement in order to be able to free the human race from everything that conditions its evolution and its awakening.

Thus, through the encounters of music, you were facing the own human condition, which is a determining factor in humanity, which hinders the free walking of the soldiers of the Plan.

In truth I say, to all My singing children, that in these encounters of music, love was never lacking although it might not have been apparently present in everyone. The love offered during all the meetings helped gestate the necessary conditions so that your Celestial Mother could work with humanity and with the planet.

To all this, to My dear singing children of the group in pilgrimage, the last challenge has come on this day: to give all for all, placing themselves in the school of sacrifice, of effort and of renunciation, so that on this afternoon the music can give the necessary fruits that will prepare you to begin a new cycle of these encounters.

I affirm that it is difficult to gather to sing such different consciousnesses form one another, it is a true miracle that in times of planetary crisis, the encounters of music have been realized victoriously.

In this way, for all this to be possible, you never lacked the help from Heaven and from the angels, so that the essence of the encounters of music and its purpose could be fulfilled.

Today I also dedicate this message to a little child of Mine, the one that has been for your Celestial Mother the testimony of perseverance and of effort, at the moment of dealing and working with the souls in this audacious mission of gathering to sing for the healing of humanity.


Dear children,

While the battle between light and darkness unleashes over the surface of this planet, I wish that all those who pray in the world maintain the conviction of praying with fervor, love, and devotion; in this way, your Heavenly Mother can count on all your prayers to have the Plan of Love of God triumph in the world, and above all in humanity.

My children, through your prayers and daily sacrifices may all the barriers and the obstacles that are imposed by My adversary by means of conflicts and disharmony be transcended in the powerful action of the fire of prayer.

It is in this way that gradually, dear children, your Heavenly Mother will keep all the spiritual plans, as well as the mental and material ones, under a certain order.

Each one of you in this cycle must set, as a spiritual exercise within My discipleship, the goal or the inner purpose of overcoming and of abandoning indifference in the face of the events that daily precipitate in some nations of the world.

It is in this way that, with the minority of soldiers awakened to My call, I will have the redemptive Plan of My Beloved Son triumph before His next return.

My children, with all the devotion and pleading of your spirits, pray with love and trust so that the very prayer of the heart can guide you in this moment, and above all, can spiritually help a great many souls, which in this same time are passing through the cycle of planetary tribulation.

 Open to hearing the voice of your Heavenly Mother, I ask you, dear children, that you keep My requests well in mind, because they are divine lights in the middle of the darkness of these times.

With the faith and the love of the heart, My adversary will lose the battle; believe in that.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who is among you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The world is deaf and does not hear the Words of God, the ones that arrive by means of His Heavenly Messengers. The deafness of the world was caused by the material vices, the modernities and the total lack of control of life; thus the souls are tied up to these strong chains and are incarcerated in the prison of earthly life.

The inner strength fades, the flame of love is not able to last in them, and I come from Heaven to save those who are lost and blind for straying from the spiritual path.

I see how My children, the children Jesus handed to Me on the cross, allow themselves to be taken over by superficial things and give up to continue advancing on the pathway of light.

Everything is in its Trial and this, My children, is inevitable. Therefore, time and again, with all the love of the Universe, I come to call My children to awaken from the dream from which they have no awaken yet.

The mediocrity of human life is very big and this does not allow the Light of the Kingdom of God to be able to penetrate in the great abysms of Earth. It is so that the Heavenly Hierarchy carries out the plan to dilute little by little the global hypnotism of humanity.

Your Heavenly Mother gathers the soldiers and summons them to the prayer for peace, for the bands to fall from the faces and the hearts can feel for a moment that the Love of God has descended.

The Father wishes the best for each of His children; the souls are the ones that decide to deviate, far away from their lives, this intimate wish of God.

The world as a whole has decided to learn through pain, indifference and sin. But this is not fair for the planet nor for the lower Kingdoms of Nature that bear the result and the consequences of the human actions.


Indifference: A world disease

Dear children,

Most of humanity is blind, a product of a great indifference that exists in the human beings and towards the Kingdoms of Nature.

Indifference comes to the tiniest details of daily life, to the point that the indifferent souls do not notice their own mistakes; it exacerbates the war in the world because it keeps it in deep ignorance in face of the true reality of these times. It is one of the hind paws of the beast; the beast stands firmly on all of human indifferences and thus sharpens its horns in the illusion of the people and the vanity of the proud. The glory felt by the beast is so fake that, despite its own cunning, it does not realize it is deluded inside its own creation.

The beast sustains itself in everything which is indifferent, from the smallest to the biggest of nations.

The apparent confidence that the beast feels helps it overcome the faint strength of the tepid hearts. It is opulent and calls itself blessed because it always feeds from human suffering and the indignation felt by those who are not indifferent.

The beast is a great strategist, it recreates indifference in the human minds and makes the faint people feel that by being indifferent they will look stronger. This indifference justifies the mistakes of the souls and in this way they can never leave the abyss in which they have placed themselves.

The beast appears powerful in the fake arts it imparts on humanity. But attention on everything, even on the smallest things, will prevent you from being indifferent and so you will know how to protect the spiritual heritage entrusted to you.

Indifference leads to irreverence, and in this state there is no trust in God. The beast will be defeated when most people stop being indifferent to their fellow human and to all life manifested around them.

Indifference is like gluttony, it will not stop growing inside the consciousness. Those who act with intelligence will no longer be so indifferent. But the beast takes advantage of the limitations of the soldiers. The determined actions of faith and consciousness in these times would draw many out of the abyss of indifference.


The angels of Heaven battle with swords of fire to dissipate the indifference that constantly makes the minds of people still, so they cannot act and everything becomes static.


Your Powerful Mother now steps with Her blessed feet on the head of the serpent so that redemption and freedom may prevail in the oppressed. This head of evil is the one that generates discord, lack of love and an illusory conquest of the planet and of humanity. The serpent is fearful because it is stepped on by the unwavering strength of the souls that pray sincerely so that the thousand years of peace may be established.


Dear son, dear daughter,

Remain in peace, everything will pass.

Remain in peace and the soul will rejoice.

Remain in peace despite the darkness.  Love will win and the victory of the Light will be established.

Remain in peace because My hands will guide you.

Remain in peace because My feet will indicate to you the pathway.

Remain in peace because your spirit will always win.

Remain in peace because you are in My arms.

Remain in peace because My Heart will triumph.

Remain in peace because you will find My Kingdom.

Remain in peace because you will lose nothing.

Remain in peace because My Light and the Light of My Son will always shine.

Remain in peace because God will contemplate you.

Remain in peace and trust in the Highest Purpose.

Remain in peace because evil will be extirpated and all the souls will have the opportunity to wake up.

Remain in peace, you are My soldier of peace.

Remain in peace because My angels will accompany you.

Remain in peace because Light will win.

Remain in peace and trust in the Great Master of Truth.

Remain in peace and deeply feel His kindness.

Remain in peace and pray for all of humanity.

Remain in peace, the Love of God will fulfill you.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who elevates you to Heaven,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While the Doors to Heaven are opening by the prayers of all of My children, other doors are opening towards the abysms to make the souls get lost.

The doors of the evil are opened by the alliances of the enemies with others consciousness, which changes abruptly the destiny of humanity.

All of the beings of the Earth are responsible for this to happen, but the powerful flow of prayer does not permit these realities to expand through the world.  Prayer, Communion and the Adoration of the Eucharistic Body of Christ prevent many more souls to compromise with that reality which makes the world lose its spirit of purity.

My Heart clamors every day to all those who pray, to lovingly help Me to close the doors of lie, of superstition, of the false power and of a conquest of the planet that is excessive and petty.

I would like, My dear children, to recognize in each one who prays, the internal flame that, despite the difficult times, must never extinguish.  I wish that from now on, you be My soldiers of peace, that your lives be examples of the teachings of Christ, and that, no longer being the same, you be depositaries of flows of the Redeemer’s Mercy.

If such answer is not given, humanity itself, the race itself, will have to learn and start again, after witnessing its own destruction.  The atomic bomb in those times was the most severe result of the lack of conciseness, love and pity towards humanity.

The crisis in the Middle East, before the eyes of the world, is the most severe situation of annihilation and destruction of the spirit of the families.

Until when will this keep happening?

For that reason I come again to intercede for the world before God.  But this time I come to intercede for the innocents and not for the unjust.  The punishment of God will be great for those who keep modifying the Creation.

The world as a whole does not know the power of the Universe, it does not know the descent of the Law over the Earth.  Before that happens, I come to try to prevent humanity to self-destruct again, which would leave the planet in a different state.

I would like that everyone, without exception of creed, race or nation, could support this celestial call for peace.

I hope you have understood the clamor of My Heart.  The cup is not only exceeding its limit, but now its poison is compromising other nations.


Beloved children,

Today I find Myself among you to bring peace, relieve and an expansion of light that may reach your consciousnesses, so that they may strengthen themselves in the Love of God.

In time of tests, of great definitions and greater commitments that must be assumed by the soldiers of Christ, My adversary uses all of his tricks to put in the heart and in the mind of My children, creations that are not real, ideas and feelings that disturb them and that only seek to remove them from the task of the spirit that incarnated on this Earth to serve God.

All those feelings and thoughts that distance you from My Heart and from the heart of your brothers and sisters are in process of transformation so that once and for all you may die for love.  This will permit that the truthful that exists in you and that was sown as a talent by My Son, may sprout, flourish and develop.

These true attributes are kept, in some cases, under several keys because the mediocre aspects of humanity have been cultivated in consciousness throughout history and developed as false attributes, what deceives all of My children into thinking that they are their best spiritual qualities, mental and material skills.

While these false attributes are defended and treasured as real and sublime inside of the beings, the true attributes and talents remain captive in cages, where they can not express themselves or fulfill what they came to do in this world.

But My Love and the Redeeming Love of My Son come to break the locks of these prisons so that, what you truly are, My Beloved Children, be able to be liberated and the mediocrity learned by this humanity throughout history may be able to finally be unmasked and die.

The art of loving, dear children, is that task that God has entrusted to you, an exercise full of challenges in which each consciousness takes as a goal to overcome every day, one by one, the mediocrities of this world, with determination, will and faith to reach this vital purpose that keeps waiting for the worthy Children of God.

When a consciousness is determined to achieve what God in truth has sown in it, going over its own head, without fear of what it will find, it receives from the Celestial Spheres an assistance that is not from this world, which is reserved for the brave ones.


May the pains be far away from your heart, because I, your Most Holy Mother, am with you.
May the arts of My adversary be far away, because My mantle protects your walk and your task, as well as those of your brothers and sisters.

May the sins of ingratitude and denial be far away from you, because inside of My Heart you will only feel peace and the eternal flame of the Creator's Light.

My children,

On this day in which I am with you by the Divine Grace that the Father has granted Me, I come to bring Peace, Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy to My children of the world once again.

A new cycle begins to My soldiers, to the apostles of Christ and to all humanity.  My Son has announced the definitive beginning of His Return.  He returns, first of all, to the hearts of the children who are faithful to His Mercy, those in whom He prepares the path of transformation and of the emerging of the spiritual gifts that He sowed in each one of you, over two thousand years ago.

Such gifts will flourish in each soul, at each step taken in the sincere transformation of each being.  Remember that He does not need you perfect, only good and pure of heart, faithful to His Presence and to His Guidance in this life, which will be the step that will place some of you in Paradise.

At each step that each one of you takes in the discipleship of Christ, this world and this humanity take a step towards their liberation and their salvation.

For this, My children, beloved children, children who are strong and firm in renounce and in sacrifice, always remember that your path, the one you are traversing together with My Son today, will be the seed for the New Humanity, that humanity which is so much awaited by all.

Do not fear anything, because We, the Divine Messengers, have left inside of you the keys for the indissoluble union with the Heart of God, the ones that open up the doors of Liberation, of Redemption and of the eternal Peace for all.

Will you carry the banner of Peace with Me?

Will you help Me spread My Message in the world?

Dear children, you, through the prayer of the heart, may be My messengers, those who only communicate to all what My words dictate day by day to your hearts. Many are My Marian soldiers of prayer, the armies of the Father on Earth. But to follow in this service to the Creator of the Whole, you, in the groups of prayer, must always renew yourselves in the exercise of the prayer of the heart.

Today I invite you to live in the instruction of the One and Omnipotent Lord who is in the Heavens; may He be for you the wise and kind fatherhood that many children search for in the spirit.

My Immaculate Heart wants to bring you to know and feel the greatness that exists for being in the Lord and how all of you may be invaded by His prodigies and mercies. But before this My children, each of you must repaired in the Lord so that the heart lives the forgiveness that is promised by My Son Jesus.

Know dear children, that Christ, the Redeemer of the World, is attentive to the voice of all supplications. They must be true before the eyes of My Son because in this way He will indicate to you how proceed on.

And thus you may proceed in God because your souls must remain, through prayer, in the infinite ocean of Mercy, so that your mistakes and pains are freed little by little.

You, dear children, represent precious gem for the heavens, which polished and transformed by prayer, must be near the hands of God, so that He places you as light in the Universe. Many of my children are precious gems that still are not polished and that lose the intensity of their own inner sparkle.

For this, dear children, prayer for all the children will collaborate so that all souls are also repaired by My maternal hands and by the rays that spring constantly from Jesus.

Thank you for answering My call.

In My sweet stars you will find the guideline that I come to announce to the world. They are as the loadstar of Bethlehem for each of My children, because the stars are as the dawn and the bright light for those who must revive to life in Christ.

Dear children, with immense delight I bring you to the Heart of My Son, who must be loved and venerated daily by this humanity.  In this way this preparation will allow you to receive the coming of the Redeemer for the second time to this humanity.

With all this dear children, today I want to invite you to contemplate the Merciful Face of the Living God through the presence of My Son and so that you may also witness the presence of the Most Beloved Heart of God through My Immaculate Heart.

Know dear children, that in My stars you may see the new dawn, the long years of peace, that promise written in the Heart of God the Father for all My children.

In the adorable and venerable Heart of Christ you will find the safe path that will lead you to the Kingdom of God.

Humanity may with prayer, remedy the past and the suffering that it has gestated for a long time.  Now My Marian soldiers must express hope and redemption for all those who still do not have them.

Also today I announce dear children, that My monthly presence for the days of May 12th and 13th, again in the re-emerging and beloved Portugal, will end on May 14th, with a pilgrimage of all those present in the apparitions to the Sanctuary of Fatima and Aljustrel.  In this exercise you will be as many other children relieving My Immaculate Heart and repairing the Justice promised to Europe.  The angel of the Lord will help you and He will consider this humble offer as on behalf of all.

Thank you children for replying My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Dear children, with gratitude and love rejoice your little hearts so that My words of Peace and Conversion may be heard by your little heart’s ears.  My children, by the wonderful and victorious love of My Son today I invite you to remember the daily prayer and communion with Christ; these two inner exercises will help you to revert the great pain in this humanity.

A true act of communion with the Merciful Heart of Jesus starts with the absolute trust in each of you. This dear children, will strengthen you in the faith and in the love that you must live with My Son, the Supreme Priest and Savior.

Today allow that your lives will have more time under the rays of My Son, merciful rays that will help in the conversion and the surrender of your hearts to God.  If you in your lives count on the presence of My Son, in this act of love and from heart to heart you will be silently helping all My children and thus allowing the presence of My Immaculate Heart to be upon the world.

The true time of conversion starts with the complete surrender of yourselves to God; then the celestial greatness may descend over all My beloved children’s hearts. Continue in prayer My children, this is urgent for humanity which must awaken to the eyes of the One God.

You are little praying soldiers that in service form part of the Marian army on Earth.

I hope many more children come into My Immaculate Heart so that God may forgive and reconcile them.

Thank you for answering My call.

A good exercise of prayer by My little children!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Walk beside me despite the spiritual storms of these times, because in this way, under My unfathomable support, you will learn and will succeed in overcoming the next and unexpected obstacles.

Allow the Ray of My Piety to reach your heart so that, beyond everything, you may remember every day that there is something greater and powerful that comes to aid humanity, which is called Love.

Before wanting or aspiring to know the realities of the Universe, you must learn to deflect the spiritual clashes that come to you.

Therefore, you must act with intelligence and not with negligence. Thus, in the ardent tension, you will achieve to understand, beyond everything, the different times that are approaching and you will know how to act and proceed at the right moment.

Walk by My side so that you may learn from My commands; so that you may be not only a soldier of peace but also a guardian of the Divine Plan, an instrument that can share the Love that I have for My disciples.

Thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


At almost one year of the anniversary of My First daily Apparition in the Sacred Kingdom of the Marian Center of Aurora, the Heavens and the Universes have been united to be able to bring special Graces for all of the souls that throughout this last year have listened to My saving Message.

Now, after almost 365 days of daily spiritual impulses, the souls have been able to consecrate themselves in the faith to My Sacred Heart.

For this, in this last time I call you in order for you to be the living testimonial for those who do not believe and for those who seek permanent gratification.  I call you to be faithful defenders of the hour of My Divine Mercy.  If it were so, in spite of the circumstances and contingencies, I would really be able to say that I count on soldiers of Mercy.

When I ask you to be defenders of the Divine Mercy it means that first you must sacredly defend from yourselves this very important space so that later the doors of salvation may be able to be opened for those who are most in need.

Yesterday I spoke to you about the State of Grace that your hearts and lives are receiving in a chaotic time.  Today I call you to have an open consciousness facing this sacred hour.  In truth I tell you that you will see the fruits of this work of merciful prayer only in the next world and it will be only there that you will profoundly understand the synthesis of your lives.

While the world collapses from its daily actions, I ask you to subject your consciousness to the powerful source of My Divine Mercy.  In this way the Spirit of God will act through you and not that you will try to act through the Supreme Spirit.   Mercy will always bring you to reconciliation and to humility of the heart.

Under the Supreme Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with the heart!

Christ Jesus


You can stay more with Me. In this way I will give you companions on the path so that together you may seek in the night the Source that will quench your material thirst, because whoever in truth is with Me, at the least remembers My Presence every day upon their awakening.

In this time of purification and of renunciation I call you to reconsider your vows with Me. Everyone will always have a space of light in My Heart but for My Task to be fulfilled My soldiers must truly have defined themselves and in this way, according to the degree of your surrender, I will call you for greater tasks or for smaller tasks.

In My Christic Plans there does not exist differences or privileges. I only deposit My Intentions upon those who need most to grow in consciousness and in the experience of life.

I Am here in the silence meditating about your lives and about what will come in a little time. I invite you to assume the vows in a humble and simple way. May each one, according to their definition towards Me, place themselves in the level of service that fits them because My Merciful Eyes will always look at you with love and compassion.

The path of discipleship in these times is only for those who may be inspired to die from themselves every day because the true treasures are found at the entrance of the Greater Kingdom. May each one be confirmed, may each soul give Me what in truth they can give Me for this critical time.

I will carefully observe you and in this way you will be encouraged to strengthen your spirits a little more through My Merciful Heart.

Under the Greater Good of God, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Sacred Words with attention!

Christ Jesus


I have given you My Life so that you could live through Me.

I have given you My Body so that you could be purified through Me.

I have given you My Blood so that you could be renewed through Me. And today I give you the great universal merit of My Infinite Mercy so that through Me you may trust in that which God sends you for you to mature and grow spiritually.

Nothing else I ask you, only that you follow Me until the end. The soldiers of the new era are still too few to be able to materialize the expected mission of My Return. Entrust to God your beings and tasks so that other Suns on the Earth may be able to wake up as stars of the great brotherhood.

Be simple, loving and humble, it is time to obey the commands that are dictated for your hearts. It is time to give yourself entirely so that redemption may be achieved in all of humanity.

I only ask you to be as crystalline as the Water of Life that tirelessly springs from My Side as energy and repairing light for the entire world. Be seeds that now sprout in Grace and Love inside of My Heart.

I wait for you in prayer, I thank you on this day of Tuesday for having helped Me in the planetary salvation of the essences that are asleep.

Under the Universal Peace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you now and always for being united to My Heart!

Christ Jesus


The moments of the greatest tests are those in which My Merciful Spirit is present for all of the souls.

For this, in face of any situation of transition or of a battle I ask you to not lose your faith because for these times it must be stronger than an oak and more firm than an iron. Your faith must be the sword that together with love will cut off all evil.

My apostles, brave and decided, work so that My Redeeming Plan may be a great victory upon the Earth. For this you must always be with the heart in the Heights and in the Greater so that nothing may prevent you from realizing in humility the task that has been entrusted to you.

Today My Angels of Peace are upon My Servers, guiding them through the path of the Good and of Love. I love you and I thank you for your perseverance because with a few sheep I will do My Great Miracles of Love.

Go ahead, My soldiers of Mercy!

Under the Light and the Divine Protection of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


When the souls unite themselves to My Purpose of redemption, conversion and love, the wounds, opened by humanity in My Spirit, are closed by the impetus of the devotion and of the love that the souls have for My Merciful Heart.

For this, in these times, to live in the humility and in the simplicity of life without seeking any result for oneself quickly awakens the union of your hearts with My Christic Laws of Consecration and Redemption. In this way My Heart deposits upon the disciples the knowledge of the pure and of the divine so that you may always aspire to live this aim and this purpose.

As the times are changing quickly, My Peace impregnates all those who sincerely open themselves to receive it. For this reason My Heart nourishes the essences in fraternity and in love because all of them must be born to the Spirit of God as new dwelling places.

When I arrive to the world day by day I transmit to you My Sacerdotal Words, all those who open their ears to listen to Me receive from Me the invisible source of My Mercy. It arrives directly into your hearts and lives with the purpose of transforming you into servers of God.

I talk today to the depths of your hearts, seeking your true linking and union with Me in a true way so that may be filled that empty space in the consciousness, that which still needs much love and healing. My rays arrive to the world to be radiated upon all of the souls. In this way My Consciousness forms the new disciples and they, in love, encounter the true path that I indicate to them to pass through.

Without regrets nor spiritual pain I send through the world the soldiers who must announce again My Savior Words to the world but who also must consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart so that in their memories may be erased the past and enter the light of the Spirit of God.

Thus, it will be fundamental that all be more charitable because through the Source of My Mercy the evils that the world lives will be able to be remedied. Many will come closer to you because they will recognize My savior and luminous Presence, for this open yourselves so that My Heart may be able to redeem those who for a long time have been waiting to get to know Me.

Under the Divine Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words with attention and for guarding them in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Dear brothers and sisters in My Father the Most High:

It has been a while since I have seen as today, a flock so united to My Purpose.

To those who are tired, I give you My Rest.

To those who are overwhelmed, I give you My Eternal Relief.

To those who suffer in the depths of the heart, I give you My Courage, My Faith, My Mercy.

In this way I want to see My New Soldiers of the end of the times, disposed beyond themselves, surrendered beyond their wills, encouraged beyond any inner concern, because whoever trusts in Me, will prevail in this life and beyond life, whoever trusts in Me, will not fear, will have courage, courage that they will receive from the bravery of the Holy Spirit.

When once I said that My Good News was preached in My Name, I wanted to say that always My Words would be in those who were willing to overcome themselves out of love for others.

Dears, I wish that all at the same time could reach the Light of My Kingdom, because this Kingdom of Peace, Love and Glory is for all, but few servers are willing to abandon their old garments, so that, free, they may find Me as the only refuge of the hearts.

For this I ask according to the readiness of My Flocks, because I know that your lives are weak, but they may become strong as My Spirit, in order to receive always My Call.

I am here to bless you and thank you for the perseverance of the heart.

Dears, prayer moves and liberates the hearts, for this your answer has touched the depths of My Being and in this way, has given comfort to the God of Love.  Justice has been lighter for those that would receive it strongly, this means that your seeds of love and prayer have been deposited in My Heart, I was repaired and restored by the love of your spirits.

For this I invite you to follow Me beyond yourselves, because what I want to reveal to you is not from this world, it comes from the Universe to find all My Followers.  Guard the love that I radiate in your hearts.

I love you beyond the existence of each essence.  I conduct you and I give you My Eternal Peace.

Under the Light and the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for answering to My Requests with the heart.

Your Lord, Christ Jesus  


My dear companions:

Today I take you all towards the depths of My Heart and through this emblem of union with Me I gather you around My Presence so that you may be able to comply with the commandments of My Father.

Dear friends: I know that many of you are about to cross the great threshold of the inner desert in order to thus live the transformation that the Father needs of your lives. He sends Me today for love to you, for love to the whole humanity. My Mercy is today the balsam awaited by your hearts, the one which by means of the Grace poured by Me, will give you strength to walk, love to be able to live and faith to believe in My Powerful Redeemer Word.

Today I am not only with you but also with your brothers and sisters who in this time of infinite mercy are united to My Sacerdotal Spirit.

My dears, I also see in you an intense inner depletion. I ask you to concentrate your faith in My Eternal Faith, your despair in My Comfort, your pain in My Compassion. I love you, I love you so much that I gave the life for you so that your generations would be able to be present in life in this time. Just abandon yourselves in My Arms because My Heart has already received the precious consecration of your souls.

Know, My companions, that the true soldier of Light is formed through the effort in serving and loving God above all things. I adore those who give all for their friends because they will convert themselves into eternal servers of My Kingdom.

While My Spirit circulates throughout the world, pouring Graces and Forgiveness, I ask you that you be brave every day and that you do not lower the banner of peace and redemption.

Dears, I am returning in Omnipresent Spirit in order to let you know the eternal life for your consciousnesses. I encounter in you a luminous path full of blessings.

What else do you want for your lives if from the Cross I completely gave you My Holy Mother?

My friends: entrench your faith in My Immaculate Heart because for you It will be the path of return to My Dwellings.

I thank you for lovingly receiving Me.

Under the Eternal Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My instructions in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer of the world. 


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