Sunday, March 3 of 2013

Daily messages

May come to Me the brave ones and those who have fallen.

May come to Me the followers and those who are persecuted.

May come to Me the lonely and poor of heart ones.

May all come to Me those who are in Heaven and on Earth, those who are in the south or in the north, those who are in the orient or in the occident.

May all of humanity awake or asleep come towards Me, may you not fear me because I know you all very well. May no one fear calling me or invoking me because My spirit is Omnipresent and Omniscient.

May you in the storm or in the sun, may you in the rain or in the desert, call me, because I Am the one who Is and more I will be in My Servers when you just open the pure dwelling place of the heart.

I Am the one who frees you from sin and I Am the one who lifts you up when have fallen.

I Am the joy and the future for your lives, I Am the balsam that cures the heart.

I Am the water that washes the wounds and I Am the salt that spices and gives flavor to the lives of souls.

Come to Me because without time nor schedule I always wait for you, contemplate you, adore you, love you, forgive you, free you from every suffering or affliction. Let me, just for once, be everything for you because nothing you will lose, but you will recognize My Power and My Merciful Ministry.

Come to Me those who have courage to look at My Eyes, come to My Law. The faithful followers I already have with Me in My Kingdom but those who for such a long time I have been waiting for, I call ardently to My Encounter.

Come those who still have not come towards Me. My Eyes vigil you, My Love impregnates you, My Light involves you, My Mantle protects you and My Steps guide you.

I call the soldiers of Christ of the New Time and one more time I tell you: carry your cross and, for love, follow me towards the awaited encounter with the Lord of the Universe. If you did like this each time that you fall down or become sad, remember that you would be doing it for the all  of humanity in need.

Under the Love of the All Powerful, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words of instruction!

Christ Jesus.