Monday, June 18 of 2012

Daily messages

I will be in your heart when you allow Me to live in it. I will be your Blessed Mother when in trust you walk through My garden of roses. I promise many Graces to the hearts when they are in absolute faith. The conversion of life begins with the donation of the heart and the spirit. This allows you to discover silence to then find the new and good that comes from the Lord.

Those who wait in faith, resume the path to the Heavens, because it is the spirit that prays to the Creator Father and finds the favorite refuge inside the Heart of My Son.

Because of this it is time to open the ears to be able to hear the call that God sends you through the presence of My Maternal Heart.

For this, dear children, today I ask you to transform your hearts as the purity of water and convert them so they are as the beauty of nature created by God, source of love and compassion.

Be consistent with the requests of praying for the conversion of this humanity, so that the Kingdom of Grace penetrates all the hearts. It is time to repair the heart and the life of many of My children who, far from God, are deviated from the path of the aspiration of finding the Redeeming Kingdom of God, the path and salvation.

Dear children, My Voice will not grow tired of saying that you must change before the time that will come for the world, that you must confess daily with My Son and that you must fulfill the act of reconciliation through the Sacred Communion with His Heart of Peace. If you only place these exercises as essential, the world may reach a longer time of peace.

You must have each one of these acts as something precious and you must do them for all those children who do not do them.

I thank you for your answer!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.