Tuesday, March 20 of 2012

Daily messages

The Five Keys of Conversion

Dear children,

Your souls are as walking pilgrims that must always seek for God. Your feet lead you in search of the path of God. Your hands, always in prayer, elevate you to talk to God.  Your hearts are like the fire that makes the light of the flame spring up to illuminate your path.

For this dear children I Am the Bird of Peace that comes from Heaven to indicate to you the correct way to My Son.  My Immaculate Heart surrendered itself to the world, so that souls may strengthen themselves in faith and in the love from the heart.  My Purity shows you that it is possible to be eternally in God, just as your lives are here on Earth.  The path for each of My children must be the constant aspiration to live in the Heart of My Son, who has also offered himself in life and in spirit for the redemption of the world.

In Christ you may find the fortress so that your lives are set free from the obstacles and may be permeated by the Victorious Light of God.

I want to tell you, My dears, with all these messages, that your hearts live and will live more in My Son when, in the faith of each heart, they may see that the path to Heaven is possible for all.

To come into the Kingdom of My Son, day by day you must live the conversion of the heart.  And with that I want to say, dear children, that you must take these five keys to redemption and forgiveness:

1 – Fasting done out of love.

2 – Charity towards your neighbor.

3 – Prayer as a source of renewal.

4 – Reading the Holy Gospels.

5 – Confession to My Son.

This exercise will allow you to know, My children, at which point and at which moment is the conversion of your heart.  Because then My dears, each one of you will be able to show yourselves as a real soul of God, as a worthy son or as a worthy daughter of God.

It is time to repair the heart!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.