Sunday, February 12 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children:

My call comes from the Heart as Mother and Guardian of all souls. My hope is the salvation of all and the eternal peace in the world, so that God may reign in the creative life of this universe to which you belong.

For this beloved children, remember today two spiritual exercises that will help you during this cycle of changes in the world:

- The inner adoration to the Most Holy Heart of Christ. In the adoration of My Son you will find the bases to strengthen the forgiveness and love in your hearts.

-Confession done with the heart, which will take you to the truth and to the forgiveness of all faults committed to the Lord.

For this dear children, I reveal to you the power of Grace, so that you can see and feel that the hour of reconciliation for the whole world has arrived. If you live under the cloak of prayer, the Graces that will come through the conversion will be greater, and that way you will be living in a renewed faith.

The sacrament of confession allows you as souls to be in the presence of God and of My Son without fear, with courage to forgive what is still not mature in your hearts. The confession done with your heart will be able to liberate the world from its own weight, and then there will be one feeling less in your hearts that could make you suffer. So thus dear children, you will give life to your talents and will wake up to the new life in the Kingdom of God.

Little children: confession and adoration will elevate you as souls; and so more Graces will be spilled over all the children who still do not live in God the Father. For this, the true forgiveness, given first to each one of you, will help, in order that the light of wisdom of My Son gets to the hearts of those children, so that they live in peace.

Dear children: all the sacraments are there to be lived, because they are sacraments of the heart, that construct the new redeemed soul. The first step is the opening of your hearts, so that later the Mercy of My Son descends.

May you live in the Mercy and clamor for the Divine Mercy, it is the essential source of forgiveness.

I protect you always with maternal love,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.