Dear children,

Today, through the Sacred Sacraments, souls again draw closer to My beloved Son and this, My children, allows many dark nights of the soul to be closed through the sincere confession of the heart and, as a consequence, a spiritual relief is established in the inner worlds, and the souls of God once more gain strength to be able to continue forward on the path of surrender and of consecration to God.

Today your Heavenly Mother is happy to be here, among Her children, so that you may always confirm that you were never alone and so that, above all, you may feel overwhelmed by the Love and the Mercy of the Father.

The task of the Sacred Sacraments will not only grant you the reconciliation that you need, but you will also receive the renewal of your lives through the impulse brought to you by the Holy Spirit.

To My children of Argentina, I leave you with My maternal consolation and gratitude for always being there, trying every day to continue within the footsteps of My Son. God bless you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My children,

I am with you all the time, in the silence of the heart, through the gaze of love, of a Mother Who contemplates the efforts of Her children.

I am with you in each prayer, uniting My maternal Heart with each word expressed as an offering of love.

I am with you, children, in each circumstance of life and, whenever you call Me, I will be there to carry you to the Celestial Father through the path of goodness and of peace.

I am with you, children, in each new test as well as in each inner victory, supporting you and protecting you in each stage.

I am with you in each moment of adoration, of confession and of communion with My Son.

Each act of prayer, of service and of love that is offered, I offer to the Father as a reparation and for another Grace for humanity.

I am with you when you seek Me, when you accompany Me, when you simply say "yes" to the Lord.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Enter into My Heart of Peace so that your steps to God may be safe.

Enter into My Heart of Peace so that I lead you to that perfect Will that the Creator emanated by thinking of your little heart.

Enter into My Heart of Peace so that there is peace in your little life, and the conflicts, obstacles and difficulties are dissolved.

Enter into My Heart of Peace, so that I teach you to be a peacemaker on Earth.

Enter into My Heart of Peace, so that I transform you into an announcer of the Presence of Christ in this world, a living witness of His Eternal Presence, and of His coming return.

Enter into My Heart of Peace, so that I may teach you, in My silence, many things and may My Love supply you and nourish your spirit, so that you do not seek in the world or outside of yourself, what only God can give you.

Enter into My Heart of Peace in a sincere prayer, in a true prayer, in a confession between Mother and child, because, as your Universal Heavenly Mother, here I am to listen to you, to understand you, to correct you and to shelter you.

Enter into My Heart of Peace in a true dialogue with Me, because I love you, My child, and I hope that your heart returns to the safe harbor of My Spirit, where I can sustain you, so that you, in a permanent service and in donation, sustain others, who could not manage and did not know how to reach Me.

Do not forget to enter into My Immaculate Heart of Peace, do not forget to be in Me. In My silence, I have the answer and the encouragement for all of your doubts and difficulties; in My embrace, I have comfort for your spirit and renewal for your soul.


In the end, the war and the persecution of humanity will finish when the majority of the men and women of the world repent from the heart and confess to God all of their sins.  Until this happens My Immaculate Heart will not triumph.

For this I lovingly ask all of My children that listen to Me and that answer to My designs to continue to pray, so that peace will not only be reached, but also so that peace will not disappear from the human heart.

Every material war is a consequence of a spiritual and involutionary conflict; every war between humans and between nations is fomented by pride and by power that time and again attempt to defeat the human civilization.

For this, children of Mine, raising My hands to Heaven in sign of prayer and of piety, I implore to each one of you, creatures of the Earth, that you transform your arrogance into love, that you exchange your wrath for peace.  Thus, in little time, the Father will have in His sight enough examples and testimonies for the world to receive a great amnesty and not to self-destroy.

Be one with your Guardian Angels.  Be one single consciousness, a single mind and a single heart in the times that are coming.  In an extraordinary way, the Sacred Hearts are gathered in prayer in the Celestial Universe for all of you and for the whole project of the Earth.

I need, dear children, that you become conscious of what that means for these times of spiritual Armageddon.  May your hearts be very united to Mine so that no force contrary to the Light of God will continue dominating the planetary consciousness.

I ask all of the praying beings of the world for an answer for all of humanity, that must be immediate enough before the Celestial Universe of Your Father.

The great abyss that once was seen by John the Apostle is already being opened.  In truth, dear children, no one could ever interpret well the Book of Revelations.  There has not been any erudite or religious person that has achieved it, and this is so because the symbols reveal themselves as a message by means of the heart.

In face of the lack of truly understanding that these are no longer normal times, but rather Apocalyptic moments, dear children, under the divine authority that has been entrusted to Me through the full state of My Grace, I will be assisting you in interpreting each one of the signs of the Apocalypse.


Liberate your heart from every offense, seek the reconciliation with God every day.  Drink from the Source of Christ, the one that will quench your thirst.  Confess your faults, do not fear to tell them because you will not be judged.

You live in a time of adversity and opposition; make your heart and your feeling transparent, in this way you will receive the cure for all ills.  Keep alive your aspiration to transform yourself, I can help you to straighten your paths.

Be free from yourself, may your difficulties not hurt you, the time of redemption will arrive to everyone.

Meanwhile, pray with the heart and abandon yourself in Me; I can build the new in all that is purified.  I have a written promise for you, get to know your strengths rather than your potentials.  Get to know yourself more than you know the others.

Record in your memory My holy image, I am the Queen of the Stars, I am the Mother of the sinners.  Whoever comes to Me, will not regret; I have the authority to liberate you, and also to give you the Love of God.

Patience is the flame that never goes out, it is the incandescent glow that ignites everything.  Unite with My Heart and some day you will see written in the Universe the day of your redemption.  Encourage yourself to follow Me in spite of everything.

I am your Mother and I want the best for you.  Today I absolve you.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who delivers you to the arms of the Celestial Father,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of the Peace


On the sacred day of Corpus Christi I descend to the world to remind you that you must adore the Son of God by means of the Most Holy Sacrament that is offered by all of the priests, My favorite children in the world.

On this day on which the Sacred Blood and the Glorious Body of Christ are venerated by humanity, I invite all of those who do not live in Christ to make a decision to do it so that, absolved by His Mercy, they may find again the Kingdom of God in their interior.

See My Son: glorious, humble and poor in the Eucharist; visit Him and talk to Him about all that which anguishes your little hearts.   In the holy mystery of the Eucharist is found the Science of God, that which can convert your lives and arrogances by the simple act of confessing and communing from the Body and the Blood of Christ.

Today is a day of feast in the Heavens, the Redeemer surrenders Himself again out of love for you, this time through the Holy Eucharist.   Blessed are those that today commune in gratitude because their consciousnesses will receive the Grace of a life redeemed in Christ.  Your step will determine your next path.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I come from Heaven to São José do Rio Preto so that all may get to know Me as the Lady of Liberation and of Peace.

I have the power, after My Son, to purify all your sins through My Virginal Purity.  My Maternal Love has the power to transform lives, and of setting free the moorings that imprison the hearts.  My Celestial Light has the power of healing any evil and of alleviating suffering.

I Am the Mother and the Lady of Liberation because I have the Divine Authority to make you re-emerge from the darkness of life, and to make you fly as high as a bird.  I have the power to absolve your mistakes and to transfigure them in love and truth.

I Am the Universal Mother, that one who has the power to radiate Her Divine Love between the spaces and universes.

I Am the radiating Sun that was born from God and I Am that who gestated on Earth the Firstborn Son.  I have the power to make life be born in a barren womb, because life arises by the action of love.

I have the permission of God to succor you and to liberate you.

For this, that on this day of Jubilation, may you have sufficient strength so that you may be able to surrender all that makes you suffer, and that prevents you from walking towards God.

God has given Me the power of transforming you and of redeeming your life through the Supreme Light of My Heart.  Now, in consciousness and awakening, may you know the presence of the Lady of Liberation because I wish that all My children seek the assistance that they need.

Dear children, today I present Myself for the third time in São José do Rio Preto because your request that I would return was heard in the Heights of Heaven.  I have the power to respond mercifully to the needs of all of My children.

I want that you know that Christ, Your Lord, acts also by means of the Immaculate Love of My Heart.

I hope that each child of Rio Preto will be united to the Redeeming power of Jesus through the Eucharist, because it has the power to forgive and to redeem you; by means of Confession, which has the power to absolve you; and by means of Prayer, that has the power to strengthen you and to prepare you for the path of consecration to God.  

God waits for you to awaken to the liberating power that lives in Heaven, to the power of love that is poured each time that the Lady of Light descends and appears to help you.


As a Star of Peace I come from the universe to radiate to the world the Great Love that God has for His Creatures.

My dear children,

For the second time I return to San Jose of Rio Preto to consecrate it again to My Immaculate Heart as a spiritual city.

In this time of crisis that My children and the world live I need the prayer of all the souls, those that in simplicity and love may be able to dedicate time to the prayer of the heart.  My Son expects that all the souls respond to the need of prayer that exists for this time in your families and beloved ones.

As a Star of Peace My Maternal Love shines before your hearts and lives.  In deep love I bring you a message of Peace and Hope.

You, My dear and beloved children, know how important it will be that you be formed within My School of Prayer.  As Mother I will wait for you answer and immediate surrender to My Immaculate Heart.

Today I remind you of something urgent: to not forget to live the Sacred Sacraments that My Son has left to you.  Seek the inner communion with My Son.  In this way you will relieve His Sacred Heart from the weight that He receives from the world from the constant offenses.

Seek a life of constant confession.  May it be sincere, repairing and reconciling because My Son is expecting to listen to the clamor of your hearts day and night.  Remember that He is the High Priest. 

Seek now, in this time, the sacrament that the Lord institutes today, that is the sacrament of fraternity.  Only if the souls are fraternal and united will the world be able to heal many things and humanity will be able to achieve a new state of Grace and Mercy.

Dear children, I Am at your side like a radiant Star during the night.  I vigil and accompany the steps of those who open themselves to listen to My Loving Voice.

And today I tell you, My dears, it is time to live in Peace, it is time to Forgive and to Love, it is time to construct a new hope for the world through the praying heart.

For this encounter of today with you, I thank you.

For your sincere answer of faith, I bless you always.

Thank you, San Jose of Rio Preto, for opening the doors of your hearts!

In the Light of Christ,

Your Most Beloved Mother Mary, the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of the Peace


My children:

Pray, pray much so that in each moment of your day God will listen to you and thus, His Magnificent Spirit of Love may work through all creatures.

Dear children, pray, pray much so that your souls and the souls in all of the world will receive the comfort and mercy that they are awaiting.

Pray and do not tire yourself of prayer, because in prayer is found the strength and the lovely dialogue of your hearts with God.

Pray, pray for this time of change that will arrive, so that each heart of this world will listen with humility to the lovely requests of My Immaculate Heart.

Pray to open the Doors of the Heavens so that the Angels will be present with their love and service on the Earth, and this will allow to change the heart of many consciousnesses. When you will reach harmonious and loving prayer you will be imitating the path to contemplation of the Highest and your beings will be as sparks of light in the whole universe.

Pray for all who do not pray, pray for all who do not love, pray for all humanity because the prayer of the heart will guide you as a Mother guides her little child.

For this dear children, My Maternal and Devotional Heart will be among you to teach you to walk for the path of prayer and conversion.

During all these last months you have known the Face of the Queen of Peace, of the Mother of God, but still My children, you must love the daily prayer, until your hearts recognize that prayer among all the groups will change the world.

When in Lourdes I called for penitence, I was calling the world for reflection, for the awakening of the consciousness before actions.

In Fátima I called the world to prayer every day so that the souls would have through the rosary a new network of peace and redemption that could help the world.

In Medjugorje I called for fasting and to prayer, just as in Aurora it has been five years that I was asking humanity for a little more sacrifice, of effort, so that humanity could be more balanced before the happenings that were outside the Law of God.

In Salta, Argentina, I called to cure the heart through the adoration of the Eucharistic Heart of My Son, I was calling to all so that they could consider the importance of the daily union with My Son the Redeemer, through the Communion with his Holy Body and His Sacred Blood.

Special message given by the Virgin for the day of October 18 of 2012, at the hour of 5:10 PM during the trip of the group of the Divine Mother to Sao Paulo, Brazil :

My dear and Most Beloved children:

In the name of the All-Mighty God, in the name of the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Redeeming Love of My Son, and before the Celestial Choirs, under the power of God in the universe, under the Merciful Light of My Immaculate Heart, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, in this moment and during this hour, irradiating the maternal love of My Immaculate Heart, but with tears in My immaculate eyes, I announce to you with reverence and peace, the following  celestial call for the attention of all My blessed children on the Earth.

I tell you that the eternal Virgin Mary, Queen of the Heavens, has seen on the part of Her children an important fault before God.  For this in the name of Peace, I absolve you and say, dear children, that the Queen of Peace, the Mother of the World, will manifest Her Face of Love for all in the Community of Figueira on the days of October 25 and 26, celebrating also the mass of the Most Holy Rosary in a ceremony of prayer that will be extended to the days of the 25 and 26 of November in your time of 2012.

This divine decision is in response to the Will of God, the Highest, and is due to the fault that is evident to our lovely Celestial Father regarding the lack of spiritual and material consideration that My children have given to my task of contact with you (this refers to the task of the Divine Mother with the clairvoyants and clairaudients).

My children, this signifies that My Voice and My Echo will be pronounced for a longer time, through the intercession that My Son, Jesus Christ, has carried out before the Throne of God.  I want for you to understand with your hearts, that from your part, My little ones, the collaboration with My Divine Work has been scarce in this part of America.

I want to tell you, My children, from your hearts has been missing the donation and the providence so that My task can be embraced in every nook of the world.

As a Mother who reconciles and protects all souls, My children, I remind you of the importance of being in the peace of the Lord, because He knows you well from birth, and My Maternal Heart has held each one of your souls so that they praise the Infinite Love of the Creator.

Dear children, for this today I tell you: rise from where you have fallen and walk bravely to the Fountain of My Son Jesus, because He will wash you and heal all your internal wounds. For this to happen, little children, your hearts must humbly say yes to God and, with this permission, Jesus will help you.

Remember the importance of the Divine Mercy because there is still time to unite yourselves to Jesus with trust. He, as a Priest and King of this world, calls you to contemplate with simplicity the Merciful Heart of God who, from the beginning, has created you in His image and likeness.

For this, dear children, do not waste any more time; as Mother of Eternal Love I invite you to reflect on the current, definitive, time you are living. Do not fear, I am here in the name of the Grace of God to lead you as a flock to the Great Shepherd of shepherds, the Divine Heart of Jesus.

Live the spiritual principles My Son left you: confession in Jesus, daily communion and constant prayer, to be in the Grace of the vigil. Each of these actions will bring you to be in God and live the reconciliation that My children must exercise in the essence of the pure heart.

Walk to My Maternal Heart; it is time to elevate yourselves as souls to the feet of the Creator. With complete trust in Jesus, Shepherd of all, walk, My dear children, and look at the new horizon.

I thank you.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

In My Heart I keep you, dear children, and today with this I want to tell you that in trust you can find My Eternal Peace. Today I guide you through new paths, even if the world changes so much every day. My Maternal Spirit fills you so that in the Heart of My Son Jesus you may reach the Grace of conversion.

I count on your prayers at each moment because the universe still must be repaired from all of the offenses that humanity emanates in life. A life without God is a life beyond that which is arid, it is a life without hope.

For this, dear children, as My Heart fights for love of all the children of God, for you, I can come to places that might be irreparable. The prayer of the heart penetrates with light each one of your cells, it is as giving daily food to the new born.

Receive from the Holy Spirit the Fountain that will satiate you, that will make you strong and fortunate for living in fullness under the presence of God. For this My little ones, today I invite you to strengthen each of the groups of prayer consecrated to My Immaculate Heart so that God the Father finds true souls always donated to the life of the prayer of the heart.

My children, the path I intend for you to walk is an infinite and precious path to the Heart of My Son. In Jesus you will find a beautiful path that He wants you to discover in the simple act of being united to His Sacred Heart.

Know dear children, that the Fountain of Mercy that is born from Jesus, the Redeemer, wants to fulfill you before the coming times. Love in Jesus despite everything, so that confessed in Christ you are participants of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Aspire to live in My Son daily, because I will help you. Jesus awaits you.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

I will be in your heart when you allow Me to live in it. I will be your Blessed Mother when in trust you walk through My garden of roses. I promise many Graces to the hearts when they are in absolute faith. The conversion of life begins with the donation of the heart and the spirit. This allows you to discover silence to then find the new and good that comes from the Lord.

Those who wait in faith, resume the path to the Heavens, because it is the spirit that prays to the Creator Father and finds the favorite refuge inside the Heart of My Son.

Because of this it is time to open the ears to be able to hear the call that God sends you through the presence of My Maternal Heart.

For this, dear children, today I ask you to transform your hearts as the purity of water and convert them so they are as the beauty of nature created by God, source of love and compassion.

Be consistent with the requests of praying for the conversion of this humanity, so that the Kingdom of Grace penetrates all the hearts. It is time to repair the heart and the life of many of My children who, far from God, are deviated from the path of the aspiration of finding the Redeeming Kingdom of God, the path and salvation.

Dear children, My Voice will not grow tired of saying that you must change before the time that will come for the world, that you must confess daily with My Son and that you must fulfill the act of reconciliation through the Sacred Communion with His Heart of Peace. If you only place these exercises as essential, the world may reach a longer time of peace.

You must have each one of these acts as something precious and you must do them for all those children who do not do them.

I thank you for your answer!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As a Mother Guardian of the hearts, I bring you to the daily meeting with the Most Beloved Heart of My Son. This loving and good Heart of Love of Jesus must be like an ardent fire in your hearts, a fire that allows you to grow and learn for honor to the Glory of God and for the divine love that the Celestial Father has for each of His children.

Today My little children, I invite you to consider the opportunity that each one of your lives is receiving through My monthly arrival to your hearts, through My announcements of Peace and Redemption.

Because of this dear children, many changes will happen in the world, but they will be more welcome when all united themselves under the Spirit of My Immaculate Heart. For all this I ask you to not worry your thoughts with what God has not revealed to you as a humanity.

Yes, I tell you, dear children, that the enemy’s tricks confuse the hearts that must follow the one purpose of God for this time and that is called: PEACE.
Because of this, beloved children, this peace will be more real and truthful in each of your lives when you practice the prayer of the heart, the confession with My Son, and the fasting for all souls that live very far from God.

I tell you something else My dear children, that you awaken the spirit of hope, so that God’s Good will be a fact for this humanity.

Thus, little children, your hearts may be in God when your actions and your lives correspond to the steps that My Son and My Immaculate Heart will mark for you in this special time of definition.

Envelop your hearts with the mantle of My Peace, so that, protected by My merciful ray which comes from My Glorified Son, I may guide you and follow you closely. May we, for this time in vigil and prayer adore the Heart of Christ, so that He shows you the next path, before His expected return to the world.
All has been announced, but only now the ears must open themselves, the inner ears of the heart.

Thank you for answering My call.

Faith in your hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Rejoice your hearts in the presence of My Son, and because each one of your lives are participating in the Table of the Lord, for this Easter of Christ.

Dear children this is why today I invite you to prepare your lives through true prayer made with the heart; which will allow you to live an Easter of inner communion with Jesus Christ.

This path of reconciliation and merciful forgiveness that you are being called to live is in the name of all of humanity that, during these last times, offends God. To alleviate the Heart of the Most Beloved Father I invite you to experience, during this week of Easter, an unknown state of Peace and Reconciliation through daily prayer.

In this way My children, each of your hearts will commune at the table with My Son, and will be able to witness His Sublime Heart of Peace.

I invite you to pass through Easter once again, because you, as souls of all humanity, need a quick conversion of the heart, so that the Father, in His Infinite Celestial Grace, may manifest His Will through the instruments donated to and transformed by My Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, in truth, if you knew how important is the Easter of the New Era, your hearts would live in profound joy and praise. The presence of My Son, through the sorrowful mysteries, will lead you to understand and to live the episodes that echoed in the Universe with the surrender and the sacrifice of Jesus.

For this My children, may Easter awaken in you the courage to want to be in My Son, in His arms of Mercy.

Dear children, the commitment from each of you is to live this Easter with the heart, then to take the importance of this moment of forgiveness and reconciliation to each of My children.

Confess your hearts with My Son. Live in your lives the Sacred Heart of Christ. Sing in Glory the coming of the Redeemer.

Thank you for answering My call.

Eternal Light to the lives of all My children.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


My little children,

That today may a profound reverence be born from you, preparing your hearts for the days of Easter.  In the exercise of Easter your lives will return to Christ and all the episodes that My Son’s Sacred Heart lived.

Then My children, let us pray so that God fills you with His Graces of Peace and of spiritual reparation for each one of your souls.  Through the prayer made with the heart you may come close to the mysteries of the Passion of Jesus.  For this reason My dear children, you are invited to pass through with My Son through the sacrifice and absolute surrender that His life and His heart donated to the world and to humanity.

Dear children, may this Easter that is coming be a moment of union with Christ and with the Celestial Father so that by merciful love the paths of many souls are led to the Eternal Light of God.

My children, for this, the Easter of this year, is an opportunity to redeem the heart, and  so that each one of your lives surrender in trust to the Supreme Priest of Love.  Follow the steps that My Son will be indicating for this Easter, through prayer and confession.

Dear children, accept the arms that My Son extends to you through His Love and His Forgiveness for the world.

Be all, My children, participants at the Sacred Table of Christ, because in this offer of each one of you, you will be gathering the rest of the souls who live without Father God.

Dear children, the redemption of My Son is for humanity.  All the hearts are on time to convert their lives to Christ, the King of Forgiveness.

Thank you for answering My call.

Reconciliation to all My children.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

My children:

Bless Christ in your prayers, because next month you will be, as a humanity, preparing the coming of Easter.  Celebrate with joy the mystery of the Passion that My Son offered for love to the world.

For this dear children, may this coming Easter be a prayer meeting between your hearts and your lives so that you can accompany the sheep’s Sheppard to the Merciful Face of the Father.

May this Easter prepare your hearts in prayer so that the world, once more, receives the Grace of forgiveness.  Dear children, the Easter during the coming month must lead you to reflection and meditation upon the mysteries of surrender that Christ has made to humanity.  Each episode of Jesus prepares you for the times that is coming and this will strengthen, in your hearts, the union with My Son.

For this My children, you must prepare your dwellings so that Christ can share His Good News in the Last Supper, which all are invited to witness.  Dear children, this path to Easter will allow you to remember how important is the confession of each of you with My Son, so that you may come to the table of My son with purity and love.

Beloved children, the path of Easter prepares you as souls to live in Christ day by day.  This is why My little ones, Easter allows you to grow as hearts and souls before the Mercy of the Redeemer.

Allow, little children, to be led to the experience of Easter during this year of the end of times, so that your hearts may renew the vows that many souls have made to Christ.  But all My children must know that the mystery of the Easter of Christ is the real reason to reconcile with the Celestial Father.  For this, dear children, as humanity needs a great source of Mercy, I ask you to pray with the heart and that you live each one of the mysteries that My Son witnessed out of love for you.

Be real sources of gratitude, because My Heart, for this Easter, wants to take you to the Divine Heart of My Son.

Thank you for answering My call.

Peace in your lives.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


The Five Keys of Conversion

Dear children,

Your souls are as walking pilgrims that must always seek for God. Your feet lead you in search of the path of God. Your hands, always in prayer, elevate you to talk to God.  Your hearts are like the fire that makes the light of the flame spring up to illuminate your path.

For this dear children I Am the Bird of Peace that comes from Heaven to indicate to you the correct way to My Son.  My Immaculate Heart surrendered itself to the world, so that souls may strengthen themselves in faith and in the love from the heart.  My Purity shows you that it is possible to be eternally in God, just as your lives are here on Earth.  The path for each of My children must be the constant aspiration to live in the Heart of My Son, who has also offered himself in life and in spirit for the redemption of the world.

In Christ you may find the fortress so that your lives are set free from the obstacles and may be permeated by the Victorious Light of God.

I want to tell you, My dears, with all these messages, that your hearts live and will live more in My Son when, in the faith of each heart, they may see that the path to Heaven is possible for all.

To come into the Kingdom of My Son, day by day you must live the conversion of the heart.  And with that I want to say, dear children, that you must take these five keys to redemption and forgiveness:

1 – Fasting done out of love.

2 – Charity towards your neighbor.

3 – Prayer as a source of renewal.

4 – Reading the Holy Gospels.

5 – Confession to My Son.

This exercise will allow you to know, My children, at which point and at which moment is the conversion of your heart.  Because then My dears, each one of you will be able to show yourselves as a real soul of God, as a worthy son or as a worthy daughter of God.

It is time to repair the heart!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear children:

My call comes from the Heart as Mother and Guardian of all souls. My hope is the salvation of all and the eternal peace in the world, so that God may reign in the creative life of this universe to which you belong.

For this beloved children, remember today two spiritual exercises that will help you during this cycle of changes in the world:

- The inner adoration to the Most Holy Heart of Christ. In the adoration of My Son you will find the bases to strengthen the forgiveness and love in your hearts.

-Confession done with the heart, which will take you to the truth and to the forgiveness of all faults committed to the Lord.

For this dear children, I reveal to you the power of Grace, so that you can see and feel that the hour of reconciliation for the whole world has arrived. If you live under the cloak of prayer, the Graces that will come through the conversion will be greater, and that way you will be living in a renewed faith.

The sacrament of confession allows you as souls to be in the presence of God and of My Son without fear, with courage to forgive what is still not mature in your hearts. The confession done with your heart will be able to liberate the world from its own weight, and then there will be one feeling less in your hearts that could make you suffer. So thus dear children, you will give life to your talents and will wake up to the new life in the Kingdom of God.

Little children: confession and adoration will elevate you as souls; and so more Graces will be spilled over all the children who still do not live in God the Father. For this, the true forgiveness, given first to each one of you, will help, in order that the light of wisdom of My Son gets to the hearts of those children, so that they live in peace.

Dear children: all the sacraments are there to be lived, because they are sacraments of the heart, that construct the new redeemed soul. The first step is the opening of your hearts, so that later the Mercy of My Son descends.

May you live in the Mercy and clamor for the Divine Mercy, it is the essential source of forgiveness.

I protect you always with maternal love,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


These are times of spiritual needs, but also of material ones.

These are times when only the opening of the heart and willingness will allow for bringing healing and redemption for souls.

Therefore, this is the time for embracing the needs of those who suffer, as well as welcoming those who have never been loved.

This is the time for expressing that which each heart holds, in order to awaken good, peace and solidarity.

In this sense, I wish to tell you that just as the seasons change, the needs of the souls also change.

For this reason, through the pilgrimages, I take you and place you before meeting all needs, mainly those that require greater love and forgiveness.

This is why the experience with the Sacraments during these last years have represented the possibility that all could learn to avail themselves of the Christic Love, in order to know how to share it and give it, in the same way that I give you My Heart as a safe refuge.

Thus, I wish to tell you that only during the pilgrimages, beginning with the next meeting of prayer for the Amazon, pilgrims shall be welcomed and, according to their needs, they may approach one of the Sacraments in order to receive it.

For this, as from the next month, the 4th shall be eliminated and on the 5th and 6th, during the process of the Marathon during the morning, Sacraments shall be offered to those who need them.

In this way, two or three confessionals, two spaces for the Sacrament of Baptism as well as for Foot-Washing, and one space for the Sacrament of Anointing and the Anointing of the sick shall be placed.

Thus, while the exercise of the Marathon is taking place, the spiritual needs of souls will be served, and at the same time souls will receive the Graces they need.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.