Children of My Eternal Father:

The universe is in your hands, it is enough only to see how many Divine Graces you have received in the passing of recent times.

For this today I tell you that you should not upset your hearts for what you still resist to change, but that by venerating the Father who is in the Heavens you open your eyes and contemplate the infinitude of the greater universe. Towards there you must direct yourself without delay but with hurry because many look down, look to the world, to themselves and forget that the truth of the Whole is found through My Heart of Peace.

I know about your feelings, I know about your thoughts, the Shepherd knows well His sheep and knows what each one of them need. For the sheep to grow strong and wise it must trust first in its Shepherd because the Shepherd will guide it, will free it from the wiles of the ferocious wolf who only wants to torment it on the path.

In each test count on My Confession, count on My Relief, on My total Liberation of any feeling of bitterness. You just tell me yes and there I will be to show you the way out.

But you must remember today the rule of love because without love for God there will be no transformation. The soul who consecrates itself must contemplate with love what it does, without conceit. It must seek the path of humility in order to recognize that without My Father it will be nothing. My Lord gives all to it, even the most insignificant things. All comes from the Source of Good and of Truth.

For this seek to be, for the longest time possible, united to this Source, even when your beings manifest to you opposite feeling and reactions. Like good vigilantes of My Call, aid all the needs of the souls because behind all My Spirit will be present. Each sign tells you a little more each day.

Under the Grace of the Spirit of God, be blessed.

Thank you for contemplating My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Every time you get tired of something in you which must be transformed, and you finally surrender your being, realizing that your actions are fruits of your own inner world and not the consequences of attitudes of your neighbor, then, child, you take a new step towards spiritual maturity.

Even though it may seem that you always repent the same things, it is never the same. Transformation keeps deepening within your consciousness.

May your heart not be anguished for confessing the same things, but rather may your soul rejoice for perceiving that which is there to be transformed, not remaining in ignorance, in illusion nor in darkness.

Do not grieve when perceiving the same miseries that need to be liberated, but rather pull more deeply at the roots of human atavism which dwell in you, until this can be liberated from your consciousness and, in consequence, from the entire human consciousness.

I do not say that you will find joy as you perceive the mud that exists within you, but it will relieve your soul and your heart with the determination of transformation and the victory of surrendering to God.

Walk with love towards the goal that you see before your eyes. I will always help you get there.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Pray, uniting your heart to the Heart of God because, in these times of spiritual battle, this is what the beings need most.

Pray, not only formally, but pray in dialogue and confession with your Creator, with certainty that He listens attentively to your pleas. Be silent to hear from God His answer. Enter into quietude to feel His Presence and, through profound gratitude, open the doors of the world and of the hearts of human beings for Him to send His Peace.

Make your life a prayer, respecting your neighbor, being patient, thanking for the presence of God in your brothers and sisters.

Make your life a prayer, serving and loving those who are around you and those who are far from you.

Do not fear to cross the threshold of a new time. Let this time live within you, uniting yourself to God forever.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Sometimes, in order to carry peace into the world, you lose the peace within you, because constant sacrifice and surrender cause your most hidden resistances to emerge, your most retrograde condition to come to the light and be freed from your inner unconscious world. This, child, is also part of the service you provide to humanity and to this planet, in the name of Christ.

Inner peace must be gained every day. Union with God must be built and rebuilt in each instant. In these times, in which humanity is in the center of a battle that defines evolution of all of Divine Creation, every day consciousnesses are targets of the untiring stimuli of the life of illusion so that they do not move forward in their awakening, so that they do not deepen their union with God, but rather that they retreat or at least stand still in the point they are in.

Thus, child, calmly observe this moment, be aware that the tests of this time are unknown to all of Creation and, every day, as long as you can, remember the purpose of your life and of your consecration; gradually rebuild your connection with God and do not stop trying to reach the Father. Build a dialogue with Him within you, a sincere confession of your weaknesses, not to re-affirm them, but rather to transform them and release them from your heart.

Feel how confession to God cleans your heart and you begin to return to the Father, feeling yourself to be worthy of His Presence. Do this every day. Do this every time you remember to.

Think of the mirror of your heart and unite it with the Mirrors of the Cosmos, with a simple thought. Think of the Essence of God and feel that it is within you. Think of higher life, of universal life, and feel how it is waiting for you.

Renew your strength in the little things, because it is also there where the enemy is looking at your evolution and at your union with God.

Pray and find peace again every day.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Saint Joseph transmitted in the city of Frankfurt, Germany, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

To find God, children, it is enough to be sincere of heart, truthful and transparent.

Washed by the Mercy, which descends upon your souls, when you confess with God and you surrender to Him, this is when you will be ready to cross your own inner doors and enter into His Kingdom.

It is not enough to want to know, to understand or to acquire divine knowledge in order to enhance your human personalities because, in this way, children, your minds will be full of half-truths that mankind may achieve, but empty of Wisdom and of the Gift of Discernment and Divine Science.

To want to know is a step, but it is not the treaded path. To want to be is another step, which also does not complete your destiny. To surrender to God in humility is more than a step, it is a key which opens the door for the encounter with the Redeemer and with the Creator of all things.

Therefore, I teach you about humility, before revealing to you the divine sciences. Therefore, I speak to you about surrender, before speaking about knowledge; I speak to you about love, before understanding; I speak to you about faith, before the revelation of the Truth.

In order to go through the narrow door of union with the Father, you must first remove from yourselves the many layers that do not allow you cross it. And this, children, happens through the Sacrament of confession, transparency, humility and the surrender before God.

You have My blessing to tread this path.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Enter into prayer and cry out to the Father so that He opens the doors of His Kingdom within your own heart. 

Place your attention in the depths of your essence and, as one who returns to his parents' house after a very long time, go with joy to meet your Creator. Feel His Love waiting for you; feel the spiritual warmth of His Presence. His Mercy fills all the spaces of your being.

Get onto your knees at the Feet of God and embrace Him spiritually. Tell His Heart your most sincere confession, repenting of your most hidden sins, and ask the Father for the Grace of being in Him and with Him, at each moment of life.

Receive the balm of the forgiveness of God and strengthen your faith. Then, cry out with a pure heart for those who most need it in this world. Do not forget to pray for the Kingdoms of Nature and for the sinful souls who get lost in the abysses of their own ignorance.

Ask the Father in the name of all life, of all human consciousness, that the light of His Wisdom permeate His Creation through His divine Mirrors, and that this same light may be reflected onto you.

Understand, child, that at the feet of God,  in your essence, is kept the key for the transformation of all things. Do not seek outside of yourself for the relief of your heart, when within you is found the door to be in God.

Receive from Him the blessings for the concretization of His Plan and, more than that, to intercede for this world.

Return then, to the House of the Father with your heart in peace, in the certainty that your consciousness remains there, for He is in you. Live in God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Daily Message received in the city of Fatima, Portugal, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Take the rosary in your hands and pray for this world.

Kneel down before the Tabernacle and pray for this world.

Adore the Eucharistic Body of the Lord, by praying for this world.

Confess with Christ and with God, cleaning your heart so that all hearts become cleane through you.

Renounce distractions and human desires so that the world may attain peace.

Give an example of service, in the silence of your heart, to offer reparation to God.

Let your life no longer be for you. Do not lose yourself in the labyrinths of your mind and of human temptations.

Unite to your brothers and sisters to establish peace. Pray for the holiness of your fellow being, of all beings. Be in your life a path for others to find God.

Do not be temptation and distraction for your brothers and sisters. Be peace and unity with God.

Renounce yourself and embrace the challenge of the void.

Make of yourself, each day more, an instrument of the Creator, because the world needs it.

Your Father and Friend,

The most chaste Saint Joseph


Enter into dialogue with God every day, place yourself before the Father in confession and ask to remain in His Grace.

Child, human beings are on their way to express what they truly are, during an intense purification of centuries of existence, almost always permeated by illusion and deceit.

Do not allow your being to remain immersed in the superficialities and miseries when you have the possibility to transmute and sublimate these energies, if only you are willing to be humble before God.

Talk to your Creator. Look for the perfect thought that He emanated by idealizing your being. Feel the sublime Love of the Father and the perfect purpose that He still expects you to express.

Be willing to find within yourself the Divine Will. May the presence of God, His Universe, His Infinite, no longer be mere theories and knowledge for you.

Let your being experience that which cannot be explained and which is not in any sacred book, because those who have experienced it, can only be silenced.

It is time to deepen and not to regress. It is time to decide to take the steps in the right direction and not to follow the known paths that give you a false sense of security.

In this time, everything must be new. The unknown awaits for you to reveal its mysteries. And that which has always been silent in your heart will finally be able to express its truth. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Peace, child, is the state that your heart reaches when united to the Truth of God.

Peace is the unalterable state that is born from the certainty of a superior reality that transcends the human existence.

Peace is a state that awakens or is born in the hearts when they open themselves to love and to know the Plan of God, recognizing its greatness and perfection and, as a consequence, recognizing the human smallness.

Peace is a state that the heart finds when it knows it is fulfilling its part every day and that it does everything that it can for the evolution of the beings, for the awakening of love, for the expansion of fraternity.

When the heart is not at peace, it is not because peace is lacking in the world, it is not because God deprives it of peace; it is the very being that moves away from it for knowing it is at fault, for knowing that it is not doing everything that it could, for knowing that it is not giving all of itself.

Discover the path to peace through transparency, sincerity, truth, donation.

The heart that confesses finds peace because it returns to the Truth, because it strips its lies and vanities before God and renews itself, it becomes worthy of recognizing peace, of being in it and of multiplying it.

The world is in chaos, in pain and in suffering. The souls are in agony, in definition, in fear, but it is possible, in spite of all that, to be in peace, to find it and live it, because peace does not depend on the world, it depends only on you.

Peace is not the end of wars and of a humanity living according to its tendencies and superficial needs, because a heart can have everything, all the things it desires, not live among conflicts and, even so, not know, not find and not live peace.

Peace is an inner state, fruit of the union with God and of the transparency before Him.

Therefore, child, today I invite you to rediscover the peace within you, confessing your miseries before God, stripping your characters to give place to an unknown transparency that is the door for the true freedom.

Experience being free in a world that has become captive of itself.  Experience being in peace and being an instrument so that God can make the world recognize peace through you.


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