Monday, February 4 of 2013

Daily messages

Children of My Eternal Father:

The universe is in your hands, it is enough only to see how many Divine Graces you have received in the passing of recent times.

For this today I tell you that you should not upset your hearts for what you still resist to change, but that by venerating the Father who is in the Heavens you open your eyes and contemplate the infinitude of the greater universe. Towards there you must direct yourself without delay but with hurry because many look down, look to the world, to themselves and forget that the truth of the Whole is found through My Heart of Peace.

I know about your feelings, I know about your thoughts, the Shepherd knows well His sheep and knows what each one of them need. For the sheep to grow strong and wise it must trust first in its Shepherd because the Shepherd will guide it, will free it from the wiles of the ferocious wolf who only wants to torment it on the path.

In each test count on My Confession, count on My Relief, on My total Liberation of any feeling of bitterness. You just tell me yes and there I will be to show you the way out.

But you must remember today the rule of love because without love for God there will be no transformation. The soul who consecrates itself must contemplate with love what it does, without conceit. It must seek the path of humility in order to recognize that without My Father it will be nothing. My Lord gives all to it, even the most insignificant things. All comes from the Source of Good and of Truth.

For this seek to be, for the longest time possible, united to this Source, even when your beings manifest to you opposite feeling and reactions. Like good vigilantes of My Call, aid all the needs of the souls because behind all My Spirit will be present. Each sign tells you a little more each day.

Under the Grace of the Spirit of God, be blessed.

Thank you for contemplating My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.