Friday, September 21 of 2018

Daily messages

Songs of Figueira – “The Kingdom”

In this song, Jose Trigueirinho revealed, in simple words, the power of many mysteries.

The Kingdom is announced within each being. It is the first sign that, in the end times, the contact with high levels of consciousness will be the master key to the great upcoming revelations.

Also, in this song, Jose Trigueirinho, through his soul, reveals the coming of the Redeemer and Savior for the second time. He announces the coming of Christ by means of public Apparitions, which will bring the manifestation of the Kingdom in its different planes of consciousness.

The song, in its beginning, talks about the false christs, those who promise changes, benefits and material advancements and do not fulfill them.

The song warns about the attention that each spiritual being must have in order not to be confused; just as it also reveals the presence of creatures on the Earth that will announce themselves, using the name of Jesus, to promote and benefit themselves.

Thus, the Son of God returns for the second time to teach the truths of the Kingdom, based on the existence of a universal life, filled with all the saving principles of the Dwellings of the Father.

In this sense, these truths that will be revealed will demystify the false christs and will place all the consciousness of humanity before what is true and comes from the Hierarchy.

For this reason, the song also announces that Heaven and Earth shall pass, but the Kingdom will remain alive and immutable in the heart of those who believe and aspire to the reality of the stars.

According to the song, all the impulses that the Son of God will bring will awaken and will be shown in the experience of the Communities-of-Light and group life. And this will go beyond, it will touch the inner world of other beings and other nations, that will be attracted to drink from the same fountain.

For this reason, at the end of the song, it is announced that the Kingdom will remain, although Heaven and Earth may pass away. This means that the spiritual treasures of the Universal Hierarchy will be available and latent in the heart of each server and true follower of Christ.

This will renew the times and will unite the consciousnesses even more, which, in spite of their nations or of their languages, will unite in the same purpose to fulfill a single mission. These will be those who, as the song says, will see the Son coming among the clouds.

Here it refers to the cycle of Apparitions of Christ, from the year 2013 to the current days. It refers to all the impulses that will come to nourish the consciousness with high evolutionary vibrations. This will shine in an evident way in the gaze and the heart of all those who adhere to the call of the Hierarchy.

The song “The Kingdom” is the synthesis of the mission that Christ, the Beloved Son, would fulfill, in the end of times, within a region of the planet and with a part of humanity.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus