Sunday, February 3 of 2013

Daily messages

I come all of the days to this world to free you from sin and from perdition, to take you through the path of faith. I come to the world all of the days to give you My absolute and immense Peace that must be lived as the only hope that will strengthen you and save you.

Dears, with eyes of kindness and mercy I come on this day to announce to you My Path, My Truth and My Life, that which you must seek above all, leaving behind your mistakes and tests.

My Heart comes to redeem the hearts and souls, lives and experiences of the many who passed through this school of love and forgiveness. I come to the world not as a judge, but as the King of your hearts who hopes to find you happy, including in the mistakes, loving as well the equivocation and walking even in the paths that will look uncertain to you.

I Am the Light for the world, I Am the Divine Spirit who lightens your deepest spaces to redeem you and consecrate you all of the days. I know the talent of each one of My Children; I know what each one can give me despite the indifferences that life presents to us.

I want to form in you the renovated and loving hearts that simply may learn to live in My Mercy. I Am with you all of the days because your souls need to feed the essences with the Light of My Redeeming Love. When you start to live in My Redeeming Love your souls will quench the thirst that they have of being longer in My Peace, in My Savior Love.

As Shepherd I guide your steps, including those that you still have not been able to transcend for some reason. I want to see you smiling at life to relief the suffering in the world. I want to see you awaken to the Spirit, to wake up in this way many sleeping souls. I want to see you loving so that in this way you may recognize My Apostolate.

Under the One and Only Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.