Friday, April 10 of 2020

Special Apparition

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

For the planetary task that Our Lord is carrying out at this moment, at His request we will intone "Adon Olam."

We invite those who are listening to stand up so as to accompany Our Lord in this planetary task.

Song: "Adon Olam."

You knew a fragile man as Jesus, who carried the heavy wood of the Cross and that, as a human being in spite of His divine and cosmic powers, gave Himself for each one of you so that you would not have to endure and suffer. If more than two thousand years later humanity continues to endure and suffer, it is a consequence of its actions and roles.

The Almighty incarnated on Earth through His Son so that humanity would not have to endure ever again.

The Almighty incarnated as a man and as a consciousness as you did, and reduced His grand vibrations of Light in order to be able to be among the human beings of this Earth.

The incarnation of the Son of God and the sorrowful Passion of Christ meant important times for humanity. Through the incarnation of the Son, humanity was able to recover the path toward its original purity, the original purity that was thought of at the genesis of the Human Genetic Project. But that incarnation of the Son of God also brought an end to an unending chain of errors.

The Eternal Father Himself knew that no matter if He incarnated on Earth and brought an awareness of Love-Wisdom, that victory would not be completed, because there would be human beings that would have doubt about His Presence and Power, and even after the Passion of Christ, this happened in many human beings.

The incarnation of the Son of God through the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity brought an end to many errors from the past that up until then, in the history of humanity, would have caused the Human Genetic Project to succumb forever, even with having had the presence of the Patriarchs and the Prophets. 

But not all civilizations and races made a mistake; the adversary took charge of being able to distort some of those races that were present in humanity.

From the Adams and Eves up until Atlantis, humanity had to learn, as they have done until today, to remedy the errors committed in order to be able to again achieve the power of Grace and Mercy.

That was the main reason for the incarnation of the Son of God, which generated and made space for His second and important task, the Passion of Christ, which took place on many levels and planes of consciousness, from the cosmic spiritual to the most material and concrete plane.

The whole consciousness of God participated in all these mysteries and events, as well as different groups of souls and consciousnesses that, even though they were not incarnated in that time, participated in these events because they needed them in order to be present in future times such as this.

For this reason, Christ not only endured on the physical plane, but also on the plane of the soul and on the spiritual plane. The powerful Passion of Christ, which for many was a defeat, changed into a victory on the inner planes since, through the power of the prayer of the Mother of God, as well as the prayer of the holy women and some of the apostles, this allowed the gathering of the greatest number of consciousnesses possible, that on different planes of consciousnesses needed the energy of redemption.

Each suffering experienced by your Master and Lord, from the evening of Holy Thursday in the Garden of Gethsemane up until the death on Friday, on the heights of Mount Calvary, were unique and unforgettable offerings for all of humanity and the planet.

Through that sorrowful and profound Passion of your Master and Lord, many future planetary situations were contained, many future generations were protected in order to not experience a deviation from the Original Project.

And even though today this has been completely distorted by indifference and omission, many more were present over the course of time and returned many times to this world as servers, servants, disciples and apostles to be present in collaboration and in service to humanity.

Certain groups of souls, which achieved the experience of Christic Love, offered themselves in a way like their Master to be immersed in this humanity and in different peoples and nations of the world, to bring a continuity to the Genetic Project of God which, at this time and at this hour, are experiencing its great opportunity for correction.

Considering the entire history of the errors that occurred, from the death of the Son of God up until the present, to be amended by the power of the devotion of all My companions, by the power of those who adore the Eucharistic Body of Christ and by those who support the life of service and charity, we are in the time and at the hour for fulfilling the promises and the aspirations of the One, which have been present through the archangels and angels since Genesis.

And so, the sorrowful Passion of Christ was not only an event and a story that humanity may know about. Many planes of consciousness participated in this event; for this reason, I had to withdraw for forty days into the desert, since My most material aspect needed to prepare for that moment, even during the three years of preaching, in which humanity needed to learn to recognize the truth and identify it in order not to be lost on the way toward the Light and the Good.

For this reason, the Passion of Christ is an occurrence that will never be erased from the consciousness of the planet; it is an occurrence that can always be re-experienced and remembered as many times as you need in order to move forward in your process of purification and redemption. This way, in these events are the codes of light that you need to achieve your spiritual, cosmic and inner liberation.

With all of this I want to tell you, companions, that you must focus your awareness on the extent of that which the sorrowful Passion of Christ meant, and how many consciousnesses on the inner plans participated in the redemption of more consciousnesses that were condemned to complete damnation.

Thus, the Passion was so sorrowful because it was to overcome all the planes of consciousness. And that Passion, lived by your Lord and Master, was to reach the physical plane and the cosmic spiritual plane with His experience, where everything that happened was to remain recorded so that humanity could learn to not commit the same errors because of it having given up the Son of Man on the Cross.

The time of the sorrowful Passion of Christ today unites with this material time and this present time, in which the whole human race is faced with the opportunity of availing itself of this occurrence, which remained recorded in the deepest core of the Earth through the Blood that was poured out by your Master and Lord.

It is now when the Armageddon is present in the world that consciousnesses must be awakened for their preparation in order to be updated on the events and to participate in the preparations for the Return of Christ.

The Cross of the Redeemer will always protect you, save you and bring you the inner strength to be able to renew all things.

This is why the Holy Cross has not been erased from the memory of the planet; because it was the tree of God that was surrendering its fruits to humanity through the sacrifice of the Son of Man.

This is the time to be affirmed in this legacy that I gave you, because more intense times will come and your consciousnesses must not hesitate. You must be firm and decided to be able to follow Me until completing that which I expect from each one of you. This is also the reason for which I am here today.

Today you are experiencing communion with My Spirit through the recognition of the sorrowful Passion of Jesus, from which your souls can gather the fruits and the merits that the precious poured Blood of Jesus achieved for humanity.

Now humanity must cease its self-destruction, and instead it must rebuild in a spiritual, mental and material way, to recover its filiation with Creation through these divine merits that I give the world, merits that will always give you the freedom to be in communion with the Father.

Today I will anoint you to be able to anoint humanity, in the same way that the holy women anointed all of My Body, preparing It for My burial, which after three days would show the world the power of the Resurrection.

Through this anointing that I will offer to you today, I will also anoint the whole world. I will give you the power of the spiritual Resurrection for the definitive times that will come, and through this anointing, which My holy women will do today in you, you will remember that you can always feel yourselves to be anointed by the glorious Presence of your Master and Lord.

This anointing comes to close the spiritual wounds of humanity, mental and material wounds, so that all may be regenerated and the awaited preparation may begin for the emergence of a new humanity, free of indifference and affirmed in Love, in the Love of God.

We will bring four jars of anointing oil here so that the Lord may consecrate them, in the same way that He will consecrate all the crosses that we have brought here to affirm our commitment to Him and His eternal union with each soul.

For this reason, from where we are, we will offer our cross, so that our cross may be alleviated and the cross of humanity may be alleviated of sickness, wars, persecution, political and humanitarian crises, indifference, the lack of love, the lawlessness and the evil that many souls practice because they are ignorant of the Love of God.

For this reason and motive, we will offer our crosses so that the world may achieve healing and peace. Amen.

Bless, o Lord, the cross that You have given each of Your children, so that it not be a weight or an agony but rather a constant perseverance of the triumph of Your Love through transformation and redemption.

"Through Your Grace and Mercy, place on these crosses the merits that Your Son achieved from the Garden of Gethsemane up to the heights of Mount Calvary, so that souls may feel fortitude in these times, so that any fear may be dissolved, and Your creatures be filled by the abundant trust of Your merciful Heart. And in this way, just as today you bless and anoint these crosses with Your Spirit, bless and anoint, beloved Father, each one of their families and loved ones, so that the great network of Your Mercy and Your Peace may be united and alive in the hearts of those who believe in My Return to humanity. Amen."

Let us lift up our crosses so that the Lord may bless them through the powerful Light of His Wounds. We can bring our crosses to our hearts.

Now we will move on to the blessing of the oil, of the four oils that Our Lord requested and that represent the four principal races of the planet: the race of the Americas, the race of Africa, the race of Europe, and the race of Asia and Oceania.

We open ourselves to this spiritual anointment and for this material anointment, which we will receive through the Mothers of Christ, in the name of humanity and of this Genetic Project, which must be accomplished through all the self-summoned.

Through the anointing which each of us will receive at this moment, it will also be permitted that all those who are behind us on the spiritual path and are waiting to enter this stream and Work of Love of the Christ, may have the opportunity of being participants in the Presence of the Divine Hierarchy.

So while we are anointed at this time, let us keep in mind all those who are behind each of us and are waiting for their awakening and redemption, in the same way that throughout time we are redeemed and anointed by the spiritual Love of Christ.

Mother María Shimani and Friar Joaquín.

Mother María del Salvador and Friar Luciano.

Mother María Getsemaní and Friar Ariel.

Mother Zorobabel and Friar Gabriel Pío.

And before beginning this anointing, which will attempt to bring a spiritual healing to humanity through the four races represented on our planet, each one of us, even though not present here in this place or in this Marian Center, will make our inner offering through a minute of silence, so that peace and healing may be reached in humanity.

We make our offering in silence; and we make this offering, at the request of Christ, for all those who have died because of the current pandemic. We ask for healing, Mercy and forgiveness. We make our offering for these souls.

I lift up your intentions to Heaven so that the Celestial Father may contemplate them within His Source. May this spiritual and inner anointing bring all the results that humanity needs at this time.

For those who have unjustly endured, may the Father have Mercy.

For those who are unjustly suffering, may the Father have Mercy.

For those who are enduring illness, desolation or death while alone, may the Father have Mercy.

For the small and most innocent, for those who are trafficked, exploited and sold, may the Father have Mercy.

For all the unborn children, which are millions in the world, may the Father have Mercy.

May peace, renewal and faith awaken in all hearts.

So be it.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And so we say goodbye to Our Lord. And for His request for this Sacrament of Anointing, we will repeat the song that we heard at the beginning of this work: "The Power of the Blood of Jesus."