Monday, April 23 of 2012

Daily messages

As a Mother Guardian of the hearts, I bring you to the daily meeting with the Most Beloved Heart of My Son. This loving and good Heart of Love of Jesus must be like an ardent fire in your hearts, a fire that allows you to grow and learn for honor to the Glory of God and for the divine love that the Celestial Father has for each of His children.

Today My little children, I invite you to consider the opportunity that each one of your lives is receiving through My monthly arrival to your hearts, through My announcements of Peace and Redemption.

Because of this dear children, many changes will happen in the world, but they will be more welcome when all united themselves under the Spirit of My Immaculate Heart. For all this I ask you to not worry your thoughts with what God has not revealed to you as a humanity.

Yes, I tell you, dear children, that the enemy’s tricks confuse the hearts that must follow the one purpose of God for this time and that is called: PEACE.
Because of this, beloved children, this peace will be more real and truthful in each of your lives when you practice the prayer of the heart, the confession with My Son, and the fasting for all souls that live very far from God.

I tell you something else My dear children, that you awaken the spirit of hope, so that God’s Good will be a fact for this humanity.

Thus, little children, your hearts may be in God when your actions and your lives correspond to the steps that My Son and My Immaculate Heart will mark for you in this special time of definition.

Envelop your hearts with the mantle of My Peace, so that, protected by My merciful ray which comes from My Glorified Son, I may guide you and follow you closely. May we, for this time in vigil and prayer adore the Heart of Christ, so that He shows you the next path, before His expected return to the world.
All has been announced, but only now the ears must open themselves, the inner ears of the heart.

Thank you for answering My call.

Faith in your hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.