Friday, June 29 of 2012

Daily messages

Do not fear facing God. He loves you. My Son contemplates you and I protect you under My protective mantle. God knows your skills and virtues, Christ knows the power of the talents and My Heart helps all those who, with the love of the heart, call Me.

For this dear children, may today prevail within you the joy of living in God and donating oneself to God. Every mistake the world makes can be forgiven. For this do not look back anymore, see the celestial hope that arises on the horizon.

Only leave your hearts open so that the Holy Spirit may fill you and purify you. It is necessary My children, to keep a pure heart so that feelings and thoughts before God are pure. Do not be afflicted by what you see is yet to transform, the life of consecration is eternal and everything starts now.

Be carriers of the joy of My Maternal Heart because the world needs relief and you can help with prayer. Elevate consciousness to the Door of Heaven, ask compassionately for mercy, My Son will hear you because His Rays are still over the world.

Build with your hands build the bridge to the prayer of the heart. If you have fallen, I will lift you, if your hearts are in despair, I will cheer you up.

God is everything for your lives, God is love and truth for your hearts. Today stay with Jesus because His Sacred Heart will relieve you and restore you with the compassion He has.

Accept the time of mercy that is still left and be courageous praying soldiers willing to consecrate life to the Love of God, the Only One for everybody.

I hear your prayers when they are born in the essence of the heart. Rise as Jesus said, and do not faint. Be spirits in transformation.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.