The daily presence of My Son in this cycle is to reinforce the warning about an immediate change in the consciousness of humanity, before everything is rapidly unleashed.

That is why, children, a conscious and responsible attitude in the face of the events of life on the planet will be important.

It will be necessary that, every day, humanity, as a civilization, review within itself everything it does; this will allow it to mature and be more prepared to face the coming times. That revision must be full of reflection and maturity so that it may have a positive effect on the consciousness.

In this way, from a large part of the race, will be born spirits, more willing to reverse what the majority commits against the spiritual and physical evolution of the planet.

It is time for each human being to become responsible for everything they do, capable of seeking inner and spirituals means to reverse all things in order to generate a global equilibrium that is lacking at this time.

This step will help in the manifestation of a New Humanity.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



The times for maturing the consciousness have come.  Nothing will remain hidden from you any longer.

For this, time indicates the moment of reflection, because by being trained by My Divine Spirit you will face the challenges of growing up and of learning.

On this path of transformation in which you are placed, you will learn to recognize what is good within you, that is, your deepest virtues.  You will also be able to recognize, whenever you permit, everything that no longer forms part of the Great Kingdom of God.

So that you, children, may divinize your lives, the purification cycle will notoriously set the moment of liberating yourselves from the unconscious obstacles.  The prayer made with the heart will show you the starting point to begin to work internally with the aspects related to the capital principles in this world.

By loving your purification, your consciousnesses will no longer complain, and your souls, united to God, will help, with your intimate permission, so that the times may first change within you before changing in the whole world.

You are invited to the search for the detachment of oneself and for the renouncement of human pleasures that have led and lead millions of souls to the abyss of temptation and chaos.

But you, children of Mine, with the spiritual consciousness that you have received through the sacred instruction, will be able to purify yourselves and to banish the customs that form part of the degeneration of the unspiritualized humanity.

My rays of light are poured over you today and a great mirror of consciousness reflects for all whatever must change in time, before the moment of the transition.

You are being called to get to know yourselves and to identify the situations that awaken and generate the obstacles, which as a consequence, prevent you to be able to take more steps.

Children, the root of every difficulty lies in the lack of control and in the impossibility that the spirit of each being has of expanding as it has been predicted that it would do in this world.

The whole humanity has become the result of a failed spiritual and mental act that was born out of the lack of obedience and love that Adam and Eve expressed in the beginning of this Earth.  For this, the Eternal Father has been fair and also very merciful with all.

Dear children,

I open up again My merciful arms and with perpetual prayer between My lips, today I invite you to live My message, today I invite you to consider each one of My words, those that have yet been pronounced during these last months.

Dear children, if thus you do this, you may be the instruments of God, you could be the living message for each heart in the world. This will allow that each one of My words will be spread in your hearts.

Dear children, know that as Intercessor for all of the souls, the divine message that I give you you lovingly every day is a message of light that comes from Heaven.

Dear children, today I want not only that you awake to the maternal call, but also that you remember that each one of My words arrives to your lives to give to you the Forgiveness, the Reconciliation, the Mercy, the Divine Love and the Redemption for these last times.

As the Mother of Jesus, the great Sacerdote of Love, I want to teach you to read the messages, I want to teach you to medítate on My messages, and I want to teach you to interiorize My words in your heats.

Dear children, My Immaculate Heart has spoken so much across these centuries to this humanity, spoken to help you to remember that God is your only and true aspiration for all eternity.

But still my little children, a great part of humanity is blind and closes its own heart to the gifts of life that are represented by My Son, and still more, it little accepts Mercy.

For this, dear children, your prayer must help to restore all these events, so that your hearts, as mediators, may receive a Major Grace of forgiveness.

Dear children, when you feel My messages, your souls will be in eternal prayer. Meanwhile the world changes rapidly and without detaining itself in reflection. My Immaculate Heart is offered to each one of you, so that united in prayer, we will change in the Grace of God, the path of Humanity.

Dear children, remember to feel my words with the love of your hearts, to allow the light of the Holy Spirit from the infinite Heart of God upon all of humanity.

Pray for this time of emergency, pray for the presence of Peace.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

My children:

Bless Christ in your prayers, because next month you will be, as a humanity, preparing the coming of Easter.  Celebrate with joy the mystery of the Passion that My Son offered for love to the world.

For this dear children, may this coming Easter be a prayer meeting between your hearts and your lives so that you can accompany the sheep’s Sheppard to the Merciful Face of the Father.

May this Easter prepare your hearts in prayer so that the world, once more, receives the Grace of forgiveness.  Dear children, the Easter during the coming month must lead you to reflection and meditation upon the mysteries of surrender that Christ has made to humanity.  Each episode of Jesus prepares you for the times that is coming and this will strengthen, in your hearts, the union with My Son.

For this My children, you must prepare your dwellings so that Christ can share His Good News in the Last Supper, which all are invited to witness.  Dear children, this path to Easter will allow you to remember how important is the confession of each of you with My Son, so that you may come to the table of My son with purity and love.

Beloved children, the path of Easter prepares you as souls to live in Christ day by day.  This is why My little ones, Easter allows you to grow as hearts and souls before the Mercy of the Redeemer.

Allow, little children, to be led to the experience of Easter during this year of the end of times, so that your hearts may renew the vows that many souls have made to Christ.  But all My children must know that the mystery of the Easter of Christ is the real reason to reconcile with the Celestial Father.  For this, dear children, as humanity needs a great source of Mercy, I ask you to pray with the heart and that you live each one of the mysteries that My Son witnessed out of love for you.

Be real sources of gratitude, because My Heart, for this Easter, wants to take you to the Divine Heart of My Son.

Thank you for answering My call.

Peace in your lives.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


Find My Heart in each one of your hearts. Find the Light in your essences and see the purity of My Love that strengthens you day by day.

Dear children: today I invite you to meditate on the Mystery of the Transfiguration of Jesus. In this mystery, which can be contemplated through prayer, you should meditate on the signal that was manifested in the experience that Jesus lived next to His apostles. The apostles represent the heart of humanity that throughout time follows the voice and instruction of the Master.

My Son is for you the Flame of Life that allows you make steps in the consecration of your hearts to God. For this dear children, as humanity you were participants of the Divine Mystery of the Transfiguration, a mystery that today I invite you to remember. Take in your hearts the signal of this divine mystery, that will take you to discover a profound surrender and a constant transformation of your hearts.

The apostles as human beings were witnesses of the infinite mystery of the love that My Son lived and lives with His Universal Father. For this little children, the apostles were called to find, in the depths of their hearts, the truth of the divine existence and the presence of a Major and Omnipotent Father among the creatures.

Jesus the teacher prepared them as humanity on the awakening path of the Only Consciousness.

For this dear children, I guide you as My Son did with the apostles, towards the encounter of the only universal truth of God. Through the path of prayer you will be able, as Jesus, to transfigure life into something more immaculate for God and in this way your souls, as instruments of the Creator, will be able to shed the attributes of peace and absolute surrender of the heart.

In order that My Son may transfigure your lives, you should with trust start a pilgrimage of faith towards His Most Sacred Heart.

May faith be in your kind hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception and the Trinity.

May the Lord bless you, because My works for Peace are beign fruitful. My dear children: for this month that is starting, I call you to meditate in the groups of prayer. I call you to an exercise of contemplation, which will be conducted by the presence of the Heart of My Son. 

Dear children: if you seek Christ, your hearts will be able to be happy. To live in the happiness of the heart, you have to pray so that all the world lives in peace.

Little children: each group of prayer must irradiate its seed of peace, so that it sprouts through your prayers. When it sprouts, the seed will be open to the new and in it, its first vocation will bloom: the eternal prayer. Dear children, take care of this seed of talents and fruits, which can be found in each one of your hearts.

My dear ones: distribute the fruits that you are receiving through prayer and through peace. Donate your hearts in the name of peace and thus, all your brothers and sisters will be able to be permeated by the Grace.

Beloved children: at the moment of prayer in the groups, your hearts will participate in a loving encounter with Christ. For that little children, I invite you to witness the Sacred Heart of Christ, so that He inspires you on the path towards purity and the sacred. When you reach to live in Him, the relief of all pain may come as a sparkle of infinite Grace. I prepare you for the works of God, works in the prayer and in the donation of yourself. I will thus be following each one of your steps.

Dear children: with happiness My call is answered by the children in Medjugorje and now is being responded by all the faithful of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. In each nation a spiritual gift. In each heart a path to redemption.

Children: I guide you through path road of faith; the Lord needs that you live the peace in each one of your hearts, this will help the sick world. It is time to heal all through the word of prayer. In prayer, you can find the way out to get to the Kingdom of God.

Thank you for responding to My call.

I adore you,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception and the Trinity.


For the soul to return to God it must receive constant impulses that inspire and guide it in its elevation in the search for the Heart of the Father.

You will find these impulses, child, in the Living Word of your Creator, in His Gospel and in the countless instructions that He has given you through His Messengers. Feed your spirit with that which makes you search for God more. Nourish your consciousness with that which comes from the Father, for you to remember whence you came and where you have to return to.

Meditate daily on the Words of your Lord, with attention and peace in your heart, so that they enter into the depths of your human condition and from there start to transform you.

Before everything, remember your Creator, remember the Love He has for you and how He awaits your return to His dwelling.

Before everything, remember the Son of God, remember the love that He has for you and which was not only expressed on the Cross, but in all constant sacrifices that Christ makes, offering Himself as the Lamb before God to repair human faults.

Remember the Holy Spirit of God, inhabiting silently in all that you are. Allow a space for Him to be expressed. Silence your heart to listen to Him. Let the sacred that inhabits within you be able to be the true expression of your being for the world.

Live in God and emanate peace. Live in God and emanate respect, love, comprehension, charity. Let the Father demonstrate to the world that He inhabits within His children, through you.

Your Father and Friend

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Remember within yourself all the impulses received within the recent days, in recent times, and let them generate results within you. Mature these results, meditating upon all that you have lived, allowing your consciousness to move to a different place from where it was before, receiving all these Graces of God.

Reflect upon all that you are to experience from now on, the steps to be taken, the tests that await you, and how your heart is to prepare for new cycles and impulses that have never been received or experienced by humanity.

Let Divine Grace permeate all that you are so that even the smallest of your cells may be conscious of what it receives and what it is called upon to experience as from now on. In this way, child, without wasting anything of the divine impulses that descend to the world, your being will always be worthy of greater impulses.

Learn to reflect on, to meditate upon and to love the steps that you are to take as a human person, as a soul and as consciousness, as a creature and as a part of the Divine Consciousness.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In this moment of planetary chaos, in which within and outside of humanity there is confusion, doubts and fear, you, child, must in everything seek Divine aid, so that in the silence of your heart, the Lord may bring the answers that you need, in order to be at peace before His Plan.

Meditate as the Son of God used to meditate in the desert; cherish the moments of silence and solitude in which you meet God for a dialogue with your Lord. There, the Father will guide you and support you in the decisions about your life so that you do not fall in the same abysses, over and over.

Understand the importance of the inner desert so that you may find emptiness, nothingness, and you may know how to surrender your being so that it may become a divine dwelling.

Understand the importance of your inner desert so that your internal world may be strengthened. 

Understand the importance of the inner desert, because in it you start entering the divine wisdom and discernment. It is in the desert of your heart that you will build what you will make use of during these end of times.

Therefore, child, pray and enter the silent depths of your heart without fear and there wait for the arrival of your Lord and God. In this way, you will be worthy of participating with Him, in His Plan of rescue and of salvation, first of your own soul and then of this world.

Your Father and Friend,

Saint Joseph Most Chaste




Go and walk the paths that God traced for your heart. Strengthen your spirit through prayer, transmute and transform your being through service and sacrifice. Overcome the comforts that imprison humanity and look for the sense of your existence within the infinite.

Do not surrender your heart, your body and your spirit to human superficialities. Do not let your thoughts wander into the abysses as if you could never to fall in their depths. Let your mind rise. 

Love the experience of transformation. Let your heart consecrate and re-consecrate every day.

Find your strength in the altitudes of Cavalry, as in the depths of the Infinite; there will be the Heart of God. 

Wake up, child, every day in a different way:  willing to give your human condition an opportunity to go deeper into the Truth and not to submerge within illusion.

Free yourself from fears, in prayer. Free yourself from vices, surrendering your heart to God. Free yourself of the abysses, letting your spirit conduct you to the path of evolution that God calls you to live.

Let the world scream the "sound of perdition" and let your soul only listen to the celestial melodies.

Do not let the temptations shake you, but rather the fear of being far from God.

Pray and meditate on what I tell you, so that your heart may always find peace. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In silence, deepen in the spiritual discoveries that you are living. Do not let the impulses and the revelations pass as the blow of the wind, but rather let them remain within you, fertilizing your spirit, as does the Breath of the Spirit of God.

Let your soul sigh, relieved for receiving the balm of revelations that make it remember the meaning of life and feel that there is a hope of returning to the Heart of God.

Meditate on your spirit and on the higher life so that it may strengthen you and give you the possibility to stand firm enough within the divine purpose to help others who will lose their faith when everything is chaos and imbalance.

See beyond the horizon of the Earth, and all that is before it, the clear rising of the sun, which will come to illuminate a new life. Keep firm within you the knowledge of the true meaning of the events of the world. The planet is purifying to liberate itself. Those who will lose balance are who have built the foundations of their dwelling in the sand of their own skills and certainties, and not in the Rock of the Will and of the Plan of God.

Know that everything is part of a Plan drawn up from the age of the patriarchs and described in their words, although little understood by men.

The Old Testament was fulfilled in the New Testament, and the New Testament is fulfilled now so that, through this planetary moment, a new sacred history can be written, and in it may be found the prophecies of a new life and of a new human that will return to the Time of God and open the doors for all beings to unite with His Heart.

Hold on to this divine purpose and strengthen your being in faith, sustaining peace in your spirit.

For this, God calls you by your name and allows you to listen and read His holy Words. You are called to be an apostle of the last times, a saint of the last days.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Find the center of your being by meditating upon the Truth and on the divine presence. Do not let the forces of chaos confuse your mind and conduct the purification of your bodies according to their condition of confusion and evil. Find the center of your being in silence. Place your consciousness in the Cosmos, in the Creator of all things.

The powerful currents that come for the transformation of the Earth have already started to descend over the planet and over beings, and everything within and outside of humanity will intensify.

Let this intensity touch your being and find you in peace so that its action within you is transformative, strengthening the best in you and giving you sufficient inner strength to purify and purge what is of the old humanity.

If your strength is consolidated in your human aspects, you will suffer a lot, child, because the energies that are descending into the world will pull your human condition out by its roots and everything that was based on it will be destabilized.

So then, breathe deeply, become silent and seek the Consciousness of God. Visualize the stars inside of you, and allow the Truth to gain strength within you so that you know it is beyond any experience lived on Earth, and it is there, in the Truth of God, where your consciousness and your heart must be.

The world shakes and your heart shakes with the world. For an instant, halt the flow of your thoughts and make your heart peaceful so that the world may become peaceful with you.

Everything is a question of placing your consciousness in the right place to go through this transition, being a peacemaker rather than someone who needs peace.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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