Thursday, August 30 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children,

I open up again My merciful arms and with perpetual prayer between My lips, today I invite you to live My message, today I invite you to consider each one of My words, those that have yet been pronounced during these last months.

Dear children, if thus you do this, you may be the instruments of God, you could be the living message for each heart in the world. This will allow that each one of My words will be spread in your hearts.

Dear children, know that as Intercessor for all of the souls, the divine message that I give you you lovingly every day is a message of light that comes from Heaven.

Dear children, today I want not only that you awake to the maternal call, but also that you remember that each one of My words arrives to your lives to give to you the Forgiveness, the Reconciliation, the Mercy, the Divine Love and the Redemption for these last times.

As the Mother of Jesus, the great Sacerdote of Love, I want to teach you to read the messages, I want to teach you to medítate on My messages, and I want to teach you to interiorize My words in your heats.

Dear children, My Immaculate Heart has spoken so much across these centuries to this humanity, spoken to help you to remember that God is your only and true aspiration for all eternity.

But still my little children, a great part of humanity is blind and closes its own heart to the gifts of life that are represented by My Son, and still more, it little accepts Mercy.

For this, dear children, your prayer must help to restore all these events, so that your hearts, as mediators, may receive a Major Grace of forgiveness.

Dear children, when you feel My messages, your souls will be in eternal prayer. Meanwhile the world changes rapidly and without detaining itself in reflection. My Immaculate Heart is offered to each one of you, so that united in prayer, we will change in the Grace of God, the path of Humanity.

Dear children, remember to feel my words with the love of your hearts, to allow the light of the Holy Spirit from the infinite Heart of God upon all of humanity.

Pray for this time of emergency, pray for the presence of Peace.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My Call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity