Sunday, March 25 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children,

Bring My Peace into your hearts and I assure you that you will not lose the strength of My Faith in your lives.  The moment has come, My children, to forgive one another before My Son lays His feet on Earth.  Be merciful with each one of your brothers and avert the lies that many create, lies that offend God.

For this, dear children, prayer is the primary key that opens the Infinite Grace from the Heavens.

Search daily for the precious key of prayer and sanctify your lives in the presence of My Son.  There is nothing left for you to lose; yet you must burn in the Absolute Love of My Son, so that you learn to love and reconcile in your hearts.  My children, walk with Me in this pilgrimage, so that I may guide you and protect you from the paths without God in which the world lives.

You, My children, must be the bridge between the Heavens and Earth, and this you will accomplish when you pray with Me perpetually.  Prayer must make love grow in your hearts, so that My Son may live in you eternally, as a flame from God the Father.

By the reverent love each of you has for My Son, I ask you for fortitude and hope in your lives, for the steps each one must take in this time of Divine Celestial Justice.
Be patient, so that your hearts may be meek and pure before God, the Celestial Father.

Thank you for answering My call.

Light for the path of all My children.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.