Monday, August 27 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children,

When you live in the Will of the Father, you will recognize, by means of prayer, the immensity of works of Love, Pity and Mercy that He realizes in this whole world.

When you live in the Will of the Lord you will recognize your preferences and your goals and you will know which of them to purify.

When you live in the Will of God, you will feel what Good is so that imitating it, your lives may also conduct other souls.

When you live in the Will of My Son, you will recognize the One who, with so much love, speaks to you day by day and you will be able to value everything that has been given to your hearts.

When many of My children live in the Will of the Father, you will recognize My messages and you will confirm all the maternal instruction given month by month.

When humanity lives in the Will of the Holy Spirit, everyone will know where they are and that at this moment they are invited to travel the new pathway of Christ.

When the hearts live in the Will of God, they will be able to surrender life into the Hands of the Creator, and they will stop controlling their own lives. This will allow God to express His Universe in each one of His children.

My children, if humanity already lived in the Will of the Lord, conflict would end in the world and Celestial Peace would be present, there would be no separation within families and only unity would reign; everything would be rebuilt so that God would be able to make Himself present in the hearts of His children.

But still, dear children, souls do not live in the Will of God because they fear what Love, the Eternal God, may aspire to do in each essence. If humanity were already in the Will of the Lord the plans would change, and Divine Mercy would be the Light expanded in all the corners of this world.

While souls do not live in the Divine Will of God, I ask you for constant prayer so that the soul may recognize the path it is being called to travel, the path of Redeeming Love.

You, My little ones, can aspire to live in this unfathomable Will of God because this feeling will please the Heart of God, and you will help Me in this mission of the Queen of Peace.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity