Friday, November 25 of 2016

Daily messages

Apocalypse: Time of adaptation

Dear children,

In the Heart of the Celestial Father, from the beginning the last days of the planet were written, when everything would be permitted so that humanity might take the leap into the transcendence of planetary consciousness and life.

It is in this hour that the Universe prepares to move through this moment, together with humanity.

The Apocalypse spiritually signifies the change of one cycle into another through timely events that will give humanity the opportunity of completely changing the primitive state of its consciousness.

For this Jesus arrived in old times, with the purpose of not only liberating humanity from its mistakes, but also with the spiritual goal of preparing it consciously for His awaited return.

After more than two thousand years of terrestrial history in which humanity lived and experienced indifference and human evil, this moment of Apocalypse approaches at a universal and cosmic level in order to be able to correct and align what humanity on its own has not been able to live nor correct.

Thus, in the consciousness of human beings, the term “Apocalypse” was instilled as a mistaken expression and information, taught by the great religions of this world as the “end of the world” or the “end of the Earth”.

Thus, this term “Apocalypse” has not yet been lived or understood by the greater part of humanity as the most important moment for the planet; a moment when the true Universal Laws can be known and applied to correct what is twisted in human beings.

The Apocalypse exists in this moment in humanity and in the entire planet, for their not having complied with or lived the basic laws of the commandments, when many more than two thousand years ago there was an attempt made, through Moses, of teaching the primitive human consciousness how it should live in God and within universal laws, with the aim of remaining as a race within the Divine and Cosmic Purpose.

Thus once Moses had delivered the revelations of the rules contained in the commandments, the human race, after the events lived by the first population of Adams and Eves, totally deviated from its purpose of being in God, in His Primordial Source of Love and Unity.

Before humanity got completely lost due to its actions and behavior, the Eternal Father sent His First-Born Son with the goal of spiritually breaking the chain of the primitive DNA so that the evolutionary Christic code might awaken through the highest expressions of love that Jesus achieved.

Even after Jesus suffered and underwent all the martyrdom and sins of humanity through His Passion and His Death, with the mission of removing the human spirit from the abyss of consciousness, the race continued to make mistakes more serious that led, over time, to where the very elements of the planet, which were also transgressed, began to mobilize and to make themselves felt through different climatic and physical effects.

The consciousness of the planet, which is a living and active being, is at the point of its greatest suffering as it is subjected to being permanently violated by humanity.

This transgression, that has become more than centenary, has caused the very Laws that rule the planet, natural and telluric Laws, to begin to activate at this time in a precipitated way, on finding on its surface a noxious effect coming from surface humanity.

This activity of the Laws of the Earth, which are part of the Apocalypse and of the change of times, will activate, as in the case of Central America, with the purpose of correcting humanity and of placing it at a different point, more aware and less destructive.

It is in this way that Apocalypse prepares humanity so that in a future time, it may incarnate true love and true unity with the Laws of the Universe.

While humankind continues to exploit the planet for its own and malefic benefit, in many parts of the world incredible things will happen.

Therefore, while the Apocalypse calls humanity to repentance and not to indifference, the time has come for humanity to take a step toward the right path, because if this were done with love and forgiveness, a great many human consciousnesses would be relieved of the current planetary process.

The fundamental tool that will help to keep things in their proper universal and planetary order will be the constructive verb of prayer, a powerful energy from the Divine Creative Source that will help to balance all that will try to physically move on this beloved planet.

The Apocalypse is the moment in which the planet, as a mother consciousness, after having suffered so much, will be at the point of its great labor; this birth of the new human and the new terrestrial consciousness will lead things into a purification and to experience great changes that just promise to improve and to expand the evolution of humanity, so that it may no longer be primitive and becomes evolved.

While this race does not accept the time and the moment of the Apocalypse that it is living, the return of Christ will be delayed, because the Primordial Source, the Living God in His Infinite Grace, will wait for souls to define themselves and to cease living superficially.

Getting out of this point of ignorance and indifference, the entire planet could shift into a different scale.

The Apocalypse is a moment when everything will be seen and recognized by humankind. Nothing will remain hidden; the Apocalypse is the opportunity for self-transcendence so as to reach the perfect union with love and peace.

These are the times that the planet and the human race will be facing. Prayer will always place you, in spite of everything, in the safe place that is the sacred enclosure of the Supreme Heart of God.

I thank all Mexico for having received Me.

Who loves you and guides you in Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace