Friday, November 25 of 2016

Daily messages

The Ministry of Faith

As a Gift of God that arises in the human heart, I come to awaken in you, My children, the Ministry of Faith, so that you may be participants in these times as instruments of the Creator, supporters of souls and of His Plan for the Earth.

I want you, in these times, to live the Ministry of Faith, which is born from trust in the Divine Purpose, and from the devotion that souls awaken when praying with the heart.

Faith is the universal attribute that will cause beings to stay away from illusion and from human confusion.

Faith will keep you within the truth, when most souls will doubt the events they are experiencing, even knowing that chaos is precipitating over the Earth.

Faith is the stronghold of the spirit and the sustainment of the soul; it is what clears eyes blurred by fear and by suffering, so that they may see God.

Faith transforms your way of understanding life, and what was formerly a punishment becomes justice; what was suffering, becomes joy and divine triumph; what was renunciation, becomes divine victory in the soul that understands that defeat in human eyes is the victory of the Heart of God.

I come to awaken in your lives, children, the true Faith, so that you may believe in My words and live them with the heart. I come to strengthen you in the higher understanding of these times, dispelling fear and uncertainty from your hearts.

I want you to cling to the power of Faith and the certainty that I am here and that I instruct you and sustain you so that you may fulfill the Plans of God in these times of greater chaos.

Divine justice is only just approaching this world, but anointed by the power of Faith, you will be able to move past the obstacles characteristic of these moments of tribulation, and even though it may not be possible to prevent the learning that humanity in general must experience, you may be those whose fortitude will inspire others and who will sustain this world, when your brothers and sisters are not able to bear it.

If you feel that Faith has not been born and has not yet awoken in your hearts, children, surrender to the Power of God and renounce your own opinion, because in order to live Faith, it is necessary to renounce all control of your own life. The one who fears to lose control and doubts the Power of God, with a distrust of surrendering to something unknown, does not live Faith. Fear of Faith and of surrender is the same fear that prevents you from loving and opening the heart. Therefore, children, renounce this millenary fear that attaches the human consciousness to itself, and surrender your own control to God; in this way, you will be able to count on each word that I speak to you to prepare your souls for what will come, and you will not be analyzing if what I state is true, because of fearing what will come if what I prophesy is reality.

Awaken to the power of Faith, surrendering your fears to God. Do not fear losing yourselves and the control of your own life, because in fact you will never control something that belongs to God.

If you keep the fear of surrendering to the Divine, you will only be resisting something that escapes human control and you will greatly suffer for not being able to adhere to the Plan of God, because you will not find peace when you need it the most.

This is the exact moment to surrender and to say yes; this is the moment to develop Faith and surrender to God.

Ask for the grace to awaken this Divine Gift in your spirits and consciousnesses, because in this way, the test that precipitates over the Earth will not matter; your spirits will stand firm, and you will know to listen to the voice of God and to let yourselves be guided by the Creator.

Today, children, I bless you and I ask you to live in the Ministry of Faith, and that with your examples and transparency in the surrender to God, you may inspire other hearts to live this surrender.

My Faith permeates you today.

I love you and I thank you for responding to My Call and for living in the Faith of the heart.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace