With joy I come to the world and specially to Poland, the beloved land of Saint John Paul II, to bless you and bring you to My Grace again, so that, by means of these meetings of peace, your Mother and Lady of Czestochowa can go on working and repairing the hearts that need the most.

With Maternal Love, I return to Poland to infuse even more the Mercy of My Son and to intercede by means of the Source of His Compassion.

The Mother of God comes to Poland to make the attributes of its culture and of its people revive, taking each one of these attributes to the sublimation of consciousness and, thus, recovering the values of faith and union with God. 

On this day especially, I descend to establish a little more of peace and forgiveness in the souls, souls that need to find again the path to the union with God, in order to be able to live the principles of His Grace and of His Mercy.

As Mother of all, I come to testimony that it is possible to advance and live with the hope of being able to find God again, from time to time, and to be in communion with Him. 

As Mother and Patroness of Poland, I come to pour on you the Wisdom of My Maternal Heart, a Gift that, by living in you, will allow to continue restoring and repairing all of the consciousness of its people.

The wisdom of the Virgin of Czestochowa will help you to carry forward the Plan of God for your Nation and your people, by means of the incalculable devotion of your hearts for Ours and also for the saints that the Father has sent to your motherland to help it, as were Saint Faustina and Saint John Paul II.

By means of the model of life of these saints, may many more vocations awaken in the bosom of the Church of Christ and for the faith of all children of Poland.

As Mother of all, I come to reestablish one of the principles of the Designs of God for your motherland, knowing that in this time it will be fundamental to be sustained with faith and the trust in God, so as to restore the Church and its believers.


Let us remember, companions, the Feast of Mercy, which is solemnly celebrated on the Sunday following Easter.

To celebrate Mercy is to accept the Presence of God in spirit, knowing that in every moment of our life we need the Presence of God to straighten our paths and to find peace.

This time, Mercy will be celebrated again in Poland, and on the inner planes this shall grant a deep healing for all the generations of Europeans who in some way have gone through the World Wars.

An atonement will be granted to the great sinners and, in this way, a history that remained recorded in the memory of the innocent will be dissolved in order to reconcile peace among consciousnesses, so necessary and just for these times and for the times to come.

Once again, Divine Mercy will act and will attract deep healing into the essences of souls.

Everything that will be offered through the Pilgrimage for Peace will help the Heavenly Hierarchy so that It may carry on with the spiritual unblocking of a process that condemned and condemns thousands of souls in this part of the world.

So that this could happen, it was necessary to first reveal the Aspect of My Divine Mercy so that hearts would know, through the merits achieved by your Master and Lord, that planetary life could be widely helped.

Now, and on this occasion, Poland will be helped again.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Monthly messages

On this holy day, when the darkness of the Earth is withdrawn from those of Mine, I would like to dictate an aspiration of My Heart to you.

Today I have come to speak to you about the glorious image of your Glorified Lord Jesus and about the powerful image of the Merciful Jesus.

When I dictated the universal and celestial powers of My ocean of Mercy to Sister Faustina, one night I revealed My merciful Face to her, so that the world would know the infinite compassion of My pious Heart.

In this way, I showed her the Blood and Water that constantly flowed from My Side, but I also made known to her the great thirst that I felt, at that time, before a blind and deaf humanity, which never wanted to hear the Voice of God through His beloved Son.

At that time, the Blood and Water would be the great justification between humanity and God, through Christ, in order to awaken a way of universal atonement in the world.

So I asked Sister Faustina, My daughter, to have an image painted just as she had seen it in an outer vision. I came during the night to show, through My Mercy, that I Am the Light that defeats and illuminates all darkness. Thus, I revealed to her the ocean of My Mercy and asked in writing that whoever venerated and contemplated it in the end of times would be protected by the mantle of My unfathomable Mercy.

After ten years, when the war had already ended, My Face came to be known. No painter would be capable of expressing My Presence; they could only do so if they loved the Mercy of My Heart.

At that time, I asked that My Mercy be known and venerated the Sunday after Easter, for in the past, after My death, the apostles knew the power of My Resurrection through the Wounds of My Mercy.

Thus it was that Adonai, through the Face of My Mercy, granted that humanity, despite their sins, would know the path of the way out toward the universe of the Love of God.


Dear companions of the path,

There is no greater power that I have left for the world than the merciful prayer, that which unites spaces, places and nations.

Today, those who may dedicate space to this important spiritual exercise will receive from My Heart the gifts that will allow them to open the doors for the inner healing of the heart and of the soul.

As you have asked Me, all the most needy children are already in My Kingdom and in My Eternal Heart.  I ask you to carry on praying with fervor, love and dedication so that the fruits of the merciful prayer may open new paths for those who in this time have condemned themselves to the fire of hell.

In this moment the Fisher of souls is traversing the places in the world that need an important spiritual and divine help.  In My Basked of gold I collect the prayers of those who offer constant joys and blessings to My Sacred Heart.

Now, in this hour of Divine Mercy the clocks of the world are detained so that the true time of My Divine Mercy may descend in Glory and in aid for those who most need.

I only ask you to be persevering as was Sister Faustina Kowalska until the end of her life on Earth.  Join forces from the heart through the union between your beings because only in this way you will give permission for some events to change.

It is time to swim in My Ocean of Repairing Graces; it is time to raise the flag towards the High, the flag that will confirm before evil the victory of the Christic Life.  It is time to only act through the pure love of the heart.  You need it and the world too.

Under the Eternal Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for always seeking the Eternal Flame of My Heart!

Christ Jesus


My Eternal Dwelling of the Heart dwells in the great infinite ocean of My Divine Mercy.

Every day, at three in the afternoon, I wait for thirsty souls and the devout souls to address Me, and to travel, by means of the Chaplet, to the center of the home of My Heart.  There, I will humbly talk to your heart about the things of God.  In this way, I will relieve your inner beings from the constant pressure that this world of today generates, so that you may reach My House of Eternal Dwelling.

Today I ask you to make the decision of ardently living the hour of the Mercy of God.  Thus, you will permit, in a simple way, that the most sublime Graces, those that your souls need, may be received in this time of tests and tribulations.

It is so simple to enter into My Mercy that the souls become discouraged when they begin to pray with Me.  But the devotion that I need from you must overcome the obstacles of inertia and material density, and this will be possible when your hearts just say to Me: “Jesus, I trust in You”.  

Through this constant affirmation, you will open the doors of My Spring, this is the key that will liberate you from perdition and from the temptation of the world.  For this reason, before each new test, decree and affirm: “Jesus, I trust in You” because this affirmation, which was given to Sister Faustina, has the power of defeating any evil in the natural environment of your lives and of your inner beings.

Remember that I trust in you.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


By the source of Grace that springs from My Sacred Heart, in the hour of Divine Mercy, My savior and redeeming Fountain is poured especially over those who, in truth in the cenacle of prayer, dedicate time to Me without delay and without rush. In this sacred universal hour, the universe is aligned and the stars send their rays of light to adjust again irreversible situations, and to bring them to situations of peace.

For this, every disciple must be conscious of this sacred hour in their time and in their space, so that they also receive the part of Mercy that corresponds to them.

It is important for the merciful formation of a consecrated one, as well as that of a devotee of My Unfathomable Heart, to be able to awaken in consciousness to this sublime moment. The request for prayer that I have dictated to Sister Faustina Kowalska still is current and it will be until My return, in which, by universal order of God My Heart will pour Divine Justice.

For this I ask you to remember this moment and this hour of Mercy, that your spirits may only seek to quench the thirst in the Fountain that will repair you and liberate you; in this way you will perceive that the artificial sources that the world has created bring one sooner or later to the loss of peace and of love.

I Am the doctor of the souls, I will always wait for you in My celestial room of prayer to heal and comfort your hearts in My light. It is the moment and it is the time for humanity to revere, love and respect the saving relics that the Sacred Hearts have delivered out of love to the entire world.

If this were so, you as flocks would avoid that the spiritual exercises do not become heavy routines of accomplishment and of obedience, something that is empty in the heart of who, in truth, does not do it out of love.

Be attentive to the sudden changes, I will accompany you always.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My message through the essence of the heart!

Christ Jesus


Dear pilgrims of My Divine Mercy:

The Marathon of prayer is approaching in the eve of an Encounter with the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  In this way the Grace of God will be pouring Itself once again through the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

This month of July is the merciful month and the month of August will be also because The Great Maternal Consciousnesses will be weaving with Her hands the networks of salvation.  For this it will be important to arrive at the Marian Center of Aurora with a spirit of devotion and of mercy because in this way your hearts will be approaching to the source of the Piety and of the Healing of the Immaculate Heart.

The Marathon of the Divine Mercy has the purpose of motivating the hearts to an ardent praying of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, prayers that I Myself gave to My Former Apostle of Mercy, to your venerable Sister Faustina Kowalska.

This Marathon will leave seeds sown in the hearts that may join themselves in this important exercise of prayer because one’s own state of permanent prayer during more than five continuous hours will work for itself in your beings and you will feel My Presence very near.

The important thing, My Pilgrims, will be that you offer one more time this Marathon of prayer as a sacrifice of love and of renunciation for the salvation of the souls that are consumed in the fire of hell and for the peace that must reign in these times in the heart of all of the beings of the Earth.

My Presence will be felt through prayers and canticles that you may sing to Me with love and devotion.

As My Divine Mother has said, My Children, the pilgrims will give testimony to the union that you have with Me through the praying practice of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. In this way My inner Ears shall be attentive when at every fifty beads the pilgrims with loud voice repeat to all of their brothers and sisters: “For the Sake of His Sorrowful Passion…” and the other children shall answer: “Have Mercy on us and on the whole world”.

In this way you will enter into My Ocean of Graces that has been waiting for a long time to wash from your hearts every stain and to renew them through My Love.


Have you noticed how many times My Redeeming Consciousness enters at three in the afternoon, in each place of Earth?

While, in each place of the world, it is three o’clock in the afternoon, My celestial permission expands as love and light and touches the essences most deprived of Mercy.

Between three and four p.m. each day, My Eucharistic Heart radiates towards the most distant spheres of the Earth, where a soul that is calling for My Mercy may be. I give everything so that it may be in My Arms, to console it and again give it life.

When a devout soul contemplates Me and adores Me by means of the Chaplet of Mercy, it not only opens the door of its heart so that I may enter but also, if it prays with love, My Shepherd Consciousness, with Its omnipresence, within seconds commands souls out from purgatory; in this way, it elevates them as close to My Kingdom as possible so that they may finish learning and, in the end, they may be a  part of My Glorious Eternity in Paradise.

The doors of Paradise are open at three p.m. This is a mission that the angels of Heaven accomplish to elevate all consciousnesses that may be disoriented upon the face of the Earth.

At three p.m. My Merciful Heart collects the appeals of all simple hearts and My Love radiates toward them, transforming them into roses of peace and glory for the Thrones of God.

Each time that you say: “For the sake of His sorrowful Passion…” from the crown of thorns, that I still carry to relieve the world and that is represented by the Chaplet, a thorn is liberated from My Head.

The crown of thorns that was once placed during My Passion was transmuted by the power of the Chaplet of My Mercy, which was given to the venerable apostle Faustina Kowalska.

All those who persist in faith and pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy will not cause Me pain as the world does, day by day, but at three p.m. your hands in prayer will be spiritually removing the thorns from My Heart and will heal My Spirit with your love for prayer.


I come and I return to the world in the search for new custodians of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

As I did with Saint Faustina Kowalska I Am congregating apostles of the Divine Mercy of Christ Jesus so that, in the same way that the apostles and disciples did in the past, you may diffuse, before My Return, the merits achieved by My Sacred Heart.

For this I Am preparing day by day, through My Words, all of the souls that in the love of the Plan of God may want humbly and simply to represent Me as springs and rays of My Merciful Heart to the entire world.

As I once called and searched for the fisherman from Galilee, today as Fisherman and Master of hearts I convoke to My Table those ones who, together with Me and before My Eternal Father from the Heights, have committed themselves to be the living word, example and testimony of My redeeming Message in their lives.

Today My Heart flourishes with love and honor for all of those who in this time and without knowing anything call for My Divine Mercy, because all of those who pray the Sacred Chaplet of the Divine Mercy of Jesus at three in the afternoon are spiritually liberated by the redeeming power of My Blood and are reconciled by the endless strength of the Source of My Eternal Water.

In reverence to those who in love realize and pray with Me this exercise of the Divine Mercy My Consciousness will show itself to you as a Savior. At the hour of the death I will not be your judge nor executioner, I will be the Source that will nourish you and will free you from any pain that you may have caused to the Heart of My Father during your passage through the Earth.

To those who until the last minute of life may pray with effort and love the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy I say that they will quickly pass through the garden of My Kingdom, they will rest in My Arms and they will know the unfathomable power of My Love.

For this in your hands is the safe key for your salvation for all of the days of your lives. And for those who may diffuse the Grace of praying this Chaplet of the Mercy, in Heaven they will be recognized as disciples of My Sacred Heart.


In the hour of My Mercy, all evil that exists in the world is transmuted and liberated by the power and the divine merits that My Sacred Heart once achieved on the Cross.

This evil is also rooted out at 3 o´clock p.m., throughout the whole world, while My Ray of Pity and Mercy is radiated toward all those who pray the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. And, for a Special Grace, all of those souls who do not adore, do not love nor reverence God, these most hardened sinners are liberated from final condemnation in hell.

Each day at 3 o´clock p.m. My Merciful Heart has permission to liberate a soul, the most ignorant one, from purgatory and from hell, and this is made possible because a soul upon the surface of the Earth is praying the Chaplet of the Mercy to My Sacred Heart.

During the course of an hour, My Universal Consciousness, beginning at 3 o´clock p.m., descends to enlighten the world and travels quickly in Spirit and Divine Essence throughout all of spaces of the planet.

Those who pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, given to Sister Faustina Kowalska, also receive the Grace of the liberation of inner and spiritual processes. Furthermore, those souls who trust in each word prayed with the heart will also be sought by Me in the hour of the sublime elevation of the true consciousness.

For all of My companions who dedicate a space to My Blessed and Priestly Heart during the 3 o'clock hour, My Consciousness will travel the world to assist the souls that are most in need, giving life to the one who is about to die, reviving the soul that still needs to remain within this world.

My Power of Love solves the lack of unity in the family that needs it, the power of My Faith gives divine life to the family that may have lost love. All is possible because My Soldiers call upon me each day at 3 o'clock.

My promise of Mercy is still in force because soon the world, by its own account, will be touched by Divine Justice, and those who have waited for Me will receive a special Grace. For the souls who have sought Me, I will be Their Savior, I will not be the Judge.

Live My Mercy and redeem your hearts. My Most Beloved Heart waits for you.


When the second Sunday after Easter comes, and souls have already been washed by the Blood poured out by Christ in His Passion, the time has come to reconfirm the commitment with Him, to confess before His Heart the most hidden sins, those that cause shame within the beings and that sometimes cannot even be said before God.

It is the moment to surrender before the absolute Love of the Creator who, with compassionate eyes, turns towards each being upon this Earth and, with Pity and Mercy, forgives them of their oldest and most unknown sins.

It is the time to live in the spirit of humility and to recognize one's own imperfections and weaknesses, the fragilities and ignorances that cause souls to fall, every day.

It is time to look at the Cross of Christ and also to look at the empty Sepulcher, and to know that the One who has been lifted up by human sins, by His Love and Forgiveness, has resurrected, showing each being the path to eternal life, to transcendence of every human condition, including that which separates it from the Time of God, which is death.

The Feast of Divine Mercy is the moment when souls rejoice in Christ. No sin was greater than the power of His Love, and even the self-condemnation of souls can not overcome the Mercy of the Redeemer when hearts surrender before the Cross.

Today, children, is a day to remember the absolute and unfathomable Love of God and to also do this for those who do not, because the One who died on the Cross and resurrected did it out of love for all souls and for everyone.

Therefore, pray for those who are lost, pray for those who do not look to Christ and who are indifferent to all the Graces and Mercies of the Redeemer because, in this way, you will be able to intercede so that at least, at the last moment of their lives or after, these souls may have an opportunity to repent.

The Feast of Divine Mercy is the moment when souls understand a gift that God gives freely to those who only open their hearts and repent. Be humble before the Creator, resigned to His Will and willing to be loved with an immense and unfathomable Love. And, beyond any error, you will know the power of Divine Mercy.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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