Sunday, April 1 of 2012

Daily messages

Rejoice your hearts in the presence of My Son, and because each one of your lives are participating in the Table of the Lord, for this Easter of Christ.

Dear children this is why today I invite you to prepare your lives through true prayer made with the heart; which will allow you to live an Easter of inner communion with Jesus Christ.

This path of reconciliation and merciful forgiveness that you are being called to live is in the name of all of humanity that, during these last times, offends God. To alleviate the Heart of the Most Beloved Father I invite you to experience, during this week of Easter, an unknown state of Peace and Reconciliation through daily prayer.

In this way My children, each of your hearts will commune at the table with My Son, and will be able to witness His Sublime Heart of Peace.

I invite you to pass through Easter once again, because you, as souls of all humanity, need a quick conversion of the heart, so that the Father, in His Infinite Celestial Grace, may manifest His Will through the instruments donated to and transformed by My Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, in truth, if you knew how important is the Easter of the New Era, your hearts would live in profound joy and praise. The presence of My Son, through the sorrowful mysteries, will lead you to understand and to live the episodes that echoed in the Universe with the surrender and the sacrifice of Jesus.

For this My children, may Easter awaken in you the courage to want to be in My Son, in His arms of Mercy.

Dear children, the commitment from each of you is to live this Easter with the heart, then to take the importance of this moment of forgiveness and reconciliation to each of My children.

Confess your hearts with My Son. Live in your lives the Sacred Heart of Christ. Sing in Glory the coming of the Redeemer.

Thank you for answering My call.

Eternal Light to the lives of all My children.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.