Wednesday, October 3 of 2012

Daily messages

An urgent maternal call

Dear children, with the rosary in My hands, I pray so that My children may awaken in time.

I pray for all souls that are distancing themselves from God. I pray so that the world may reach the Grace of Peace.

I pray for all those who do not pray.

I pray so that faith may be able to awaken in time in your hearts. I pray to dissolve the difficulties that many children are living. I pray for this time of tests and confirmation.

I pray so that all My children may forgive each other and may redeem themselves through My Son.

Dear children, I perpetually pray for this defining time in which souls offer themselves to be in the flock of My Son or nominate themselves to be outside the flock of My Son.

Therefore, as the Interceding Mother, I pray so that no one is lost, not even the smallest of the essences.

I pray so that all may achieve forgiveness.

I pray in this time of Mercy because Divine Justice is springing up.

I pray so that My Beloved Son Jesus may be among you.

I pray, supplicating Him, so that He may guide you again. I pray for everything that I observe in this world.

I pray for the new cycle that will come.

I pray so that reconciliation may be lived in each creature as an emanation of the spirit of peace.

I pray so that the trust in the Only One can be strengthened in those who have surrendered themselves to the Divine Plan.

I pray with hope for all humanity.

I pray so that all My little children may become conscious that these are no longer normal times, that it is necessary to pray with the heart every day, and not to easily forget the nourish- ment provided by the power of prayer.

I pray for all of you so that the Holy Spirit may descend upon each one of My children.

I pray for those who do not listen to My call and for those that discredit the words of My Immaculate Heart.

I pray so that the truth may manifest itself in your lives.

As the Queen of Peace, I pray for your salvation.

Therefore, dear children, let us pray today with all these intentions because it is necessary that your hearts be in constant service. Let us pray for the Presence of the Peace of God, because it will be what will sustain the world.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My urgent call for Peace.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity