Friday, April 15 of 2016

Daily messages

Everything is going through its Judgment

Dear children of Mine,

Through My plans of peace and prayer with all the souls of the world, I prevent you from entering into the Judgment.

But now all is already in Judgment…

As Your Mother, I reveal new projects to you that must follow the perfect order of the Universe and in this way everyone can be within the Law.

But now all is already in Judgment…

I prevent souls from continuing to submerge themselves in the darkness of these times and I call all the lost sheep to return to the path of Christ.

But now all is already in Judgment…

Every day I invite hearts to follow in the footsteps of the Heavenly Mother, thus in these times your footsteps will be protected by the Light of My Maternity.

But now all is already in Judgment…

Hearts condemn themselves each passing day and justify themselves through their actions, carrying all of humanity toward Universal Judgment.

But now all is already in Judgment…

There is no consciousness, race, religion, or nation that is free of Universal Judgment; that is why Your Heavenly Mother motivates you to develop projects of light that are united to Divine Will so that in this way you do not enter into the Judgment.

Dear children, the time that was foreordained for certain events is arriving; Your Most Holy Mother together with Her angels is uprooting the networks of evil through the prayer meetings.

But now all is already in Judgment…

Souls cannot lose the Grace of converting their lives through the sacred atonement that comes from Heaven.

Before everything happens and entire nations enter into their Judgment, pray, pray from the heart for the needs of the planet, so that at least the angels of the Universe come to the call of your voices.

Everything is now in its Judgment, inside and outside of human beings; the Judgment of purification has come, and at the same time, that of the evidence.

Before the Great Judgment is established in the world, prepare your hearts in adoration; now everything is in its Judgment, and hearts cannot be distracted by the things of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who prays now and always in the face of the Judgment of the final times,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace