Sunday, April 15 of 2018

Daily messages

My child,

Imagine for a moment three quarters of the world in the days of darkness; because, in truth, what the world is provoking is to attract more darkness to the Earth.

Many think that the sun will be hidden for three days, but, in truth, if nations do not stop provoking wars and, above all, do not stop promoting them as if it were the latest fad of these times, worse situations will happen, things that nobody would ever expect; I would say, violent results.

Today, an angel of God removes a painful thorn from My Immaculate Heart and even though the prayers for the nations are permanent and that protects South America, on the other hand, My adversary is conquering the power and ostentation of his allies on earth more and more.

If the weapons do not stop being activated, as I once said it in Fatima, a third war, even worse, would be unleashed overnight.

That possible darkness that could reign on the planet and hide its three quarters, would be the effect of chemical, gaseous and warlike weapons; something unprecedented.

The effect of the self-destruction of a part of humanity would be so violent that after the ones who provoke the wars activate their weapons, late would they realize that the power got out of their hands, unable to stop the effects and consequences.

Today, through the pain of My Heart, I bring this reality so that by all means, offers and sacrifices, it may be avoided.

Imagine it again, the planet submerged in a darkness caused by the harmful effect of nuclear weapons.

Men, because of their interests, are playing with humanity. And, although the promise of the return of Christ will be fulfilled, the most definitive moment of the race is still waiting to be gone through; and that moment is about to happen.

In the meantime, do not stop praying because, in this way, your Heavenly Mother will continue to work on the spiritual plane against Her adversary in order to remove from the weak minds the idea of the activation of weapons.

Now the time has come, more than ever, to join your guardian angels so that your spiritual life is protected from the invasive repercussion that the war in the Middle East is generating.

That is the reason why your Heavenly Mother wishes to arrive soon at the Northern Hemisphere, not only to intervene in those who provoke the wars, but also to protect the millions of European souls that would witness a destruction without limits, as an effect of what their representatives do in the Middle East.

Therefore, sleep and restore the consciousness, but always have a part of your being well awake, because in an unexpected way everything could be triggered.

Pray even more, from the heart, so that your Heavenly Mother and all the angels may be able to intercede and avoid irreparable disasters.

While My Heart hurts, I sustain Myself with the loving prayers of those who join Me in this difficult cycle.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace