As Our Lady of Chiquinquirá, I come, children, to place this nation beneath My Mantle and within My Immaculate Heart. I come to extend My arms to you and to open the paths so that My children may be closer to Me, protected upon my lap and inspired by My Heart.

I come in a time when many nations agonize and collapse due to the stimuli of chaos and to the fruits of their own purification, because everything that used to be hidden now comes to light, and the spirits are not ready to sustain themselves and their nations without succumbing into temptation and into human impulses of rebellion and lack of control.

Today, My children, I come to establish peace in your hearts, and to only ask you to pray. Pray with your families, form groups of prayer in which your spirits may strengthen and help one another to reach God. Create ties of love with the Creator through the word that rises to Heaven.

Prayer, beloved children, will bring you Peace and will bring peace to the world; it will safeguard the sacred that dwells within it and will allow these Sacred Sites to keep assisting the planet with their presence and their peace.

Colombia, My children, is a nation blessed by God with the Kingdoms of Nature, which make all human imbalances capable of being transmuted and liberated. Thus, in spite of so many conflicts, there is still peace, meekness and love in the hearts of many of My Colombian children.

The prayer and devotion of your people have brought you this far, lifted you up at each fall and raised you to God, in spite of all the abysses that you have gone through throughout the years. And today I come to tell you, children, that prayer will keep being your nourishment but, as the trials of the planet become more acute, greater must be the time that you dedicate to prayer, more imbued in God you must be, in His Purpose, in His Presence, in His Strength and in His Peace.

Create, beloved children, networks of prayer for Peace, for the good of families, for the rescue of the Kingdoms of Nature, for the spirits and angels of the different nations of this world.

The times of suffering must awaken in you the missionary spirit so that each day you may feel responsible for the establishment and the support of the Plan and of the Divine Will for this world.

For all that you have experienced, My children, and as you have persevered in each test, through devotion, I can call you to take a new step in prayer, to define yourselves on the path of light and not only to strengthen your own lives and your own nation, but also other lives and other nations, through sincere prayer.

I love you, bless you and thank you for responding to My call.


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children,

Today we reunite and unite again, from heart to heart, to attend to and pray for the grave world situation, an effect from the imbalance within all of the Kingdoms, especially in the Human Kingdom and for the excessive use of power.

All these events, My children, leads humanity to live and suffer a disorder that also reflects within the life of the spirit.

For this reason, beloved children, this is the time of prayer for the nations, because by praying for each one of the peoples and of the cultures, you will be praying for your planet, which also silently suffers the aggressions of the human being.

However, have faith in the awakening of consciousness, in the possibility that, through prayer and altruistic service, you will be able to relieve the mental consciousness of humanity.

In the meantime, My children, I need an army of praying souls that will accompany your Celestial Mother in the purpose of bringing peace to the world ever more, and of attaining the end of suffering.

This is the time of seeing awaken and flourish, within you, the virtues that My Son gave you so that your talents may be at the service of the Plan of Love and Redemption.

To pray for the nations also means to pray for the angels of the nations, which in this time suffer the consequences of the decisions that the peoples adopt as a model of social and spiritual life.

Today, by means of the union of our voices, let us open the Heavens, trusting and feeling the descent of Grace as a current that purifies the nations and heals the hearts in the face of all adversity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today's rain is formed by the tears of the great angels of the nations of the world; a cry that spills from the faces of the angels, from seeing the seriousness of the planetary reality and, above all, from the lack of response and consciousness after humanity was warned, several times, that it should follow the path of repentance and penance.

The cry of the angel that governs Uruguay is very meaningful and great since that population condemned itself and favored that its representatives take their own nation to spiritual condemnation.

This is why, during these days, a part of the Consciousness of the Divine Messengers will be here, supporting the Center of Aurora so that it can continue sustaining itself, waiting for an inner response from those who live in this nation.

The tears that come from the eyes of the angels are not for the errors committed, but for the absence of Mercy that these people will have at this time since the Source will be retreating to give space for the descent of the Divine Justice, that which will correct and place everything where it belongs.

It is an unknown Justice for all humanity; this is the reason why the angels of heaven, the ones that govern the nations, are crying. And they cry even more for those that were conscious of all reality and that, by their own opinions and decisions, turned their backs on the Master, forgetting the essential principles of the spiritual and evolutionary life.

Today is a day in which those who pray, more than ever, should pray in order to attract to the Earth the Consoling Spirit of God for those who no longer have a return, not even an opportunity.

I wish that you could understand deep within your hearts what it means to never again receive an opportunity.

Therefore, I ask you to pray for My closest children, those who were by My side and now have left Me because they got tired of Me.

May God have Mercy for the nations of the world and for the ungrateful.

I thank you for accompanying Me from the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


My child,

Imagine for a moment three-quarters of the world in the days of darkness; because, in truth, what the world is provoking attracts more darkness to the Earth.

Many think that the sun will be hidden for three days, but, in truth, if nations do not stop provoking wars and, above all, do not stop promoting them as if it were the latest fad of these times, worse situations will happen, things that nobody would ever expect; I would say, violent results.

Today, an angel of God removes a painful thorn from My Immaculate Heart and even though the prayers for the nations are permanent and that protects South America, on the other hand, My adversary is conquering the power and ostentation of his allies on earth more and more.

If the weapons do not stop being activated, as I once said in Fatima, a third war, even worse, would be unleashed overnight.

That possible darkness that could reign upon the planet and hide its three quarters, would be the effect of chemical, gaseous and warlike weapons; something outlandish.

The effect of the self-destruction of a part of humanity would be so violent that after the ones who provoke the wars activate their weapons, late would they realize that the power got out of their hands, unable to stop the effects and consequences.

Today, through the pain of My Heart, I bring this reality so that by all means, offers and sacrifices, it may be avoided.

Imagine it again, the planet submerged in darkness, caused by the harmful effect of nuclear weapons.

Humanity because of its interests, are playing with its race. And, although the promise of the return of Christ will be fulfilled, the most definitive moment of the race is still waiting to be gone through; and that moment is about to happen.

In the meantime, do not stop praying because, in this way, your Heavenly Mother will continue to work on the spiritual plane against Her adversary in order to remove from the weak minds the idea of the activation of weapons.

Now the time has come, more than ever, to join your guardian angels so that your spiritual life is protected from the invasive repercussion that the war in the Middle East is generating.

That is the reason why your Heavenly Mother wishes to arrive soon at the Northern Hemisphere, not only to intervene in those who provoke the wars, but also to protect the millions of European souls that would witness destruction without limits, as an effect of what their representatives do in the Middle East.

Therefore, sleep and restore the consciousness, but always have a part of your being well awake because, in an unexpected way, everything could be triggered.

Pray even more from the heart so that your Heavenly Mother and all the angels may be able to intercede and avoid irreparable disasters.

While My Heart hurts, I sustain Myself with the loving prayers of those who join Me in this difficult cycle.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear children,

I come to especially ask you to form a prayer group and pray for Syria, so that the Mercy of God may intervene as soon as possible.

For that, I ask you to join the regular prayer for Venezuela together with Syria, since both nations live similar things between themselves.

But this time Syria and its innocent people are object of more war and chaos expanding throughout all the places in that region.

I ask you, children, that this prayer be prayed in the native language of that country, so that the angels of Heaven may have a greater intervention in the innocent souls, who, at this time, are trying to survive this confusing reality.

As you have done it with other nations of the world, children, now you will offer half of a mystery of the rosary in Syrian and the other half in Spanish, so that, in this way, both nations, in spite of their reigning chaos, may be considered as a priority for the divine intervention.

I thank you for responding to this request because other nations of the world are taking advantage of the war in order to continue instilling fear and horror; but, in truth, those nations that incite and provoke wars, do not know that the return of the Law will be very hard on them.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Messages

The triumph of My Heart will happen in those who listen to Me…

The triumph of My Heart will happen in the children of the world who listen to Me and accept My call as something primordial for their lives; thus, little by little Your Mother of Heaven, when She is invoked in prayer, will be able to dissipate the darkness of the nations and establish the Kingdom of God in the world, a Kingdom that is awaited by the innocents.

Through the spiritual exercise of the Mystery of the Rosary for all the nations of the Americas, the one that started in these last days, the universal Divinity has placed all Its attention on the response, inner and soulish, that the hearts have given before the call for prayer that has been made by Your Heavenly Mother.

In this way, through the response of the different nations of the Americas, the adversary started to lose the power of regional and worldwide action, weakening all its malign networks, the ones that previously interfered in the consciousness and in the awakening of the peoples.

The answers manifested by all those who consider themselves in this moment children of Mary, allowed that the foreseen events in the Apocalypse of John were transformed by the intercession of Mary and by the simple prayers of the open hearts.

In this week that ends today, the angels of some of the nations of the Americas recovered the spiritual strength to be able to act, and the guardian angels of the praying people implored for the presence of fourteen of the principal choirs of the ultraterrestrial Heaven, thus Your Heavenly Mother, being in charge and in command of this whole divine summoning, received celestial permission to expel certain malign creations that would compromise even more the debts of the consciousness of the nations.

Due to the prompt response of the self-summoned to this task of prayer for the different nations of the Americas, from this day on, the praying people will obtain the celestial merit of becoming mediators together with the voice of Mary by means of the unbreakable column of prayer of the Holy Rosary.

In this biweekly recitation and entreaty, proposed for the next six months, the Americas in total will receive the Grace of rethinking in time, of being able to change some habits and customs and to welcome in the spirit of each nation, an unexplainable atonement in face of the committed faults. This will lead, dear children, certain people, nations and regions of the Americas to be relieved during the process of planetary purification.

If this channel of prayer for the nations, as it is being activated, would include more consciousnesses in this impulse and in the planetary network for peace, it will be so, dear children, that through the prayer of the Holy Rosary and through the means of communication, I will be founding a network of planetary prayer. A network in which all the pilgrims, devotees, praying people and children of Mary will have the opportunity to pray united for the same aim, that will be to cause the triumph the Immaculate Heart of Your Most Holy Mother.

If everyone fulfills these requisites of participation and of compromise for the expansion of this network, the results that will obtained in less than six months will be gradual; this means that all the Americas will be praying united as one heart and by the same aim together with the visionaries to whom I have confided all these souls for them to reencounter God and His blessed Path of love.

It will be in this way, dear children, as everyone prays the Mystery of the Rosary, that the possibility of intercession of the angels of nations for certain decisions that unfortunately would compromise each individual in each country, will increase.

The formation of this planetary network, through its members and devotees of Mary in the different nations, will allow to create a bridge of light with the Universe, the recovery of the spiritual principles for many consciousnesses and, most of all, the integration among cultures and the inner filiation with God.

This purpose of the network of the planetary prayer will receive an impulse for each praying person on Earth. This will be the way that each praying being will come to know the talents that Christ deposited in their heart and will be able to embrace this call as something real and necessary in these times.

The triumph of My Immaculate Heart will happen through the response of all.

I thank you for responding to My call!

I great you on this birthday of Mother María Shimani,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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