The Light of the Return will come from the heights of the White Mountain, and the Americas will be blessed by a Grace of liberation and peace.

That Light will then descend from the White Mountain, but it will remain within it for three days until the majority of people will have seen it and recognized it.

They will give it many names and causes, but only a few will recognize what it is.

Nobody will be able to draw close to that Light, because it will be so strong that it will dazzle the curious and the opponents.

It will bring Grace and wellbeing to the oppressed and many, indeed many will recognize their infidelity to God too late.

Those who repent in time will be touched by the Grace and wisdom of that Light, and everything will begin again.

Nobody will be able to hide that Light which will come from the Mountain, for it will not be material, although everybody will see it with their physical eyes, it will be a more impactful and revealing Light than the Star of Bethlehem. It will shine more than the Sacred Mantle of the Virgin of Guadalupe. It will have more power than all nations, which believe themselves to be powerful.

That Light will come for the just, for those who asked for Mercy, for the unfortunate, for those who cry out for peace and freedom.

And, at last, that Light will descend, and everything will be revealed. The White Mountain will be the witness of this entire occurrence.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Today I return to one of the places upon the Earth where My Consciousness rests in order to be able to meditate and make new decisions, as I did on the Mount of Olives.

This place, where this Monastery consecrated to My Heart is located, is one of the most precious inner treasures of your Master and Lord, because through the Monastery, present in the Colombian Andes, it is possible to reflect toward the surface the greatest spiritual relics that the Andes hold, since before the existence of the human being.

Although it does not seem so, the mountainous chain of the Andes is a great inner sanctuary, where life from other stars can be expressed and, as a result, help humanity.

If this Monastery did not exist in this place where it is found today, the Americas would not be able to be contained within the great seismic movements.

Through the existence of a humble Monastery, dedicated to contemplation and to service, not only the region is benefited, but also the country and the neighboring countries around it, because everything begins with consciousness, and from consciousness is born the possibility of expressing the Will of God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your Hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


I am the Mother of the New Humanity, the Mother of the New Being, of the New Human, which gestated within the Womb of the Servant of God, just as His Firstborn Son expresses perfection and likeness with the Father.

I come, My children, to place each one of your essences in My Heart and in My spiritual and divine Womb, so that you may be reborn and that, from your victorious redemption, the New Being and the New Life on Earth may arise.

Fruit of the redemption and rehabilitation of beings, fruit of the reconciliation between men and God, fruit of the awakening of hearts, in order to remember their Origin and purpose: this is the New Life on Earth; this is the Life that I come to establish through you, by Divine Will and Purpose.

With My Love united to the love of your hearts, I come to remove the power of illusion, of indifference, of human will and of the wickedness that permeates the hearts of humans. And making you free from all evil and clean from all stain, I come to give you the Grace of being worthy children of God, worthy representatives of Your Creator Father on the Earth.

I come to awaken ambassadors of peace and good, precursors of a New Time, in which duality will be overcome by the power of Love and Unity, which will reach the Earth through the sincere prayers of the children of God.

I come to demystify the celestial mysteries so that illusion may cease to be the truth in your lives and that, awakened to the true meaning of human existence, you may get to know the divine mysteries, the universal life and the celestial dimensions, which have always been hidden from your hearts, and now they must express themselves.

Pray, my children, for a redeemed America, for nations that lay their faces on the ground and, in humility, cry out for peace and for forgiveness.

Pray for a planet that awakens to Unity among beings, and pray for Love to be a necessity within each being. A necessity that makes you overcome arrogance, pride and vanities, which until today have led you to perdition and deception.

Pray for the Americas and also for the planet. Pray that, until the end, all nations may have an opportunity to know peace and Truth, and knowing the Truth, they may choose between the old and the New Human.

Pray for ignorance to be dissipated from the hearts of beings. And pray so that the Truth may reveal to you that Love must prevail beyond all human understanding and science, beyond religions and cultures, beyond differences and borders, and even dimensions, so that nothing else may separate you from each other, and nothing may separate you from God.

Today I pray with you before God, and I cry out to the Father for a New Life. I cry out so that the Being that is being gestated within Me be born in your essences and, as mysterious as the birth of My Son Jesus, you may express the New Life and the New Human.

I love you and bless you, and with My Heart full of Love, I thank you for making My words and My divine aspirations a reality.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the New Humanity


Dear children,

While the majority of the human beings remain in the illusion of forms, few are the ones who open themselves to true love, to develop the potential of their own heart.

Humanity, children, is more committed to the development of the mind, of criticism, of judgments, it is more willing to affirm itself in the mistakes of the neighbor than in discovering their own essence and the reason why the Creator sent them into the world.

This is the era of the blooming of the heart, of the spiritual life, of the sense of maternity. Therefore, children, I am at your side every day, to teach you about Piety, Compassion and Mercy of a Mother towards Her children.

If you only observed My examples of love towards the human heart, you would have a thousand possibilities to imitate Me, to leave the point of decadence in which you are as human consciousness.

The one who lives in the Love, in the Piety, in the Compassion and in the Mercy of God enters in His Laws and is sustained by them. Their joy will no longer depend on the successes in this world and they will discover, in their own essence, that the true plenitude is within themselves, in the union kept with God.

The material life, My children, will be the vehicle of transformation and of redemption of everything that separated itself from the Creator over its existence. The material life will be for you the challenge to demonstrate to the Creation the greatness of Love of the Father that converts everything and redeems everything, transforming the most distant essence of the divine Source into an essence filled by the Heart of Christ.

Many think, My beloved ones, that what I am saying is impossible and unreachable, but they fear to launch themselves into the discovery of love and to surrender, handing in the false reign of their minds to the government of the heart that unites itself to the Father.

Others do not understand My words because they are so distant from the truth of their own hearts and because they ignore almost completely the life of the spirit, believing that the fact of knowing concepts and philosophies approaches them to the Truth.

What really approaches you to the Truth, children, is Love and Unity, that are the experience of Truth itself. All the attributes of the Highest God are saved within these divine principles: Love and Unity. But, to unveil and to know them, you should first take the risk to live them

The first step of everything is prayer; then, the prayer practiced in service and in sharing.

Cry out for Mercy, but also be merciful.

There are no secrets on this path, My beloved ones. You do not need to fear the change of times or the purification of the world. Concentrate yourselves in transforming your hearts and in becoming true instruments of God. Concentrate yourselves in unveiling the mysteries of your own essences and in loving your neighbor as they are, making an effort to overcome the layers of matter and to reach the essence of each being.

Dispose yourselves, beloved children, to be real soldiers of prayer, those who surrender their will to the Will of God and who make theirs the divine Thought.

I love you and I want to see you consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, so that, by means of your consecrations, I can consecrate the Americas and impregnate, in its sacred soil, the new life.

Today I renew you, I bless you and I thank you for responding to My call.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Mother of the Americas and the intercessor before God for all lost and distracted hearts.

I am the Governor and Lady of celestial majesty.

I am the One Who allows the liberation of all evil to be generated through the angels of the universe.

My Heart beats in all the Americas and makes Itself felt within those who invoke the Presence of the Universal Mother.

On this day, may all uncertain doors be closed and may undefined souls take the step toward inner ascension.

Today, may everything that prevents the awakening of hearts be liberated and removed from the universe. For this, children, may the inner conditions be created through prayer, faith, and the love of all consciousnesses.

I am the Mother of the Americas and there will be no government nor governor greater than Our Celestial Father.

May the fearful, the unjust and the false be exiled far from this humanity, so that the peoples may be free and gestate the New Humanity.

There is still time for hearts to repent and for the governments of the Earth to change their attitude, and in this way, truth may emerge and no one else will be condemned.

I am the Mother of the Americas and I give to My children a river of peace.

Let no one fear in this time, for I will be beside the one who trusts in Me; for nothing shall separate you from God, neither government nor nation nor state; everything is under the Gaze of God. 

Arise, Americans, and decree the triumph of the Mercy of Christ!

Love so as to learn to forgive. Forgive so as to learn to be reconciled, and in this way, you will once and for all be healed.

I am the Mother of the Americas and I protect all the flocks of My Son. My universal Star guides you towards the Purpose. My Love leads you to the portals of Peace.

Do not fear those who bestow false power. Pray for your enemies so that on the Day of the Final Judgment, they are not removed from this universe.

This planet and this universe are the perfect school of love and forgiveness. Those who do not go through this academy of redemption will take a long time to learn to serve and love. Thus, the Sacred Hearts have come to the world to confirm that this universe is one of redemption and forgiveness. Here, the experience of reconciliation and of peace is still being lived.

This world survives, at this time, because it must accomplish the Creator's Project through all those who are self-summoned. All humanity has already gone through the portal towards its purification; the inner and outer structures shake; but those who redeem themselves, love and dignify themselves before God will not perish.

Open the doors of your hearts even more, so that, in the time that remains, the spring of infinite Grace can be poured out over you and the world.

Let the Marian armies of prayer position themselves on the field of the final battle; let them take up their shields of faith and their swords of love and make the Plan of redemption triumph.

I am with you and will be with you as long as you allow Me to.

I am the Mother of the Americas, and here will be born the new Eden for the world.

So be it. Amen.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who summons you for the Plan of awakening,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Message for the Extraordinary Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of America, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Dear children,

To consecrate America to My Immaculate Heart I need the effort and the definitive awakening of all My soldiers.

Not all nations are willing, spiritually, to receive Me, because the spirit of illusion and numbness involves the creatures in pleasures and false spiritual searches that do not exist for the benefit of the evolution of the planet, but only for the material well-being of individuals.

Today, My Beloved Ones, the Creator calls you to a spiritual life that transcends material well-being and often does not include it because He is trying to awaken you to the present planetary situation in which imbalance has become a law and peace an exception in the hearts of a few.

Today, children, the Creator calls you to the  permanent sacrifice and effort, because not all of those who committed themselves to His Plans in the beginning are responding to His Call.

There are many nations that depend on the balance generated by others in order to not disappear, because of the consciousness of these nations, as a whole, decided to remain in darkness.

My beloved ones, understand that what I come to offer you is not suffering, because this is the result of human imbalance and the actions of the forces of chaos. What I offer you is sacrifice, an act of doing not only your own part but also a little more, on behalf of those who did not answer.

Suffering is the result of illusion, it is something used by those forces that want to leave you asleep and tied to yourselves and to your own pains. Sacrifice is full of God, because the soul is willing to consciously serve to generate the correct balance, including to relieve the pain from those who suffer.

Children, I come to ask you once more that you pray with Me and that you listen to My Call. I come to ask you to pray for America and that you do it for all who are in perdition and deceit.

At this moment, those who are willing to really walk at My side are carrying a burden that often exceeds the sacrifice that corresponds to them experience. And it is not the Will of God, children, that the imbalance is also present among His own, because not everyone is responding correctly.

It is necessary that among the soldiers of the Creator there is an equitable and balanced surrender, so that the weight of the human imbalance not to be sustained by a few.

My beloved ones, meditate on what I say and search in your life for the correct balance. If you still have not surrendered to what to do or if you still have not responded to My Call as you should, review your life and be willing to start again.

For the balance in humanity and in the servers of God, I ask you for these things.

Today I bless My little son who, to respond to My call, tries to surpass himself every day.

Today, I will not only ask you to pray for My visionaries. I will also ask you to work together with them for the institution of a new world full of peace. I will ask you to fight together with them for the consecration of America to My Immaculate Heart and, for this, take your rosaries and pray, pray and do not forget to respond to My call.

I blessed you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of America

Daily Messages

The triumph of My Heart will happen in those who listen to Me…

The triumph of My Heart will happen in the children of the world who listen to Me and accept My call as something primordial for their lives; thus, little by little Your Mother of Heaven, when She is invoked in prayer, will be able to dissipate the darkness of the nations and establish the Kingdom of God in the world, a Kingdom that is awaited by the innocents.

Through the spiritual exercise of the Mystery of the Rosary for all the nations of the Americas, the one that started in these last days, the universal Divinity has placed all Its attention on the response, inner and soulish, that the hearts have given before the call for prayer that has been made by Your Heavenly Mother.

In this way, through the response of the different nations of the Americas, the adversary started to lose the power of regional and worldwide action, weakening all its malign networks, the ones that previously interfered in the consciousness and in the awakening of the peoples.

The answers manifested by all those who consider themselves in this moment children of Mary, allowed that the foreseen events in the Apocalypse of John were transformed by the intercession of Mary and by the simple prayers of the open hearts.

In this week that ends today, the angels of some of the nations of the Americas recovered the spiritual strength to be able to act, and the guardian angels of the praying people implored for the presence of fourteen of the principal choirs of the ultraterrestrial Heaven, thus Your Heavenly Mother, being in charge and in command of this whole divine summoning, received celestial permission to expel certain malign creations that would compromise even more the debts of the consciousness of the nations.

Due to the prompt response of the self-summoned to this task of prayer for the different nations of the Americas, from this day on, the praying people will obtain the celestial merit of becoming mediators together with the voice of Mary by means of the unbreakable column of prayer of the Holy Rosary.

In this biweekly recitation and entreaty, proposed for the next six months, the Americas in total will receive the Grace of rethinking in time, of being able to change some habits and customs and to welcome in the spirit of each nation, an unexplainable atonement in face of the committed faults. This will lead, dear children, certain people, nations and regions of the Americas to be relieved during the process of planetary purification.

If this channel of prayer for the nations, as it is being activated, would include more consciousnesses in this impulse and in the planetary network for peace, it will be so, dear children, that through the prayer of the Holy Rosary and through the means of communication, I will be founding a network of planetary prayer. A network in which all the pilgrims, devotees, praying people and children of Mary will have the opportunity to pray united for the same aim, that will be to cause the triumph the Immaculate Heart of Your Most Holy Mother.

If everyone fulfills these requisites of participation and of compromise for the expansion of this network, the results that will obtained in less than six months will be gradual; this means that all the Americas will be praying united as one heart and by the same aim together with the visionaries to whom I have confided all these souls for them to reencounter God and His blessed Path of love.

It will be in this way, dear children, as everyone prays the Mystery of the Rosary, that the possibility of intercession of the angels of nations for certain decisions that unfortunately would compromise each individual in each country, will increase.

The formation of this planetary network, through its members and devotees of Mary in the different nations, will allow to create a bridge of light with the Universe, the recovery of the spiritual principles for many consciousnesses and, most of all, the integration among cultures and the inner filiation with God.

This purpose of the network of the planetary prayer will receive an impulse for each praying person on Earth. This will be the way that each praying being will come to know the talents that Christ deposited in their heart and will be able to embrace this call as something real and necessary in these times.

The triumph of My Immaculate Heart will happen through the response of all.

I thank you for responding to My call!

I great you on this birthday of Mother María Shimani,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Messages
Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Thirty-Three, transmitted in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

I am present every day in the most simple and inhospitable places of the world, for example, in this simple garden consecrated to My maternal Heart.

It is this way, children, that I would like to be in your hearts all the time, to guide you to Jesus and His Divine Kingdom.

On this day, I also come as the Lady of the Thirty-Three to strengthen in the inner planes the spiritual mission of Uruguay and of all its people that must decidedly grow in sanctity and in the service of God.

Therefore, in this month of May, the groups of the Light-Network of Uruguay and the groups of all of America will be placed in an important confederate mission that will open the doors to knowledge, to training and, above all, to the union of all consciousnesses that want to follow the Law of the Hierarchy.

If this adhesion and response were as positive and mature as other previous answers given by the groups, America as a continent would count on inexplicable spiritual support during the most acute moment of its purification and, in this confederate mission, the groups will be more firm to widely help without borders during the planetary crisis.

So, dear children, your Heavenly Mother will be at the inner command of this spiritual task that will try to displace the destiny of the Americas, very serious social, environmental and political problems that would cause all humanity present here to lose control.

Thus, today I am again founding the Light-Network of prayer, which at this time will be one of the active branches of the planetary Light-Network. The Light-Network of prayer will be a more open consciousness and will welcome all who aspire to experience the prayer schedules of the Divine Messengers, but who, until this moment have not been able to consecrate themselves as part of the planetary Light-Network.

The Light-Network of prayer will be like the Light-Network of service or the Light-Network of healing, and can be integrated by collaborators who are beginners, servers and pilgrims who are learning to take the first steps in the task with the Hierarchy.

Therefore, the more than 300 groups that form the planetary Light-Network throughout the world will be those who welcome and become the guardians of these souls that have been formed within the Light-Network of prayer, service and healing, and who will be united to the nuclei of service as well as to the different cities where the new members come from.

The restructuring of this network of prayer, service and healing is a response to the needs of the newcomers who have not yet gone through instruction, but who have the impulse to join a more open proposal like prayer, service and healing, tasks that can also be united to the service of the missionary Light-Network.

In all of this, the planetary Light-Network in each region and city will be creating new flocks that will be coming, this will be, for all the groups of the planetary Light-Network, a great service for humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In the formation of new apostles,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

On this first of April and in preparation for My pilgrimage, I want to ask the more than three hundred groups of prayer of the Light-Network for special prayer assistance.

The spiritual request will consist in praying the Holy Rosary for six months, each day for a nation or group of nations of the Americas which I will indicate. For this cause and for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart, with Me you will pray a mystery of the Holy Rosary on Monday for Venezuela, on Tuesday for Uruguay, on Wednesday for Brazil, on Thursday for Paraguay, on Friday for Argentina, on Saturday for Chile, and on Sunday for Central America and the Caribbean, which will encompass Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, the Lesser Antilles and Mexico.

This request for prayer is so that you help your Celestial Mother, so that Her Immaculate Heart may triumph not only in souls, but also in the spiritual consciousness of the nations. The social, political and human disorder that some nations of the Americas experience cause interference in the Plans of the Father, and My adversary takes advantage of these conflicts to keep My children from waking up to the call from the Heights.

I come to ask that all the groups of prayer meet at least once every fifteen days, to pray together through the means of communication you have used to support the prayer task. In this meeting every fortnight,  your Mother expects that a consecrated representative of the Order will be present.

The visionaries will accompany the meetings of this six-month prayer mission. Uruguay and Argentina will correspond to Mother María Shimani; Brazil and Chile, to Sister Lucía; Central America, to Friar Elías; and the others who are consecrated will accompany the rest of the nations.

With this mission, we will help to prevent a future social and political disorder which threatens the integrity of the peoples in the Americas.

I will be accompanying these meetings closely.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In the end, the war and the persecution of humanity will finish when the majority of the men and women of the world repent from the heart and confess to God all of their sins.  Until this happens My Immaculate Heart will not triumph.

For this I lovingly ask all of My children that listen to Me and that answer to My designs to continue to pray, so that peace will not only be reached, but also so that peace will not disappear from the human heart.

Every material war is a consequence of a spiritual and involutionary conflict; every war between humans and between nations is fomented by pride and by power that time and again attempt to defeat the human civilization.

For this, children of Mine, raising My hands to Heaven in sign of prayer and of piety, I implore to each one of you, creatures of the Earth, that you transform your arrogance into love, that you exchange your wrath for peace.  Thus, in little time, the Father will have in His sight enough examples and testimonies for the world to receive a great amnesty and not to self-destroy.

Be one with your Guardian Angels.  Be one consciousness, one mind and one heart in the times to come.  In an extraordinary way, the Sacred Hearts are gathered in prayer in the Celestial Universe for all of you and for the whole project of the Earth.

I need, dear children, that you become conscious of what that means for these times of spiritual Armageddon.  May your hearts be very united to Mine so that no force contrary to the Light of God will continue dominating the planetary consciousness.

I ask all of the praying beings of the world for an answer for all of humanity, that must be immediate enough before the Celestial Universe of Your Father.

The great abyss that once was seen by John the Apostle is already being opened.  In truth, dear children, no one could ever interpret well the Book of Revelations.  There has not been any erudite or religious person that has achieved it, and this is so because the symbols reveal themselves as a message by means of the heart.

In face of the lack of truly understanding that these are no longer normal times, but rather Apocalyptic moments, dear children, under the divine authority that has been entrusted to Me through the full state of My Grace, I will be assisting you in interpreting each one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

Many will be opposed in the face of this, but when Your Heavenly Mother, who comes from the Greater Universe begins to speak, everything will occur as it was seen by John.

No longer believe that all that is being prophesized will happen in another moment of humanity; the race is gravely condemned to a severe Final Judgment and the angels have been preparing themselves for a long time for this moment.

But finally the Immaculate Heart will triumph in the life of all those who will have transformed and redeemed themselves, giving thus space to the powerful divine intervention that is given at this time.

Dear children, while the hands of the clock indicate the passage of time, all is precipitated quickly.  This is the cause of so many guidelines and requests for prayer.  Your offerings will be lovingly welcome.

The Americas will have to face the greatest oppression in order to materialize the project of the Promised Earth, for this your spirits are summoned by Me.

I thank you for embracing My call with faith!

Who shelters you in face of the times of spiritual battle,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Colombia, as an Andean and indigenous nation, holds one of the most important original legacies of the primitive and wise peoples.

For Creation, the Andes as a whole represents the spiritual elevation of the consciousness of humanity.

All the original peoples who developed there managed to spiritually maintain a union with the Divinity of the Eternal Father.

When the peoples were decimated and enslaved by the white man, a great spiritual and inner wound remained in the last descendants.

This unforgettable wound, which expanded throughout all the Americas, from the peoples of North America, going through the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas, left a pending debt to be resolved.

This is one of the many causes of what can be seen in this time, a consequence of what happened in other times.

It is this wound that your Mother of Grace wishes to heal and dissolve through the power of restorative love.

For this reason, Colombia is the cradle to be able to again awaken reverence and devotion for the principles of sacred and divine life.

In Bogota, your Heavenly Mother will try to open a celestial doorway of Mercy, and this will be possible especially because of the help of all the groups of prayer present there, during the days of the meetings with your Divine Mother.

For this reason, children, one of the just causes, for which all the groups of prayer of the Americas, especially of Central America and the Caribbean, pray for this Marian objective, is so that as from now, the Law of Divine Mercy may be established on this debt caused by Europe. 

Thus, your Mother of Guadalupe will be the patroness of the mission in Colombia and the United States. I will return, as in Tepeyac, to call humanity to a profound reconciliation, for in this way, through forgiveness and communion with My Son Jesus, the Andes and Europe will close a cycle of suffering and cruelty generated in the primitive indigenous civilizations.

Dear children of Mine, for this reason, from now on I prepare you in consciousness, revealing the real story of humanity to you, for God hopes that the same errors will not be repeated.

For this, your Lady of Guadalupe will return to the heights of the mountains of the Americas, so that the Bird of the Sun may emit the voice of redemption and forgiveness.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and unites you with Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I come to the world as the rain that blesses the planet. I bring, from the Kingdom of God, the key for every being, that will open the door to learn how to love and to forgive. 

In My Heart the promise of saving My children is fulfilled and, in My arms of Light, I put each one of the creatures of God.

Dear children, in this cycle that begins, I come to thank you for the Vigil of Prayer carried out yesterday. My Heart rejoiced when all of you made yourselves available to serve, aware that I would not descend to the world, even though My Spirit was among you and My inner joy filled the hearts that opened to hear My Message.

Therefore, My children, today I am here and I will be among you all the time you allow Me. Remember, little children, that you are already walking and learning how to take the first steps as the good hearts that you are.

Today, My request for prayer not only extends throughout the whole world, but also to all Christians who are being unjustly mutilated and disappearing in the East.

I ask you to pray wholeheartedly and offer the Most High a plea for Mercy so that the families of the East, who are being disintegrated and separated, may receive the spiritual help they need.

I supplicate to all praying beings in America and the world that, through the strength and infinite power of prayer, you may help change the cruel destiny that other consciousnesses will live due to the injustice and evil of the hearts closed to God.

As the protector of the essences of the world, I come on this day of joy and also of sorrow, asking you for an immediate collaboration for the gravest faults that humanity commits day by day.

The enemy has imposed on humankind separation and the lack of brotherhood and peace. Therefore, under the spirit of Love and before the Justice of God is poured over the world, I come to awaken you and call you to constantly work for peace. This will allow all souls of the East who suffer, to receive a little of the Mercy of Christ.

The world is on the verge of spiritual collapse and the nets of evil are increasingly trapping the attention of My children. With a spirit of prayer and wisdom, today I will descend to Aurora to ask you for a greater awakening, so that at least a part of the most conscious humanity may banish the ideas to destroy the Purpose of God.

The more the souls of the world know about My summoning and pray wholeheartedly, the less will be the supreme action of Justice. Direct your petitions to God for the priests, for the bishops and for the religious of the Church of Christ, many of whom are allowing themselves to be convinced by the things of the world and not by the true search for the Love of God.

Entire nations promise to modify the laws of the Earth, as Uruguay has done it, and this attracts unjust consequences for many poor hearts. Sin has become a mode and tendency, and the lack of reconciliation and penance is generating alliances with the ideas of the enemy.

Only through those who are willing to defend and protect the call, can the Will of God be able to be fulfilled and the pride of the ungrateful humankind cease to act.

While My maternal Grace fills you, internally embrace the Graces that I pour out, because these are already the last ones that will awaken the new apostles of Christ.

I am grateful for the sincere response of all the children of God!

Who blesses, loves and guides you,

Your Mother Mary, Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Peace

Attentive to the emergencies of Heaven!


I return to each city so that My children may triumph by means of My Immaculate Heart, so that in this way My plans of Peace may be fulfilled in this world that is in such suffering and sorrow.

Dear children, I return to the heart of Brazil to establish, in a definitive way, the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but this will only be possible through the adherence that all of My children may actualize without delay and without wasting time, because My requests are special and divine for these times when peace is lacking in the interior world of many beings from the Earth.

The Americas must continue working as a one and only Spiritual Nation in order to establish, in this time, the Kingdom of Peace and of Conversion.  By means of unity and of prayer you will fuse together, by the action of the Holy Spirit, all of the groups of souls in the same Redeeming Purpose.

In each city that I visit I pour the power of the Graces, the same ones that I achieved in My passing through the Earth.  Graces that were sown by the Angels of Heaven in honor to God and to the Redeeming Plan of humanity.

Dear children, with this aim I return to Brasilia to establish My Immaculate Kingdom of devotion and prayer in a greater group of souls, those that will awaken in time to answer to My call.  Heaven today reunites the powers of the Mercy of God by means of the offer of My Immaculate Heart so that a greater number of children may find healing and forgiveness.

I come to announce peace in the heart of all of those who do not have it.  For this I need your determination and union with Me.  As a Mother I will be able to raise you to Heaven and in order for you to meet the Great Consciousness of Jesus, and in this way you will return to the House of God, that which has been very much forgotten by this world.

On this day My dears, My divine inspiration will be to awaken you to the universal consciousness of the power of prayer so that in this way you may resolve in time all of that which unites you with God and with His Project of Love.

In Glory I descend from Heaven in order to lift from the ground all of those who have fallen because of suffering and desperation.  My Hope for you is promising and truthful for those who just may open their heart.

I pray for you all the time, I pray for the peace in your hearts, I pray for the end of the spiritual war, that which dwells in the mind of unjust men and women.   I pray so that humanity may not continue loosing itself, I pray for those who consecrate themselves and for those who distance themselves from God without realizing it.  My prayers are for all of you and for the world.

I adore the Father and I Glorify Him so that He may never cease to pour His Infinite Mercy over each one of My children.  I traverse cities and nations in order to awaken the new soldiers of peace and of prayer because the urgency of redemption and of a great change in the consciousness is imminent.  For this I pray so that the Angel of Justice of God may not come to the world in order to show what is not well in the deluded and sleeping humanity.

I wish for you to pray with Me every day, that you do not forget to do it, because the chalice was half full and now it is being filled more filled than I expected.  Only through your transformation will the word be convert and achieve peace.

The Universe of God awaits your offers and sacrifices and, no matter how small they may be and the more insignificant that they may seem, all will be contemplated by the Divinity.  I come to awaken you, I come to call you and to activate you for the service and for the prayer for those who do not adore, do not wait for and do not love God.  I come from Heaven with the hope of reverting the grave outrages that many of My children continue to commit.  I come to prevent the application of the Law and the Justice of God, something that humanity does not either know or understand.

As an Intercessor I come to approach you to the Heart of Jesus, I come to announce My last call before the return of Christ to the world.

Dear children, I come to listen to your Yes which is so crucial for the final time.

I thank My children from Brasilia for having answered one more time to My call for Peace!

I wish for them to know that I am truly very thankful.

My Peace and My blessing is upon each one of them.

Who thanks you now and always,

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace and Mother of Brasilia

Weekly Message received of Mary, Queen of Peace and Morning Star, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías

Dear children,

Praise be to Jesus in the world and in the whole universe, especially in hearts that need Him most!

With joy and rejoicing, I return to the Marian Center where My first Apparitions in the Americas originated, the Mother of Heaven returns to the hearts of the children that opened the door to Her, as in Medjugorje, so that the warm maternal Voice of the Virgin Mary may be heard.

For this reason, My Heart chose these two coming months so that those children who have been listening to My call for some years are able to receive a restoration for the continuity of My maternal Work in the Americas and in the world.

My children, during this week I ask that in your daily prayers, you concentrate those prayers on the five Wounds that My Son Jesus carried.

As a Mother, I ask that you adore those five precious signs, for if you do so, you will help all the wounds of suffering, of pain, of despair, and lack of faith and love to be closed through the infinite healing that My Immaculate Heart is able to radiate.

In this practice, may your hearts come together with the precious sign of love and redemption that My Son manifested and showed on the Cross for all of you.

My very dear children, you know that the world is without peace and that these wounds that the enemy generates with its plans, separate families, weaken the love between the most loved beings and lead a great number of souls into damnation and sin.

I ask that, through your Adoration of the five wounds of My Son, your prayer reverberate and reach the Kingdom of God, so that His Mercy and Forgiveness may be poured out as healing into the hearts of all beings on Earth.

Dear children, as Mother, I call on you to reaffirm your inner union with My Son and from your heart, deepen the living of your spiritual path; for while innumerable souls shut down their faith and devotion to God, I as the Morning Star, try to bring them as close as possible to the Heart of My Son so that they may all be out of danger and under the protection of His merciful redeeming Love.

My children, today I also come to you so that, during this pause of sixty days, you may study and read the Words that My Son is announcing; in this way, your hearts will be strengthened and freed from fear. Use the words of the Sacred Bible as instruments of prayer; gather up your strength as a single family and allow the holy protection of My Son Jesus to be among you.

Dear children, the times are rapidly changing and it is necessary to recover the practices that My Son gave you for your conversion, such as fasting, confession, the reading of the Gospel, and family prayer, for in this way, you will allow the world not to lose the true Christian culture that My Son founded out of love for all.

My children, I am with you and among you.

Once again I thank you for responding to My call.

Thank you! May Peace be with you.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace

Special Message received of Mary, Queen of Peace, transmitted in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías

Praised be Jesus, dear children of Rio de Janeiro!

For the first time in the history of My Apparitions, My Immaculate Heart receives the celestial permission to descend in Glory and Mercy upon your needy city of Rio de Janeiro.

In honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on this day I call you to truly open your hearts to My Heart, so that, in this way, I may have the permission to take you to Jesus Christ.

Dear children, after so many months and years in which My Work has been accomplished in this part of the Americas, together with the Center of Medjugorje, My fundamental Message for all of you is Peace! Peace! Peace! If you do not try to live in peace, how will the Kingdom of the Heavens reach your tiny lives?

For this reason, dear children, may peace reign among you, so that it may later reign in the cities and in the peoples; mainly, peace must reign in families, so that my Son Jesus may receive the permission to reign, with His redeeming Light, in your hearts.

My children, let peace be the keynote of this epoch. The world must be in peace so that it may be in the Arms of God, and this will be possible, beloved children, when you simply pray the Rosary with your heart.

Dear children, in each Mystery of the Rosary you have the keys to achieve your conversion and find the states of peace: peace in your heart, peace in your consciousness, inner peace, peace in your souls, peace in your work for God, peace in each space.

In the Peace of Heaven, you will find relief for your recurring problems. If you still do not have peace, My dear ones, it is because you must first love God. If you love the Father, you will never lack joy, and thus, Peace will be the main cause that will generate happiness, hope, and daily victory in you, a divine victory that can reside in the heart of each being.

Seek within yourselves where peace is to be found because peace is strengthened through the sublime power of prayer. The repercussion of prayer is many Graces; so, My dear ones, may prayer be the true reason for you to live in peace.

If peace is lacking, it is because prayer is lacking. True and sincere prayer is the impulse for the heart. Be good prayerful beings, because, with the rosary in hand, you have the path to your redemption, for the Rosary is the doorway of salvation and the straight path to the blessed Heart of My Son Jesus.

So, My dear ones, if the world truly prayed to God and lived the Commandments, it could be under the Grace of God, wars and the divisions between peoples would be avoided, and you would have yet another time of peace.

When I call you to prayer, I call you to the awakening of your sleeping consciousnesses. Children, awake to this important request. Thus, I come here on this evening to meet with you, because as a Mother, I love each of you and will do everything until you take the definite step towards the consecration of your hearts to God.

You cannot live without God, because it would be like a child without its mother. Nobody can replace your inner meeting with the Father of Heaven. He expects a profound union from you. God is the Lord of Compassion and Mercy, do not fear because of your sins, make way so that God may be the new path and in this way, your souls will be disseminators of the loving Light of the Father.

Dear children of Rio de Janeiro, as a Mother, I come to your city so that sleeping souls may awake in time; the time has now come to respond to the Call of God through the work of the heart.

My children, for this you have Your Mother, ready to lead you on the path of your quick redemption. First, seek the path of peace, because as Mother and Queen of Peace, I gather you around My Presence so that you may recover the strength and the will to say a loving 'yes' to the Lord of the Universe.

Dear children, remember that you are still in time to meet My Son, Jesus. I come as the Mother of all, to look for those who were called by My Son for a greater task.

Dear children, today, begin by giving all your love to My Heart through prayer.

May the blessing I bring today from Heaven for all those present be able to also radiate to those who most need it.

Receive from My Heart today the Mercy of Jesus, your only Shepherd.

I thank all My children of Rio de Janeiro for responding to My special call!

Who blesses you with love and compassion,

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace



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