Monday, June 13 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children,

While the majority of the human beings remain in the illusion of forms, few are the ones who open themselves to true love, to develop the potential of their own heart.

Humanity, children, is more committed to the development of the mind, of criticism, of judgments, it is more willing to affirm itself in the mistakes of the neighbor than in discovering their own essence and the reason why the Creator sent them into the world.

This is the era of the blooming of the heart, of the spiritual life, of the sense of maternity. Therefore, children, I am at your side every day, to teach you about Piety, Compassion and Mercy of a Mother towards Her children.

If you only observed My examples of love towards the human heart, you would have a thousand possibilities to imitate Me, to leave the point of decadence in which you are as human consciousness.

The one who lives in the Love, in the Piety, in the Compassion and in the Mercy of God enters in His Laws and is sustained by them. Their joy will no longer depend on the successes in this world and they will discover, in their own essence, that the true plenitude is within themselves, in the union kept with God.

The material life, My children, will be the vehicle of transformation and of redemption of everything that separated itself from the Creator over its existence. The material life will be for you the challenge to demonstrate to the Creation the greatness of Love of the Father that converts everything and redeems everything, transforming the most distant essence of the divine Source into an essence filled by the Heart of Christ.

Many think, My beloved ones, that what I am saying is impossible and unreachable, but they fear to launch themselves into the discovery of love and to surrender, handing in the false reign of their minds to the government of the heart that unites itself to the Father.

Others do not understand My words because they are so distant from the truth of their own hearts and because they ignore almost completely the life of the spirit, believing that the fact of knowing concepts and philosophies approaches them to the Truth.

What really approaches you to the Truth, children, is Love and Unity, that are the experience of Truth itself. All the attributes of the Highest God are saved within these divine principles: Love and Unity. But, to unveil and to know them, you should first take the risk to live them

The first step of everything is prayer; then, the prayer practiced in service and in sharing.

Cry out for Mercy, but also be merciful.

There are no secrets on this path, My beloved ones. You do not need to fear the change of times or the purification of the world. Concentrate yourselves in transforming your hearts and in becoming true instruments of God. Concentrate yourselves in unveiling the mysteries of your own essences and in loving your neighbor as they are, making an effort to overcome the layers of matter and to reach the essence of each being.

Dispose yourselves, beloved children, to be real soldiers of prayer, those who surrender their will to the Will of God and who make theirs the divine Thought.

I love you and I want to see you consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, so that, by means of your consecrations, I can consecrate the Americas and impregnate, in its sacred soil, the new life.

Today I renew you, I bless you and I thank you for responding to My call.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace