Saturday, May 19 of 2012

Daily messages

While many souls need mercy for this final time, My rays of love and pity are intended to come to all My children.

For all this, dear children, today I invite you to contemplate the Face of Compassion and Love of our Eternal God the Father so that through inner prayer you may help, through love, other souls that are scattered and lost in the world. With the praying collaboration of your hearts you will enter the Merciful Plan of Salvation and in this way will be participants of My Son’s Redeeming Plan.

Only a life of prayer will prepare you for the time that will come, but for now place your eyes and your hands on the contemplative beads of prayer so that the angels of the Lord may assist the world in need of true love and inner peace.

I come to My children to give them the Peace of My Immaculate Heart and to remind them of the commitment with Christ, My Beloved Son.

Uniting your hearts in one true, pure and crystalline heart of children and of brothers and sisters, you will be providing the example for those who still do not live fraternity. Each soul will have the opportunity before God to be reborn in love and in redemption.

The praying assistance from My Marian Armies on Earth counts for this and this will provide the possibility of conversion for hearts that would be irreparable.

Because of this, the Grace of God will be the strength and the victory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in this epoch and for this humanity it will be an act as an exercise of service from all the children that accompany My Marian Spirit.

May the life that has become a new flower for the Creator be of profound beauty for your hearts. Today I only ask you to be in vigil with Me in prayer.

You may live my words when they are a prayer in your lives.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.